Monday, November 8, 2010

Bucky Recap and he talks to me about Casey James!!

Hey everybody....I'm baaaack!!  Wow......what a great time I've had since yesterday!!  As most of you know, I went to see my other Idol boy Bucky Covington yesterday, over at The Colony, Texas which is by Dallas.  And as usual, he was awesome!  I'll start at the beginning:

I picked my friend Laura up at the Love Field Airport in Dallas about 2:00pm.  We headed straight to the Hotel to put all our stuff up, freshened up and headed down to the festival where Bucky was performing.  We were running a little usual.....and got there about 4:30.  The show was to start at 5, so we went straight to the merchandise table to see Terra (Bucky's sister-in-law) and get our Meet and Greet Passes.  She grabbed them and said hurry, the M&G has already started!   We said "Where?"  She said right on the other side of the bus.....about 15 steps away!  :)  So we go over and within 5 minutes Bucky was saying...."Well hello Glenda, how've you been?" and held his arms out for a hug!  He does hug good too....I might add!  :)  Then he always asks me..."How long did it take you get here?"  He gets tickled at me sometimes, depending on what I had to do to get there and how long it took.  This time was a quick roadtrip, only about 75 or 80 miles....maybe a little further, so I just said "Oh, a couple hours."  So we talked a few minutes about this and that, I wished him and Rocky a happy birthday.....(it's the 8th.....Monday) told him I got him a 6 pack a Shiner Bock beer (made in Shiner, Tx) but couldn't bring it in because of where we were.  So I had also bought him a couple books and gave them to him after the show.  (I had left the presents in the truck)  I also congratulated him on his recent engagement to his gorgeous girlfriend Katherine, wished them well, and told him to give her a hug for me and my best wishes, and he said he would.  Then we got 2 pictures together, one on my phone and one on my camera and they both turned out good!  So, I told him we'd talk more after the show, because Laura still had to visit with him and they were needing him to do sound check like real soon!  So we left and went and got something to drink and headed to the front of the stage to stake out our spot right on the front!  I was surprised because no one was up close they were like 20 feet back in their lawn chairs, and I thought....oh no....I hope nobody comes up to me and tells me not to stand there.....because I'll have to tell them, yes I do.....make me leave..... :D  if it was a security guard or something I would back off, but just somebody in the way!!  The stage was high enough that we were not blocking anyone's view, so we just planted ourselves and got ready to ROCK!!!   Laura and I were the only 2 people standing right up front for about 20 minutes and before we knew it, there was a huge crowd all around!!  I know for a fact that Bucky likes his fans as close to the stage as they can get without being on it with!!  So the show starts and I didn't bounce around as much as I usually do, because I was afraid the vertigo would get worse and I wouldn't be able to drive I just bounced a little bit by getting on my toes and bouncing that way!  Usually I'm jumping up and down every time he does.....and believe me.....he jumps alot....and likes it when the people jump with him!  You learn these things when you've followed them as long as I have him!  Just think, before long, a bunch of us will know all these little inside things about Casey!!!  I've got some cool stuff to tell you about what Bucky said about Casey.....but for now, let me finish this!  Anyway.....his show had changed just a little since I had seen him last, in June at CMA fest.  There was a new drummer, named Mitch and a new lead guitarist named Bo.  And they played with him like they had always been with him, playing all his songs so well!!
Bucky is a live wire onstage and is quite funny as well!!  I think I laughed at him more this time than I'd ever before.....he's just hilarious onstage.....always doing or saying something funny!  I got a bunch of videos to prove that!  I haven't uploaded all of them, but I got some of them, and the Band Intro videos which are always a hoot!!  I did notice that the ones I got on my phone were a bit distorted....but you can still enjoy them!  I think it might have been because I was right on those speakers!  Anyway, I'll post the videos now and then finish up the recap.  enjoy!

"Hold A Woman" Bucky's bluesy sexy song 
 Note: from 1:26 to 2:02 you can't hear anything because I had my finger on the speaker....sorry...

"Drinking in the Country"
a new one and I accidentally stopped it...but there's a little bit of it....and I like it!!

I accidentally hit the Publish if your reading this please come back later and read the rest, I'm still working on it!

"Hands to Yourself" the beginning of the Band intros.....
this is hilarious!! It starts here and goes through the whole band intros!

Band intros continued.....
Scott Saunders (keyboards) and Steve Cook (Bass) check out the old bass Steve's playin' Billy I hope you see this!

Band intros continued.....
This is hilarious after the drummer is finished Bucky's pretending to sing the song and says something funny about a guy in the audience...Mitch-drummer and Bo- lead guitar

Band intros finished and end to "Hands to Yourself"

This is also funny....Bucky forgets to intro his brother....LOL!!  Ducky Medlock on rhythm guitar and Rocky Covington on Percussion...can yall tell Rocky and Bucky apart yet??

"Evil Knievel"
I can still not tell you what the words to this song are....except raised on bar-b-que, Jesus....and a couple other cool song though!!

"Gotta Be Somebody"

I love his version of this song!

"The Wall" The Buckified
Bucky gets the crowd into this one!!  Very fun song!!

Ok, yall.....first I want to apologize for the quality of the sound, I was just too close to get a clear sound, but hopefully yall can understand most of them!  And you can at least see them very good!  Also in one of the Band intros you will see Bucky up close to me and he's pulling on something on the front of the guitar....when you see that.....he was pulling a broken guitar string off and out of his way and he was pulling it fast and hard and when he shoved it out of his way my hand was right there and I got it....I rolled it up with one hand while still extended because people were reaching over me trying to get it!!  They didn't......jus sayin' videoing all at the same about multi-tasking!!  :)  And also speaking of keepsakes.....when the lead guitar player came in front of me I mouthed the words, "Can I have your pick?"  and when he was done he pitched it to me and I grabbed it without dropping it!!  Usually I drop them and have to go to the ground elbowing and hollering....."It's mine....It's mine"!!  LoL!!  So ya see, being close to the stage has it's disadvantages.....(sound).

So the show is over and Laura and I went to the truck to get the gifts for them, and we come back and find all of the band members one at a time, except the drummer, Mitch.....he was nowhere to be found.....and they all took pictures with us and hugged us and thanked us for coming!  And we said....Oh.....but THANK YOU for finally making it back to Texas!!  They always want to come to Texas, but he isn't received as well here as he is on the east coast and midwestern states....go figure.....he is from North Carolina.....that might have something to do with it!  Ya think???

So we're waiting by the bus and only 4 or 5 people are there and this one teenage girl turns to Laura and I and very 'matter of factly' said....."He's not coming out".....  Laura and I looked at each other and said......."Oh yea.....just be patient.....he's playing a game right now"!  Ha ha!  I bet she was wondering who we were and how we knew!!  Terra....Rocky's wife had told Laura.  So about 10 minutes later Bucky comes out and is signing and visiting with the few that were there and we waited to be last so we could have more time with him!  So he comes over and hugs us and I said, "So Bucky....have ya met Casey yet?"  Without even saying his last name....and Bucky knew exactly who I was talking about....he said, "No, not yet, but I want to!!"  Well, I told him I run a site for him and he said "Oh Really?? Have you met him" and I said yea.....5 times.....I mean yea.....I have seen him 5 times and met him in Dallas once and hugged him"!  He said Cool!!!  Then I went on to tell him what a great guy he was and how likable he was and went on to suggest that he look him up and invite him out to the farm (Bucky's house) to ride 4 wheelers and dirt bikes and play some music by the brick fire thing (still can't remember what it's called....duh) with Casey!!  He said he sure would try to look him up!!!  I told him since he was the new kid in town, Bucky could show him some fun stuff to do on his off day(s), rather than work 24/7!!  He was in agreement with me!!  So.....yall keep your fingers crossed he'll find Casey and they can hook up and hang out together!!

Here are a few pictures of me and the band members!  I hope yall have enjoyed my Bucky recap and come away with a whole new feeling about him!!  He's quite a good guy too!!

My favorite stage shot....

                                                  Me and Bucky at Meet and Greet!

                                                                  Me and Ducky

                                                                        Me and Bo

                                     Me and Rocky in the fedora I got him for his birthday!

                                                      Me and Bucky....after the show

Yall leave me some comments and let me know how ya liked the videos and such.....I'll be back with the latest Casey news as soon as there's something to post!!  

Oh yea, I almost forgot!!  I told Bucky I was gonna turn all my Casey fans onto his music by putting the videos on my site.....and he said....."Good.....maybe I can get some extra fans out of it!"  and laughed like he does!  He's so full of it!! :)

Until then.......


  1. Let me be the first to say THANK YOU Glenda for a great recap of Bucky's concert. I can't believe how close you get and that he knows you personally!! Y'all look beautiful in the photos too!

    If Bucky and Casey ever tour together, it could be called the Tall Blondes Tour - and I'd be front row centre with you for that!

    I love Bucky's album, expecially A Father's Love and I Want My Life Back - I wish he would do a long version of his Idol song Best I Ever Had - so moving.

    Thank you again for sharing your experience on Caseymania - you're too much and I love it!!!

  2. Hi Glenda love ,love ,love the videos and the pics.Only one thing wrong with them(i was not in them too). BOO HOO. but we will get together one day.Do you know it might rain at the Rayne frog fest this Saturday, but im still going, i hope they dont cancel it, i would just die!!!!! Linda

  3. Looks like you had a blast and really enjoyed yourself.... Sorry I couldn't be there... I must have misunderstood the date... but we were in Branson when you went.... so couldn't have come anyway...

  4. Your welcome yall!! I'm glad yall liked it! I try to take people with me on the experience, so that they can see and read exactly what went on!! Yall really missed a good one!! Kathy and Linda, I too wish yall could have been there, it was so fun!! There will be another time! :)
    @Miss.... your welcome and thank you! I'm so glad you know some of Bucky's stuff! Yea, I don't know what's wrong with his management or label. It seems they don't want to spend any money to market him properly! Because they have been promising a new album now for 2 yrs. and it keeps getting put off, then his label (Lyric Street) just one day shut the doors and left all those artists without a record deal. Rascal Flatts went right on to another label owned by Disney and Bucky was supposedly signed by a different label, also owned by Disney. I really don't know whats going to be on the album now, they've changed things so many times and so much, but "A Fathers Love" will be and hopefully "I Want My Life Back"! I loved that last one....don't understand why it stalled out at #34 and didn't go any further. And AFL only went to mid 20's. His first 3 songs went back to back top 10's and Bucky was thrilled with that! Any artist would be, Top 10 is what they all hope for! Then it was "I want my life back" then "Gotta be somebody" then "A fathers love and none of them made it to Top 10! Mid 20's is as far as any of them went. He is being mismanaged in my opinion! If they would market him and his songs correctly and not count on the fans to do everything, I think Bucky could get another Top 10 hit!!
    I don't know if you know it, but they have released two EP's since his first Album. You can get them through Itunes and Amazon. They are only available online. Haven't heard how the sales of those were. The first one is titled "Live From Rockingham" and the second is "I'm Alright" So you can go to itunes or amazon and in the search just put the info, his name and name of the EP and you'll see it.
    Thanks so much for your comments yall!!
    LOL....Tall Blondes Tour!!! I love it!!! Yep, I would be on the front of that stage too!! One day, I'm so hoping they'll be on the same ticket or at the same festival or fair together and my day will be made to see both of them the same day and I would be ecstatic if they were on stage TOGETHER!!! I'd pay a hefty price for that seat!! Ha ha ha!! I'm sure I'd be standing though!! I like enjoy the show better if you can move around!

  5. Bucky was one of my faves on Idol--really enjoyed the rockin' videos. Makes me long for Casey videos.

  6. i don't remember much about Bucky from AI except his name.he didn't really go to far
    I don't think it would benefit Casey much.
    i'd like to think Casey could go much further
    with his career,maybe they have similar personalities.might benefit Bucky.I still think it's better to breakaway from A.I.altogether.
    just my opinion.....I'd rather people not compare them.

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  8. Music is a tough business! Good luck to Bucky and his new label - may they give him the help and support he needs and deserves! He's lucky to have fans like you, Glenda! And so is Casey! Keep up the good work! And thanks for this. It's pure joy!

  9. Thanks for the support! I really appreciate it! I just want the best for both my 'em to pieces and they both deserve good things in life!!

  10. Glenda i just read your comment,i just didn't understand your point in these two you said the only thing they have in common is opinion is they need to move from idol.
    i don't know if he chose his own management or what but if he did then he just made wrong choices.on the other hand from all i've seen of
    casey since idol he is very smart and talented
    it takes both to suceed in this business.sorry i just really freaked when i read your article.
    i'm just not a yes person like so many others
    you and Shari do such wonderful work on this website for casey,and i really enjoy reading anything on here about him.thanks Lisa from houston

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  13. Dear Glenda: Hi Gal. Saw your review from the Colony. Your pictures are great. I also went over to Facebook and saw Laura's and yours. Great pictures and you gals look wonderful. I hope to see you soon at a show and miss you and know the Buckaneers do too. Hildi

  14. Hi Hildi! Thanks girl, glad you think so!!:) Thank you for coming and checking out my blog!! I've missed you and some of the others too!! Hope we get a Fan Club Party next year! You going to CMA fest in 2011...I am!! If so, I'll see ya there!!

  15. Hey....I want to apologize to all my readers for my comments being a bit critical the other day! I just get so darn defensive when I feel someone is talking down about someone I care about. I was in defense mode and I should not have said anything. It was unprofessional and I let my feelings get away with me and I apologize to all who might have witnessed my unhappiness.

  16. I LOVE you!!!! You are only human and I know how much both Bucky and Casey mean to you. You are sincere and honest, and that is what draws me to you. You always have my support!

  17. Awwww thank you Mickey! It means so much to me to have your support! I do apologize for my behavior....but I'm so verbal when I'm defending something I'm passionate about. I will learn where to draw the line. People do have their opinions and next time I will just not reply....if it upsets me. thanks again Mickey....your the best! love ya right back girl!!!