Saturday, August 20, 2011

Casey James answers Fans questions...Fans artwork, & Casey's in Ohio...

Hey everyone!!  Not a lot going on, but I wanted to share a couple things with yall!!  First of all....Casey has a show tonight in North Canton, Ohio!  It's the 15th annual  North Canton Main Street Festival.  And....he's headlining this show, which is scheduled to start at 8:00pm.  It is an acoustic show and he's been set to play almost an hour and a half!!  Lots of good Casey tunes in the allotted time!!!  So, who ever is going, if you can or would like to be of help for us poor souls who can't be there, by doing a conference call or tweeting us pictures or videos, that would just be awesome!!  You can send me stuff on twitter @CEJTxgal or go to  The Casey James Blog  for how to do the conference call or anything else you may need to know, or to send something to them.  They will be on twitter and in the chat room of the blog.  Click HERE for more information.
Casey will meet with fans and sign autographs as soon as his set is over!!  He will probably tell you where to go, or look for his merchandise booth!!  Have fun if you're headed out there!!

The other day I promised an interview when it was finished from Country Music Is Love.  Well, they posted it today, and the interview was fans questions, being sent in to them.  They picked the best ones, and I have to say.....I know a few of 'em!  :)  There were some really good questions that were asked, and Casey answered......well.....most of'll see what I mean!! :)

Casey James Answers Fan Questions

You Asked.....He Answered!

We recently had the chance to chat with 19 Recordings/BNA Records’ (and former “American Idol” contestant) Casey James! During our conversation, Casey took time to answer a few questions submitted by you, the fans, via CountryMusicIsLove on Facebook and Twitter.

Have you heard “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night” on the radio yet? – Casey E. James Facebook Fan Club

I have not and I’m really, really excited about it. I can’t wait ‘til it happens. I’ve just been wanting to hear it- flipping stations and scrolling, but I haven’t got to it yet, but it’s just hitting the radio. [When I do hear it] I’ll probably call into the station and make a fool out of myself screaming like a little baby that they just played my song!

Are you going to get back to interacting with your fans on Twitter anytime soon? -Paula
You know, I can be tweeting or I can be working on the songs, so I imagine, I would hope that [my fans are] wanting me to do what I do and do best. I’m here to play music and make music, not tweet. But eventually, I will get back on there and hook up with everybody and let them know what’s going on and all that. Just right now things are extremely slammed and I just honestly don’t have the physical time.

If you could record a duet with anyone, male or female, who would it be? -Cyndee 

Wow. You know, I don’t like this ‘cause here’s the deal, if things go well and I get a chance to do this, I don’t want to jinx it. There’s a few people that I would want to get together with, but I always answer with ‘I can’t answer that.’

What’s the last song you downloaded? -Amber

“Homeboy.” (Eric Church)

What have you had to adjust to most since being on ‘Idol?’ -Carol

Demands of time I guess. There’s a lot of people in my life now that need to interact with me and it’s all been official, but it’s difficult to draw that line in saying “OK, now I’m off work” and I like to pet my dogs or take a ride on my bike down the street and get some exercise or read a book. It’s a difficult thing to do to switch off and it’s an important thing. I’m still learning how to do it, so that would probably be the most difficult.
Casey’s debut single, “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night,” is available HERE on iTunes. Stay tuned to CountryMusicIsLove for more on Casey James.

That was fun wasn't it??  I just love questions and should see my list of questions.....if I ever get to interview him!!  I got some crazy questions!!  No....not (sexy) ones either....get your minds outta the gutter!! lol... Silly girls!!!  No, but really, I got some questions like.... "Do you collect anything besides guitars?"  or  "Can you swim?.....prefer the lake, river or pool?"  And my favorite.........."Can you ice skate?.....or roller blade??   Yep, I could go on and all kinds of silly questions.  I was gonna ask him "Bread or Biscuits", but I figured he'd say "Both" I left that one off!   I'm sure he probably gets tired of answering some of the same questions some of the past interviewers seem to ask, (thank goodness they're over the Kara thing!) so I just put a list of my own together!  And it wasn't all at one time.....oh was over a period of about 6 months.....I would put a question on my notepad on my iPhone every time I thought of one. :)  Maybe one day.....just time will come.... :-/

I want to share with yall some of the artistic projects some of our sister Casey Fans have done.  There's some pretty good looking stuff here too!!  Casey would be proud, I am!!  These are in one of the many folders of awesome Photos at the Casey E James Fan Club (Page)

Ane for those who may still be wondering what's going on here....Yes, there are 2 with the same name, but one (above) is a Page, that you only have to "like".  The other is a 'Group' that you have to become a member of.  And we're losing numbers by the day on the Group, so if your not already a member of the other one....join up now....there's lots of support and chat and Casey stuff with other Casey Fans.    To join click there>>>> Casey E James Fan Club (Group)

By Joy Cabaltera

By Bos Jerseygirl

By Bos Jerseygirl

By Jan Humphrey

By Teija Hurtta

We certainly have some talented people in the Casey fan world!!!  These are some of my favorites!!  Thank you all for your wonderful talent and allowing us to share in the beauty of them!!  :)

Ok yall....I'm outta here for now....yall have a good weekend!!

Until next time......


  1. Just listened to the songs from the Canton show and "Crazy Tonight" is awesomeNESS!!!! :) Just when I think I couldn't have another favorite song, he blows us away with another one!
    I really love it when he refers to himself as a 13yr overnight success! lol YA RIGHT!!! Tell'um Casey! ;-)
    I always love the Q&A's too... thanks for posting them Glenda, love ya girl and all that you do!!!

  2. Yea, right!!! Love it too!!! I know he never ceases to amaze me!! We'll probably never know all that he is!!! I know, I love how he says that overnight success!! But where did 13 come from? He worked in bars and stuff for 11 years before he just NOW considering himself to have made it? I considered him making it when he was competing on AI!! Oh well, he's so humble anyway, he still probably wonders if 'anybody' will show up for him to sing to, at every show!! lol...Remember him saying that at Billy Bobs?? LoL!!!

    Your welcome hunny, I love doing this!! Sometimes it gets to me a little and overwhelms me, but I always get over it! Did you see where I posted you art work?? I wanted everyone to see's so beautiful!! :)

  3. You are SO right about the "humble" part... that's just one of the millions of things that we love about him :) I guess he's not counting his Idol time, cuz he did say 13 years! Bless his heart... I know he knows he has some loyal fans out there, but I wish he knew just how MANY and how MUCH we love him... and those numbers are growing by the day! I read the Blog that was written up by the NEW Casey Fan, loved it! I would imagine there are lots of folks feeling the same way after seeing him "Post Idol" :) I've kept saying "This is just the tip of the Iceberg" for Casey! There was SO much more to him than Idol ever showed (or wanted to show is a better choice of words) and his voice just keeps getting stronger and stronger... didn't think it was possible, but it IS! I think "Crazy Tonight" really showed that... I just loved IT! Lucky Buster for hearing it first! LOL

    I did see my pic, tysm girl! I have my own autographed copy to go in my Casey Album too :) The other pics are just beautiful too! The one of him holding his hands up will always be one of my favs... it's like he's saying: "Thank you Lord!" :) Lots of very talented fans out there!!!

    I don't always comment here, but if I need to catch up on my Casey News I know where to come!!! Appreciate you! :)

  4. Awww thank you darlin'. I don't need comments all the time, but I appreciate some feedback about what I'm writing about!! Thank you for that! Im glad you come here to catch up!! Getting sleepy  Talk to you later hun!