Monday, November 22, 2010

Casey James resurfaces.....with good news for the fans!

Howdy everybody!!  Yep, you read it right....Casey has resurfaced after some time away from twitter where he kept his fans in the know while on the American Idol Tour this summer!  As most of you know, Casey was signed with Sony Nashville in August before the tour was even over!  His fans were elated at this fantastic news and have been standing by ready and willing to support him when his first single is released!  The fans have been very good at keeping his name buzzing during this dry spell from Twitter.  He has been working nonstop since he went to Nashville in September on his Album which is set to be released sometime near the beginning of next summer!  But we will get a single and a video a while before that!  He has been doing a lot of writing with some of the best writers in Nashville, so as to put out the very best Album that he can make!  That's why Casey and his label are taking their time putting this record together, because they want it to be their very best work and for it to debut at #1 on the Charts when the Album drops.  And it will.....I have faith in Casey James' ability as a musician to put out an album that will sweep over America and bring him in a multitude of new fans, not associated with American Idol.  And then take him and the Casey James Band to heights not even Casey can imagine!!  Or his big brother Billy, who is going to be his bassist in the Casey James Band!!  We were so thrilled to find out his big brother will be moving to Nashville to join Casey in a matter of weeks!!  Congratulations to him, he seems to be on cloud 9 about the fantastic news!!  And Casey is beside himself from what his yellow note said!

Last night at about 9 or 10 (not sure about the time) Casey James broke his long time twitter silence with a much anticipated tweet, by merely saying........"Yellow note in progress. :)"

Everybody who has been following Casey knows exactly what that means......we are fixing to hear from Casey!! :)  Needless to say, it was a twittertastic frenzy!!!  Everyone was so excited to be hearing from him!!!  And word spread fast and people were talking about it everywhere!  So shortly, Casey posts the all important "Yellow Note!!"

Is that sweet or what??  What a great guy!  I think he's trying to tell us something with his endings to these tweets.  First it was  "No words....only love"  and now it's  Much Love and only a few words".  Hmmmm....I don't know about everybody else, but what I get is this.... He's saying even if there are NO words or ONLY A FEW WORDS, don't give up on him.....he cares immensely for his fans, and he will be back.....not to worry!  I'm sure twitter overwhelms him with literally thousands of questions coming through almost at the same time and he can't possibly answer all of them.  It probably makes him feel bad that he can't get to every person.  That's just my personal opinion, I have not talked to Casey about this, just the feeling I get about the whole situation.  So even though he doesn't tweet you personally, this yellow note says it all.....he is grateful to all of us who have supported him all this time!  And he did say he would start checking in more frequently, so hopefully he can.  But I won't be upset if he doesn't find the time to tweet, not at all, because I know he'll be back when he does find the time.  :)

In other news, the Ft. Worth Star Telegram has an article about the Texas finalists on American Idol and guess who they chose to talk about first....but of course.....Casey!  Check it's the link!>>>>>>>>>>>>"Ft. Worth Star Telegram Article"

I wanted to mention that a CJCC fan has put together a beautiful memoir of Casey on Tour last summer!  You can order it through "Picaboo" and  "HERE" is the link to view and buy it!  Thanks Gloria for all your hard work on this project!  There is a discount code you can apply at the time of purchase but I'm not so sure it is valid right now, but from what I understand if you just wait a little bit, another code will come along to buy this book, then you can get a big discount right off the top!  Correct me if I'm wrong, Gloria!

Since Casey has been in Nashville writing and getting music ready for his first album, I keep going back to this original song and hope that it makes the cut!  It's one of my most favorites of his original music.  I love the bluesy, southern rock, and down on the bayou feel this song has!

"SWAMP" by Casey James and Crossover

And one more of my favorites of the original music.....I love them all, but if I have to pick two, these are the ones I find myself coming back to the most.  And this song is most definitely leaning more toward the southern rock, and everything about the song is just awesome!!

"Road to Coming Home" by Casey James and Crossover

I want to remind everybody who is interested, time is running out to join in on the Christmas Card Exchange!  At this moment there are 21 people joining in and was hoping for a few more.  If you would like to be involved, send me an email to....  The deadline for joining in is December 1st.  I will be sending out the list on the 2nd of Dec. and when I do, I need everyone to check their own name and address for mistakes, and if there is one, please contact me ASAP so I can get it corrected and send out a correction email to everyone!  Thanks to everybody who is participating!!  It's alot of fun!!

Ok, yall, gotta get this posted, so I'll leave you with this beautiful shot of Casey during the tour.  I'm sorry but don't know who this belongs to, but thank you in advance, it's a beautiful picture!

Take care everybody, I'll be back in a few days......until next time......


  1. Happy to see things are moving forward for Casey. Hope Aimee and he have written a "hit" !!

  2. Meeeee toooo!!!! I am soooo very excited he is writing with her!!!! She is the cream of the crop out there!!!! So anxious to hear what they've done!! And whatever it is.....don't you know it's gonna be a hit!!!??? Can't wait!!!!

  3. "Much love.And only a few words."What a genuine Casey !Glenda, Caseyness Caseymania is great!Cheers!

  4. So much power in those "few" words. It was great to read that yellow note. Things are moving forward! Aimee's tweet was amazing. And how about this tweet....

    "@songwriteguy: I got to give up to this @CaseyEJames fella. Whatever he's doing sure resonating with a lot females! They tweet with passion and concern"

    Casey's name is getting around Nashville, and in a very positive way, thanks to all of Casey's fans who keep the positive, encouraging tweets coming toward Casey. WE all know how special Casey is, both musically and spiritually, glad the word is spreading!

  5. I agree with everyone... I also think Casey is gonna be a HUGE success world wide... but it will start in America... He has many fans in other countries now and that will grow.

    There is so much positive energy around Casey and his family which is attracting the same kind of "positive" fans ranging from young to old. It's time for the good folks to take back this industry... and "country music" is the perfect BASE. Many folks in "country" are just "down home" fabulously real and nice... and the fans are very generous, hard workin' too. Brad Paisly said "country fans" embrace all the singers/ musicians... and they are FANS for life....

    I'm so happy for Casey James and the entire family. We appreciate how much they care about us fans.

    THANK YOU Glenda for all you do too. And to all the fans who continue to support Casey with an energy that is amazing. WHAT a GREAT GROUP.... it's an honor to be a part of this fan base.

  6. Wonderful yellow note! Exciting times for Casey and us! I hope we hear more about who he has been writing with. I'm sure everyone wants to write with him :)
    Thank you Glenda, for mentioning the Tour Album. YES, THERE IS A DISCOUNT CODE.
    It is: NOV40 and is a 40% discount - expires Nov 30th at midnight!

    thank you for your great site as always! :)

  7. I have never seen anyone put so much love,passion and hard work into their
    music as Casey does!He is truly one of
    a kind.thank you so much for the update.
    sign:FAN FOR LIFE!!!!!!

  8. I was SO unbelievably happy to see a note from Casey and just to know that he is doing great! The lack of tweets these past few months has not been a concern for me because I know he is working hard, as he said, putting his Heart and Soul into this album for all of his FANS! That's all the appreciation I need... not a throw together, get something on the shelves quick album.... this will be ALL from his heart and well worth the wait! The fact that BC will be with him now is Icing on the cake! :-)

    Thanks again Glenda for all that you do... mean IT! <3

  9. What did Aimee tweet? I missed it!

  10. I think it had something to do with writing with Casey didn't it? Can't remember! If somebody knows, let us know here ok?

  11. Thanks so much y'all!!! It's gonna be so fun to see his career unfold into the biggest star in country music!!! He's about to change every persons mind who thinks country is boring and old fashioned!!!! His "heart and soul" will be exposed!!