Sunday, January 23, 2011

Casey James checks in on Twitter

Yay!!  We finally got another 'yellow note' from Casey!!  It's so good to finally hear something from him!  Read on:

It's so nice to get these yellow notes!!  I was hoping for some tour news, but.....maybe that's coming soon.....hope so!!

I couldn't post today without a few nice photos of our boy, so here is a few fresh shots of him.  The first three are from when he was in studio with Big D and Bubba, the other day.  , I believe they are in Nashville.  And the last one is another of the shots of Casey being part of  "Country Cares", when he was at St. Judes Hospital in Memphis.  He was part of 30 artists who visited with, took pictures with, and signed autographs for the Children of this awesome hospital!

Hopefully more news will be coming through about Casey's participation with the Sugarland Tour.  I did find out from a Sugarland follower, that when a new artist is with them, it's usually 2 weeks or so by month.  So, it looks like Casey's month is March.  Please don't quote me on this, it is heresay from a fan, but she has been following Sugarland for a while, and was pretty much knowledgeable about how things work with them.  Let's just hang on and wait for more official news about what is going on with him.

Will update if more news comes thru....

Until next time......


  1. Thank you Glenda for posting the yellow note! Couldn't see it at work and here 14hrs! What a sweetie to share his time at St. Jude's. It means so much to the kids. When my stepson was at Cook's Children's the Texas Rangers came to visit him! Go Casey!!!

  2. Thanks Lynae!! Anything having to do with helping children is always a great thing!! Your welcome, glad I could be of service!! Don't work too hard girl!! You going to the Little Rock show?? I am, let's do it!!