Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Casey James acoustic show at Lexington, Ky. more interviews & a new show!

Tonight, Casey is at the Tin Roof in Lexington, Ky. for an acoustic show, and there's a few of our known fans out there to cheer him on!  My friend, Danna, who was going to go, is not going to make it after all.... :(  Seems work got in the way.  But there will be lots of coverage out there, so keep checking back for updates from this show tonight! The Casey James Blog has set up a conference call, and if you'd like to be in on it, just call  1-712-432-0075 and then put in the code 654945#

Casey even tweeted about his show tonight!

Casey Everett James

Here's a couple of the first photos to come in...

 Thanks to Jen Lloyd

Thanks to @lespaulleslie

For those of you that would like to listen to a recording of the whole show, The Casey James Blog has it on their page.  Just click on the link and scroll down and you'll see it!

Ok....this has to be my favorite picture of the night!!  This is Casey, only 4 songs in, putting a new string on his guitar after busting it on the song, "Big Boss Man!"  Now....my question is....who got that busted string??  I know somebody did.....yall let me know!  :D  Those are very difficult to come by, because it doesn't happen often.

Thanks to Jenn Lloyd for this great shot!
Below is his set list, in the order in which they were sang. And he was bantering back and forth with the fans from the stage!!  I just L*O*V*E the way his personality is coming out on stage!!  I know....I say this nearly every time....but you gotta remember, I've been following Casey since the audition for American Idol, and this is not, by any means, the same Casey I saw back then.  He was much more reserved, but he's getting more comfortable, I think, with the fact that people are 'actually listening' to him, and loving what they're hearing!  :)

Small Town Saturday Night
I Lied-He said "HI" to the twitter fans listening in on Conf. Call
Big Boss Man-He broke a string on this song! :-/  oops!
Everybody Thinks You're Still Mine
So Sweet
Polk Salad Annie
Why I'm Feeling Blue
Shine Your Shoes
Let's Don't Call It A Night
Old Love
The Good Life

Ok, this was a 13 song set....has he done that number of songs before??  I can't remember....hmmm

Ok, well, I can look that up in a little bit.  Below, you'll find a few more pictures that were posted by the radio station that was sponsoring this show, KBUL 93.1.  If I'm not mistaken they are one of the 4 stations this week that added Casey's song to their playlist!  It's getting spins across the country, but mostly at the smaller market stations.  A few larger market ones have added it as well, but they would rather wait until a new song is at least in the Top 20 or Top 10.  It's strictly up to the program directer of each station.  It's just been released 15 days, it's got plenty of time to climb the charts. 

Thanks to @kathwilliams2 for this shot.

And....since we know for a fact that there will be a video for this song....when that gets added to CMT and GAC, then you will see a huge climb in numbers as it makes it's way into the Top 10 and beyond!!  Speaking of CMT and GAC, when the video is added to the pages of those TV shows, we will have to diligently vote for it every day we can.  Lots of votes have to be in to allow it to 'debut' on their Top 20 countdown each week.  And until we see it on the countdown, we won't know where it will land, the first time out, but lots of votes will help it to debut, (or land) in a good spot....say....top 10 or better!!  Best I remember, CMT only allows one vote per day, and GAC let's you vote multiple times for one video.  And don't worry, once people (mostly ladies, I'm sure) get a look at him, there won't be a problem getting that video to the top!!  :)  His 'purdy' face is definitely going to help it.  And.....it'll help get him more fans!!

Well, at post time, there were still no videos showing up on YouTube of tonights show.....so I'll be back and update tomorrow, when some come through.

And now.....on to other news.....a while back, when Casey played at the Greek Theater, opening for Sugarland, Blair Garner, a well known syndicated overnight radio host caught up with Casey, and sat down for a little one on one convo with our boy.  I learned some more things about Casey from this little video.....and congrats going out to the Casey James Blog for the shout out from Casey!   Yall enjoy!

Blair Garner interview with Casey

In a new interview by Taste of Country, Casey discusses many things, including his move to Nashville, the possibility of selling his Texas home, advice from the veteran singers, and whether or not he's going to cut that hair!!  Click the link above to read the interview in it's entirety. 

I totally hope he never cuts it really short, although he looks so good with it, I just love those golden curls of his!!  (just sayin'... :) )


This just in:  Casey has just been added to the lineup at The CountryFest sponsored by KSON 97.3 in Lakeside, California!  The show will be held at the Lakeside Rodeo Grounds.  It is located near San Diego.  Tickets are on sale now, and it's only $15 to see all this great talent!  Click on the CountryFest link above to purchase yours!!   Along with Casey, other performers will include Steve Holy, The Dirt Drifters, and headlining is Montgomery Gentry!  Thats a good line up!  Steve Holy is my favorite, behind Casey of course....  LOVE Steve Holy!!  And M-G are pretty good too, just not my thing, they seem like a more redneck type duo.  But I do like some of their songs.

Ok, yall check back tomorrow for those videos, I'll post 'em if they're out there!!  Take care.....

Until next time......


  1. I love the new look of Caseymania

  2. Thank you Paula!! I know there will be a lot of new fans visiting the page as Casey's popularity grows, and I just want them to see Casey as I do, a musician first and foremost. Then.....a beautiful man with a beautiful heart. I thought if I showed only Casey's hand and his guitar....in the main picture, that would tell them that I am about the music first. I've been doing a little here and there and adding this and that. It's hard to believe that when I started this blog, I had no and I mean NO IDEA what in h**l I was doing!! I had to learn everything by myself. I only had to ask 2 questions and I guess thats not too bad, huh? I know, I learn something every time I post. Thank you for noticing, it was a whole lot of work, but I finally got it looking pretty good.

  3. Great recap of a very busy Casey day! It is so nice to come here, get your take on events, and get caught up all in one sitting! Love ya, girlie!

  4. Thank you Mickey!! That warms my heart!! Casey is just getting better and better at what he does, he never ceases to amaze me!!! He's such an easy subject to write about too!! I love it!!! Thanks again.....love ya too, girlie!!! :)

  5. Like the new layout! Much easier to read!

  6. Uh-oh.... I just changed it last night Shari!! Thank you, I appreciate it!! I think it's still easy to read, though. I just changed the template,and the lettering & color of mostly the sidebar stuff. Wanted the title lettering to pop a little more. To me, this background looks like stage lights.... not to mention it is almost identical to the color of Casey's guitar!! Ok, let me know how you like it now!!

  7. @SHARI....well crap....I don't know why I thought today was the 3rd! So I thought your comment was yesterday....lol.... Anyway, I know you are talking about the new layout since last night/early this morning. Thanks girl!! :)