Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Media frenzy with Casey James....CMA Awards Show airs tomorrow!

Hello everybody!!  Well, like yesterday, today has also been a media frenzy, starring our own Casey James!!  He's still talking and I'm loving everything he's saying!  So is a multitude of his fans!!  One fan made her way to Nashville and tweeted that she had met Casey, and he was sooooo nice!!!  I don't have permission to use her name, just know she's a dedicated Casey follower!!  I was very happy for her that she found him and was able to talk to him, since she didn't get that opportunity at the Knoxville show when the tour stopped in that city!    She is on her way home as I'm writing and had said earlier that she would give more details later at home!  So we're all waiting patiently for her full report!!  Congrats on the Casey meeting girl.....you know who you are!!

Now.....check this out....Casey said he "would" be at the CMA Awards Show!!!  I knew it all along, but didn't have any particular proof of it, so I had to always say...."probably".... But not anymore.....check out this video as he is speaking with ABC Action News, and he tells (jokingly of course) how he is planning on attending the biggest show in Country Music tomorrow night!!  Yall are gonna love this.....Casey's joking side of his cute personality!! :)  And he talks about going back on Idol for a performance and when his album will allegedly be out!!  All good stuff for sure!!!!!!!!

Casey Interview in Nashville

And yet another radio interview right here!

Casey Interview with 107.9 WIRK

I'm sure there will be more interviews and sightings tomorrow, lets hope he stops and talks to them!!  And poses for pics, since we need more new ones around here!!!  I cannot wait to see what he's wearing tomorrow at the CMA Awards Show!!!!  It's gotta be good, knowing him like we do.....I wonder......who will Casey be wearing on the red carpet???

Don't forget about the CMA AWARDS SHOW!!!!   IT STARTS AT 6PM CT ON ABC.....(I'm pretty sure abc will air the red carpet, if not, CMT will air it live, just tune in to CMT... the country music channel.  For me, I'm on Dish Network, and I don't know if all Dish Network customers have the same channel #'s but CMT for me is 166 and GAC (Great American Country) is 167, so side by side they lay!!  I thought GAC would have something to do with the CMA Awards, but I havn't heard anything.  I'll check around and see if I can find out any more and I'll edit and come back and put it here if Ido find something!!

I'll leave yall with a nice cool shot of our Casey!!  Hope he looks this good tomorrow night!!  I'm looking forward to it!!!


  1. i was just checking in on twitter,and came across heather777.thank goodness somebody
    finally had the nerve to say what i've been
    thinking for a long time.why doesn't casey
    tweet anymore?she wasn't hateful or mean she
    just spoke the truth.he could take 10mins
    aweek to just say something.

  2. I could care less if he ever tweets again!! I'm sick of people bitching about it! Thats how I feel about it!! He'll be in contact in some way, I just don't think he likes twitter, it overwhelms him. And maybe....just maybe his record company has him locked down on that right now....how do we know? We don't have to hear anything directly from him, we get our info on him through the media... He spoiled everybody tweeting them in the first place, he should have never started it....sorry, thats my opinion.

  3. And i agree with you ,Glenda 100% Casey is busy,busy, busy and trying to do his best to get something out ,GOOD!!!! for all of us. Good things come to those who wait.And im waiting for his hair to grow a little longer. thats just my preferance.I still love him ,just as much,"its all about the music" when it comes down to it. and plus too hes been having a LOT! of inteviews, and he knows we will be watching and listening.Linda

  4. Let's not forget what toll it took on Caseys health to tweet and meet and greet and make everyone happy last summer. He did all that to connect with us and prove his love and appreciation for us. He has a family that is going through very tough times right now. If he has any extra time I'd rather he spends it talking to his mom and Pawpaw. I'd love a quick yellow note as much as anyone but are we in this for us or for him? Not slamming anyone, just my opinion.

  5. Thank you ladies!!!!!!!! That family has so much on their plate right now and some people are selfish in such a way that they have to hear something straight from Casey to be satisfied!! Can't they be happy that Debra tweets with them and keeps them up on how Casey's doing?? She's doing that for him ya know?
    Yes, everything he was doing during the summer did take it's toll on him!! Thats why he became so ill and had to eventually go to the hospital!! He was trying to do too much!!! All of you who want Casey to tweet again....please, for him and his family's sake, please leave it alone. Be happy his momma is taking on all of this for him. And I'm sure this stresses her out as well....come on yall, have a heart, please....let it be....

  6. I'm not a "tweeter" so no problem there, but I'm so glad to be reading about Casey interviews and a little about what he's doing.


  7. Love is patient. Love is kind. I love Casey and his family! God bless all of them!