Friday, August 26, 2011

A pocast interview & Casey on Iowa radio station

Sorry y'all, I'm on my phone because my Internet is messing up again! This time I'm thinking it could be my wireless router. So as soon as I can find my long cable to connect that way, I'll be back in business! :)

Anyway, wanted to share a couple things with you!
First, is a podcast of a nice interview with Casey and he tells us a few new facts we didn't know! Check it out HERE

Ok, I don't know if this is gonna work or not. So I'm gonna have to publish after every link so I can make sure it's working.

Be back with more soon!!

Ok, well, it's not working, right now anyway, becuz my phone needs to be updated! Just when I thought I was gaining some ground! Ok, y'all, just check back,right now it's dead.... so after it's charged I'll try to update it and finish this post! :). Well, it's not gonna let me do much, I keep losing my 3G signal! So I'll come back after I get back online, ok? See y'all later!! ;)

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