Monday, November 29, 2010

Casey James home for the Holidays....

Hey yall!!  I'm posting this at the last minute before I go to bed, so it's probably going to be short and sweet!!  Well as the title says, Casey was home in Ft. Worth for the holidays!  I don't know where he was most of the time, but I'm sure he was enjoying his family with most of it! 
Some friends and I went out last night in downtown Ft. Worth to a little club called "Mambo's".  It was so much fun, the music was great, the people were jolly and it was a great time!  During that time, I got an alert on my phone, and couldn't hardly wait to tell everyone that Casey now has an official Facebook page started by Sony Nashville.  So I'm more than sure they will be maintaining the page, so leaving messages directly to him probably won't be seen by him.  But they will be posting upcoming tour schedule and news about him on it!  I hope they post the tour schedule on there, they may not, but I'm hoping they will.  Surely they will let us know what he's doing from time to time, so make sure you LIKE the page so you will get notifications when they post.  Here is the Link:

Casey James Band on Facebook

As I was waking up this morning and drinking my first cup of coffee, I got some really cool information!!  Last night while we were partying in Ft. Worth, Casey was over in Grapevine, Tx. at a place called "The Back Porch Grill and Tavern" and  setting in with a group called "Dixie Rex"!!  I sure wish I could have known he was there, that would have been awesome to see!  And somebody posted some pictures....and I'll post them here, but not real sure who the owner is, hopefully I got it right!!
Casey in Grapvine,Tx. 11-28-10

Thanks alot to Maryanne Conti for these fabulous shots in Grapvine last night!!

Wow....he looks really well rested and happy to be playing and back in Texas!!  I hope that's why he's smiling so big anyway!!!  :)  He looks really good!  And I'm so glad he got to come home and visit with family and just hang out for a few days!  He deserves the rest!

AND......just a little bit ago, I got a message from a friend who said Casey was at the Key's Lounge at that moment.....11:30pm.  And of course......I couldn't get up and run up there......
I understand Mace Maben was playing tonight and Casey loves Mace!  If you'll remember he is one of Casey's blues guitar playing friends who was battling cancer and it looks as if he's getting better and better!  So glad to hear that and that Casey got to spend some time with him as well!!  Sorry I didn't get to run up there and see him, but I just couldn't get up there.....not this late, anyway!  Maybe next time!!  Hopefully there will be some Casey at the Key's pictures somewhere tomorrow.....keep your fingers crossed!!

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I'll talk to yall soon, take care, I'll be back for one more reminder to get in on the Christmas card exchange!  Take care everyone......until next time......


  1. casey wow, photos are nice, but is there any video of the performance?

  2. Yay!!!! Casey looks so happy and well-rested!!

  3. Always LOVE your updates.... THANK YOU for everything....

  4. Great photos thank you! Glad ya had a fun night out :-)

  5. Thanks ladies! Truth be told, I felt a cold coming on, (sinusitis actually) and that was the main reason I didn't get up to Keys last night! Even tho every fiber of my being was screaming GO! GO! GO! I sooooo wish I could have, it just wasn't in the cards last night! If I had gone and hugged him and gave him my sinusitis, I would never forgive myself, he's been sooo sick for so long and finally is well and feels good and I just couldn't take the chance!! But it just killed me that he's been an hour from me at any given time, yet didn't get to see him!! There were lots of pics taken there so we should be getting some in soon!!

  6. Thank you Glenda for posting the happy Casey pics, I always love seeing them. I'm glad that he was able to make it home for the holiday to be with family and friends.