Sunday, August 21, 2011

Casey James in North Canton, songs, new videos...

Casey was obviously feeling good tonight, despite the fact that he hadn't eaten all day!  I know, crazy right??  That guy loves food, how could he not eat?  Well, I guess he was busy, getting there and all.  He said he was on a plane and when he got there, he hadn't eaten all day, so he had drank a Red Bull to give him some energy, and he said he was shaky!  Even telling the audience members the words may not have been correct on the 1st song, but if they weren't, they were to act as if they were!!  HaHa!!  See what I mean???  Ha Ha!!  Yep, that Red Bull had him chattering like a teenage girl!!  HaHa!!  And that was only with the first song!!  He continued to banter and joke and interact with the audience, sometimes saying,  "I love you too" back to a fan, as he sang one song after the other 'all by himself ' he put it!  This was an acoustic show, but he told the audience to 'act' as if there were drums and electric guitar and all that stuff!!  He really was in rare form!!!  Well, he did quite a bit of it at Billy Bobs, but I'm pretty sure he was even more entertaining tonight!  I just love that he's coming out of his shell and really learning, quite well, how to entertain people, besides ripping up his guitar and belting out all those beautiful songs with his pristine vocals!  He is becoming an entertainer!!  And I couldn't be more proud of him!

There was a conference call from the show, thanks to @bethshep for doing this for the fans!!   It was so clear!!  I, unfortunately forgot about the time change and got on it just in time to hear the last song....crap!!!  He did a nice long set and gave the fans 16 songs that jumped genres from time to time, but mostly the set had the 'country' feel to it!  Here is a list of them as they were performed:

Small Town Saturday Night
I Lied
Crazy Tonight (New Casey Original :))
She's Money
So Sweet
Let's Don't Call It A Night
Big Boss Man
Everybody Thinks Your Still Mine
Polk Salad Annie
Promise Me ?? (New Casey Original)
Why I'm Feelin' Blue
Leave Me Alone
Shine Your Shoes
The Good Life (New Casey Original)

Ok....were yall counting??  Yes!!!  That's 3....count 'em THREE new, unheard, original songs from Casey tonight!!  I do believe that is a record!!  I'm just many more of these gifts is he gonna give us??  Love 'em all....he's such a great songwriter and performer!!  

He also told the crowd that he wrote the lyrics and the melody at the same time with "Shine Your Shoes".  That was one of my questions on my list!!  And....that's exactly the way I write songs....not that I've written very many, but every one was written exactly that way!!  He said he writes songs different ways....sometimes Lyrics first, then melody, sometimes melody first, then lyrics.....then sometimes they just come together at the same time!!  :)

As our good luck would have it, somebody has recorded the entire show and here is the audio, and it's so very clear!!  I had to link it to The Casey James Blog, (thanks yall) since it was you have to scroll down somewhat, and it's just below the list of songs.  Enjoy!

Click here to listen to Casey LIVE from Ohio tonight 

He was definitely in a mood tonight, that's for sure, and I'm so glad he was!  He sounds like he's enjoying himself more and more with every show!!  Congrats to all the folks in Ohio who got to witness this awesome show!!

Guess what???  Casey just tweeted!!  Here ya go.....

Here are a few pictures that have come through tonight!
Thanks to @Jeff_Stoll for these great shots!

Here's the first video that's came through, and it's one of the new songs!

"Crazy Tonight"(a new original)
Thanks to Choderman

More to come tomorrow, I'm sure!!  But I'm going to bed now.....well, in a few minutes!

:  New Videos!!

Thanks to luvcaseyjames for all of her awesome videos below!!

Small Town Saturday Night

I Lied


So Sweet

Everybody thinks that your still mine

You'll Never Walk Away (New Original)


The Good Life (New Original)

Wow, what a great bunch of videos!!!  I don't know if she has more, but if she does, I'll post 'em here for yall!!!  Enjoy!!
Oh yea....just want to say for the record....."The Good Life" to me, has a very strong radio appeal!!  It just has that sound....can't explain it, but it just does, and I LOVE it!!!  Favorite of the new ones tonight!! 

One of the very newest fans of Casey just posted a nice recap on her blog.....!!  I think you'll find her words'll prove to you that Casey's music is bringing in new fans (who saw thru him on Idol) who might have otherwise never known Casey and his music like all of us 'long timers' do.  Check it out.....I think you'll like what she has to say.  Thanks to her for this recap.

Silver42a's Recap

Don't forget to request Casey's new single at your local radio station!!!  Thanks!!

 Yall have a great night.....

until next time.....

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  1. What a fantastic show Casey put on in North Canton, OH!!! He's a consummate performer, playful, soulful, haunting and very seductive! I love the new songs - You'll Never Walk Away has the most beautiful ending - so full of emotion. His cover of Old Love was also very moving. I can't say enough about this man and his talent!

    I truly hope the "good life" will come on strong for our Casey James!!