Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Casey James is back in the news, just in time for the CMA Awards Show!!!

Hey everybody!!  Casey James is back in the news again!!  I couldn't be happier!!  As many of you know, this is CMA week in Nashville, so radio station people from all over flog into Nashville to cover the Awards show set to air live on ABC Wednesday night, November 10th at 7CT!!  Casey has already done several interviews with different radio stations and I have them all right here.....right now!!  So lets get on with it....ok?
The first one is from B104.7 and it's just audio, but oh so good!!  Listen>>>

Casey interview with B104.7~audio only 

The next one is from 99.9 Kiss Country, also audio only and Casey talks about his music and how he fits into the country genre.  The DJ also jokes with Casey about his gorgeous hair!!  Too funny!!  Give it a listen>>>

Casey's interview with 99.9 KISS Country

This next interview is a guy and gal named Bear and Charli out of Green Bay, WI from Y100 Country WNCY 100.3 and Casey talks about breaking into the business and they ask the good questions!!  And they talk about the fans asking them about Casey's music!  You can tell they really like Casey!  Good interview!

Casey's interview with 100.3 WNCY  

Now we have a video from WTQR in Nashville and the first thing you'll notice is Casey's shorter doo!!  I won't say anything bad about it, but I hope it grows back fast, I do like the longer locks better!  And I don't care for the wet look on him either, he looks really good with just the natural dry waves about shoulder length....in my personal opinion.  But he's still Casey James and the new doo has nothing whatsoever to do with his beautiful voice and his mad skills on the guitar!!!  But....what I didn't care for in the video was the DJ mentioning......a-gain......the shirt episode and Kara!  But hopefully this drama won't follow him after he releases his first album and people start seeing Casey for the multi-talented artist that he is, and not some fly by night pretty boy looking for a short cut to fame!!  We all know that is NOT who he is, but others don't know that, but will find that out about him in the future!!  He seems so excited to be doing what he loves!  And I have to say, I'm glad he's taking his time with the album and getting it exactly the way he wants it before releasing it to the public!!

Video of Casey and WTQR DJ's in Nashville

Thanks to Jeffropertv for this video.

And now.....some new pictures of Casey....with his shorter but still lovely hair!!  He's a doll, no matter what, but I've noticed alot of people are not taking to his new shorter locks.  Thats ok....it's just hair, and it will grow quickly!  I think I dislike the wet look more than the shortness of his hair, but thats just my opinion.  I just like his hair dry and shoulder length, and it will get there again.  Lets all be patient! :)

Ok yall.....that's all I've got for tonight!  Yall don't forget about the Christmas Card Exchange!  Send me an email to CEJblues10@gmail.com if you would like in on it!

Also I know I mentioned it above, but remember to tune in on Wed. Nov. 10 for the 44th Annual CMA Awards honoring Country Music's very best in the business!!  I'm not sure about the Red Carpet time, but we definitely want to watch that too, as Casey will surely grace it!!  It will be his first time, can all of you imagine how excited he will be?!  I will check tomorrow for more info on the Red Carpet and when it starts, but if I'm not mistaken I'm pretty sure GAC and CMT video channels also do the Red Carpet, interviewing artists as they arrive!  It's all so very exciting!!  

Take care yall.....


  1. You are so stinkin' adorable! Love the blog!

  2. Love the blog it was awesome . BUCKY AND CASEY ROCK THIS OLD LADY'S WORLD. Keep up the good work Glenda and Mickey. Love ya all.

  3. @Anonymous Thank you but this is just my baby....I have a picture of Mickey and I because we're good friends and we both run a site for Casey. But I do all the writing and posting here unless there's an emergency then I sometimes get another friend to help me out. So glad Bucky and Casey are rocking your world too!!

    @Amber C Thanks girl!!! I don't believe I've ever been called 'stinking adorable', but I can tell it's all good!!!! So glad you like what I'm doing here.....it's my life calling I guess....Thanks a million!!