Monday, August 29, 2011

New Casey James reviews, interviews, shows coming up & more......

Hey yall!!  I'm finally back with yall!  I realize just how much I love my wireless router, now that it has choked up and died on me!!  I couldn't tell if that was the problem, because sometimes I could get online and other times I couldn't, and after checking every wire and every connection, I did come to the conclusion that the router was going out, a little at a time.  I couldn't find the connecting cord, and after looking and looking I realized it was on my hubby's computer!  And I wasn't about to take his cord.  So I just waited and finally got to town to get a new one.  
And ta-daaaa I'm baaaaack!!

I'm so glad to know all our friends out on the East Coast are safe after a harrowing night with a gal named Irene!!  She was pretty bad, even as a catagory 1, carrying just massive amounts of rain and pouring it on our friends all up and down that East Coast!  There are some flooding issues among some, and hopefully the water will recede quickly, so people can start the process of rebuilding their lives and getting things back to normal.

There's some really cool stuff going on lately, so let's get started!

First of all, @markjanese who is a Sony Nashville guy working with Casey, took this roadside picture and posted it on twitter with this message: 
@markjanese This boy just keeps getting bigger!  
Now I like the way this guy thinks!! :)

And since we are smiling and maybe even laughing a little, let's continue with more of the same.....except this is really, really good!!!  Casey has become the weather man (for the moment) at this radio station 97.3 the Hawk in De Moines, Iowa!!  He follows directions quite well, even though they throw curve balls at him!!  Ha ha ha!!!  I got quite a kick out of this!!  Click here and get ready to be entertained!!!  Lots of the Casey laugh too!!

There is an interview from Country Music prideCAST....and Casey touches on a couple things we didn't know about!  Click the link above and listen in for some exciting news!!

I really love the fact that at least our local is showing the hometown love for Casey!  The radio stations aren't quite on board yet.....(except for 1 DJ, we'll talk about that later).  They did a very nice little article on him releasing his first single.....and I had to laugh out loud ....when I read this very first line.....

The audible sigh of relief you heard a couple weeks back, was the Casey James fan base, relieved that the singer/songwriter/American Idol finalist's first single,"Let's Don't Call It A Night, had finally seen the light of day.  :)  To read the rest of the HERE.

Yall don't forget, Casey has 2 shows coming up Monday, the 29th and Tuesday, the 30th.  On Monday, (tonight) you can catch Casey at the Alexandria Fairgrounds, in Alexandria, Kentucky.  He and fellow Idol alum, Danny Gokey will start the show at 6:00pm, and Lonestar takes the stage at about 8:00pm.  For all information about directions, tickets, VIP or anything else, click HERE
There is also an Event Page for this show on Facebook, and if you are on FB then please go to the page and let them know if you are attending or not.  It's a good way to connect  with other fans!

And then, the next day, August 30th, Casey will be headlining his own show in Lexington, Kentucky at the Tin Roof .  This is a smaller, more intimate setting, and yall know how much we love these smaller venues!  We always get the best videos and pictures at these kinds of places!  Most of them will let the fans stand right up against the stage, right in front of Casey!!  I have a close friend, Danna, who is suppose to go to this show, and she said she may be able to do a conference call, but is not yet sure about the reception she will get, once inside.  But she will get good videos and pictures, because she always gets to the venues real early so she can be by the stage!  And she hasn't seen this new, and improved Casey yet!!!  She's been so busy with school and work, she hasn't been able to keep up with him, and is eager to see Casey and hear all the new songs!!  There is also an Event Page for this show as well on Facebook, so if you're planning to go, let others know you'll be there!  And everyone have a great time!!

Here's yall a nice shot by Cyndee H. (thanks) from the recent show in Las Vegas.  Gotta love the lip if we could get one of those shoulder-rolley things..... :)

I said earlier that there was some love for the hometown boy at one of the radio stations, right?  My favorite DJ, Michelle, from 96.3 KSCS has shown more support of our boy!!  She's a fan as well!  Click here to see what Michelle has said in her blog, about his recent visit to her radio station!

Also, while I was offline, I also heard that Casey's single has landed on the Billboards Hot Country songs, debuting at #57!!  That is really good, I'm so glad to hear that!!  Yall just keep calling those radio stations and requesting Casey's song, so they don't forget who he is!!  We have to keep showing interest in his music, even if you know they will not play the song right now, request it anyway, I do, every day, when I can get through, which is not every day.  But if the radio DJ's keep hearing his name, soon enough it will climb the charts and it will be added to their let's don't get frustrated and give up.  Casey needs us all right now.  He is on his radio tour, visting the stations with his BNA rep, and they are pushing the single out to radio, doing their part, let's do our part, and keep requesting, ok?

I just found this!  It's the photographer, Jake Felts blog!  It has a nice writeup, along with photos from Casey's recent performance at the KSCS radio station!!  Check it out HERE!

Ok, I'm outta here yall....take care.....I'll check in, in a day or two!

until next time.....


  1. Go Danna!! Looking forward to the re-cap!

  2. Oh too!!! I don't know if she'll do a recap, I can ask her, but she'll do videos and pictures!!!! Can't wait!!!

  3. Don't forget the Sept. 30th show in Virginia beach,Va.

  4. New page looks great! You always do such an awesome job! Anything from Alexandria you want to use of mine feel free. Always happy to share anything Casey with my friends! Thanks for all you do!