Monday, August 29, 2011

Casey James wowed the crowd in Alexandria, Ky. & new photos

UPDATED WITH NEW VIDEOS.....Scroll down....

Casey took the stage at about 6:20 before a large crowd at the 1st Annual Kickoff Celebration in Alexandrea, Ky.!   I still don't have a lot of information coming in from this show, but there are a few pictures and seemed as though the crowd there was enjoying themselves very much!!  I did listen in via conference call, on about 3/4 of the show, and the audience seemed to be very loud and lots of applause!  It sounded good to me!!  And as usual he really rocked the people!!!  Here is a list of the songs he sang, in the order they were performed.  
He was the opening act for Lonestar, and Danny Gokey took the stage after him.

Oh, and I've noticed his choice of songs seem to change an awful lot.  He must be matching up the songs with the predicted type of audience he will have?  I know a lot of song choices has to do with the type of show it is, acoustic or with the band, and how long his set is, whether he's opening for a bigger act, or headlining his own show.  It's always a different group of songs, no matter what.  But that is super cool, I think, the way he's changing it up often!
Ok, here are the songs he sang tonight!

1. Need some Texas

2. Bulletproof

3. She's Money

4. I Lied

5. Let's Don't Call It A Night

6. So Sweet

7. Drowning on Dry Land

8. Drive

9. Done Made up my Mind

When I was listening in on the conference call, I thought I noticed some slight changes in some of the music tonight.  It seemed to me that "So Sweet" was a bit slower and more seductive than usual......and "Drive.....He seemed to be tearing it up even more than usual!  It could have just been my imagination from hearing it from a call, but I liked what I 'think' I might have heard.  :)


"So Sweet"
Many thanks to spinnyjb1 for all her fantastic videos!!

"Ya Need Some Texas"

"Let's Don't Call It A Night"

"I Lied"

"Done Made Up My Mind"

"Bulletproof "


"She's Money"

"Drowning On Dry Land"


Below, are a few pictures that were shared on twitter.  No videos have made it to the social networks yet, but when they do, I will update and put them in for yall!!

Thanks to @kathwilliams2

Thanks to @lespaulleslie

Thanks again to @lespaulleslie

It seems that Lee Powell, a DJ at KNON 89.3 in Fort Worth, played Casey's new single on the air!!  I did not get to hear it, because I was not online at the time.  But several people did get to hear it, including Debra, Casey's momma, who had not gotten to hear it on the air even once yet.  Everyone was very excited to hear it, but I seem to be having problems that I haven't figured out yet, so I haven't heard it yet!  But have been hearing people talk about it!  Here is the link for it>>>>> HERE

Well, I'm out of here for tonight, and I'll update when the videos start rolling in!

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  1. Thank you Glenda!! So happy the single has finally been played in WFD area also!

  2. Thanks!! Yea, thats awesome!!! I just wish the country stations would get on board!! You're so funny got our acronym letters backwards! lol.... It's actually DFW darlin'! It stands for.... Dallas Fort Worth I just didn't want you to get embarrassed if someone corrected you on facebook in public. :)