Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CMA Show Tonight!! Will we see Casey??

This is it!!!  CMA night!!  I'm starting this before the show and I'll finish it after the show!!  Just wanted to get started on the new media stuff from today since I haven't had time to get over here to start this!!  Here we go!!

"Casey talking with WTQR DJ Angie"

From what I understand Casey James was in the house last night for the BMI Country Awards show!  Go Casey!!  He is pictured here with Shane Tallant from Fox 17's Tennessee Mornings.  It won't be long before we'll be seeing him accepting one of these awards!!!  Can't come soon enough for me!!

I'll be back later with more.......

Here is another podcast from 102.5 Boston's Country station and Casey is interviewed by Lori Grande!  I don't think she watched AI very much.....jus' sayin'.... :)

Boston's 102.5 interview with Casey
Just scroll down to Casey's name and click on the right side.

Ok, Brad Paisley won the Entertainer of the Year.....the biggest award in Country Music!!!  He got so emotional he had me bawling like a baby.....
I'm going to talk about the Awards tomorrow, but Miranda and Blake did real good this year!!!

And no.....I don't think anyone spotted Casey....I know I didn't and I've asked around and no one saw him..... :(  Oh well, he will be on that red carpet next year!!  I really expected to see him tonight, but I guess they only have so much time to talk with them, and there are alot of artists to talk to in that hour.

Until tomorrow.....night all.....


  1. Hey Glenda...who is in this pic with Casey? Great pic and interviews! Thanks!

  2. Never mind, Glenda, I found this
    Name shane tallant
    Location Nashville, TN
    Bio Host of HGTV's 'Designed to Sell' and FOX17's Tennessee Mornings.

  3. Thank you because I didn't know!! Thats the reason I didn't say! Thanks for finding out!

  4. Hi Glenda! Thank you for the Casey updates. Sounds like Lori Grande was not prepared for Casey's interview. What a day she'll kick herself for not taking advantage of such a great opportunity. Casey was classy as always.


  5. Hi Glenda, Thanks for posting all the interviews and updates about Casey - love reading them! It is delightful to enjoy Casey's interviews again.