Friday, November 12, 2010

Casey was spotted at the CMA's!

Hello everybody!  I'm still reeling from the CMA Show the other night!!  Wow....I have to say that was the BEST show I've ever watched, and I've watched many of them through the years!!!  It had so many different 'feels' to the show!!  Country music in the present music of the future and country music from the past!!  I loved all of it!!  There was something there for everyone, even some non-country fans found some performances and artists that they liked!!  That's so awesome to me!!  And we have Casey James to thank for that!!  They might not have ever experienced it had it not been for him signing with Sony Nashville!!
I know I watched every single second of the show and couldn't find Casey in the audience even though I was looking over every persons shoulder trying to find him!  One fan actually thought she saw him and had her husband rewind it to make sure.....sadly it wasn't him.... :(   But our trusty fans didn't give up, and eventually it paid off!!  He was finally spotted in a screencap during Brad Paisley's acceptance speech and here it is!!!  You can see Casey at the bottom left of the picture where the red arrow is:

That, in my opinion is Casey!  Many thanks to CaroLaughs for finding this!!

I just came across the actual video where Casey was sighted in the audience at about 2:43 as Brad was giving his emotional acceptance speech!!

Brad's Acceptance Speech with Casey at about 2:43 

It's actually a little past that but keep watching!  And many thanks going
out to knmtexas for posting this!


There was also another interview or two out there with Casey and as always he's so humble and sweet!

I think I've already posted this one, but I'm gonna post it again.....just because....and maybe I didn't....oh well....

New Country 95.7 interview with Casey
Thanks to NewCountry957 for this interview

And now another interview while he was out and about in the media frenzy in Nashville!  He just keeps on getting sweeter all the time....what a great guy!

B 93 interview from Nashville

Thanks to nxdnick for this Casey interview

Ok, as most of you know, Brad Paisley got the Entertainer of the Year award!!  That is the biggest honor in Country Music and it was Brad's first win and I have to say.....for a guy who knows not how to ever be serious and loves cutting up and joking around all the yall seen from his hosting humor.....he really had me crying like a baby..... from the song "This is Country Music" all the way to his win.....I've never seen Brad so just touched my heart.  Especially what he said about his grandpa telling him if he got a guitar he would never be precious is that?!  So, in honor of Brad making it to the top......this one's for him!!   Good job and congratulations to him!!
While I'm at it, I also just wanted to say congratulaions to all the winners at the CMA's!!  Every winner was deserving of the award!!  Next year we will hopefully see Casey on that stage!!  And.....receiving an award of his own!!  I, for one, certainly hope so!!  I would love to see The Casey James Band get "Best New Vocal Group".....yea....don't that sound good?!?! :)

"This is Country Music" by Brad Paisley
Thanks to knmtexas for this beautiful tribute to Country Music by Brad Paisley

Some of you may not understand what Brad was doing with this song, but he was honoring all the greats of Country Music, past and present!  The video in the background would show the artist who sang the song of the line he was singing at the moment, in the song.  And at the end, when he was naming the songs off, one by one, the artist who sang it was in the screen behind emotional....loved it!  And at the very end when he did that little guitar lick.....and the screen showed two people.....the lick he did was created by the late great Buck Owens lead guitar player.....also the late, Don Rich, and thats who you saw behind him...   He was the one on the left and one of the greatest guitarists ever in my opinion!
This song sums it up about what Country Music is all about.....and I thank Brad for this's definitely a keeper!!

Ok, yall.....I have to work this weekend, so I'll be back in a couple days, yall take care!

Until next time......


  1. Thanks Glenda, again, for another great read and great videos. I am one of those people who was not a huge fan of country music. Being from the NorthEast, there really isn't much of it around here. When I was a little kid,it was around alot more. My parents were country fans when I was little, and I remember listening to all the old timers & singing along in the car. Now, after seeing the CMA's (Thanks soley to Casey), I realized I really do enjoy ALOT of it! I can definitely see that country is the way to go for Casey. It's so diverse, and so full of remarkable good people, just like him! He is gonna go ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP! You know next year we will be watching him on that stage, performing and accepting an award,..or2..or3!

  2. Hi Glenda , thanks so much for all you do for us Casey fan lovers. It is especially awesome to have some one, to have a sight like this ,knowing that you are just as much of a fan as we are you are a very caring person to dedecate so much of your time ,and love in to this website of yours, i enjoy reading everything that you post,it is always good stuff!!!! I am proud to be your friend, and i hope to meet you in person, one day in the near future.P.S. Bucky Covington, here i come.!!!!Linda

  3. Glenda,I think you are right, that does look like our Casey. I think I could pick him out of a crowd anywhere. He is sure a beautiful and classy man. Thanks for all you do and I love caseymania!!!!!

    Susan/St Louis

  4. Thank yall so much! I love this site too and I'm so glad yall talked me into continuing with it after the tour! I was going to just shut it down after the tour and now....I'm soooo glad I didn't because I'm enjoying this more every day! I know I don't always have alot of Casey news and it's fixing to go into a slump again, now that the awards are over, but I want yall to know, if I run into a wall, and I will....I will just talk about country music and whoever is inspiring me at the moment! If that's ok with yall! And I don't mean just Bucky either....I don't want to talk about him too much anymore because I can't take the criticism of some people and I'm sorry for that. I get so defensive if I feel someone is less than kind about someone I love and respect. And I'm not just talking about these 2 artists....I'm talking about people in my life,people I love, I would do the same thing, I would defend them to the end. So, with that said, I won't be putting too much Bucky on here, but I will talk about Country Music and how great it is!! I'll teach all you people who want to learn about the genre our sweet Casey has decided to go into. I believe it is the perfect fit for him, like Maryanne said! And yes, Maryanne, I cannot wait to see him on that stage, and we will! He'll be there with "The Casey James Band" accepting his first award!! I can't wait! It's all so exciting! In case yall didn't know, I think I might have talked about this, but the "Band" was the better way to go, because there are less bands to compete with in these award shows! There's really not that many! Maybe 15 or so....maybe more, I'll have to set down and count up the ones I know of and get back with yall on that. But....if he were going out as a single artist...Casey James.... he would be up against.....omg.....sooooooo many....I don't even want to try to guess! Way way more than 15, thats for sure! Anyway, I'm so glad yall are hanging in there with me, with more knowledgeable and more professional bloggers out there. I have no schooling or training in writing, I just know I feel it in my heart and I have to write! Thanks again!! :)

  5. Keep doing what you are doing. I always learn something from you and I have been around a looong time. I was an actress for 25 years and one of my acting coaches told me "Don't say anything until it is in the can". Someone very wise is coaching Casey. IMO
    Thanks, Jeanette

  6. Great job on this post, see where passion can get you. I looked for him all during the show and I am so glad somebody saw him and posted to you, because of your interest in Casey. It was a great show, country music has a lot to offer and now it has Casey too.

  7. Hi Glenda,
    I am probably like a lot of people who don't comment much but read Caseymania faithfully.
    Thank you for keeping it going! I love how you write from the heart!
    Heather Blues (fb) thankyoublues (twitter)

  8. Thank yall so much! I try to do the best I know how to do, with no training in writing, I'm just learning little tid bits here and there about what to say, how to say it and what not to say.....obviously... but things will really take off when he gets a tour schedule out, cause I will be able to talk about all the shows and the ones coming up and posting pictures and videos from yall from the's gonna be so much fun, we'll never be lacking on Casey news!!! It's a coming so yall get ready!! Thanks to every one of you for your dedication! You mean more to me than I can write on this comment!! love and hugs to each of you!!!