Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Recap Part 2 , articles, interviews and video from Vegas

Hey's time for part 2!!  It's gonna take me awhile, so it may not be finished until late tonight! 

The next day was Saturday and just a day for me to relax and try and catch up on some sleep....and that I did!!  Just mostly hung around the hotel, went to eat and back to my room, with John and Anthea and a big 'ole margarita in tow!!!  Now...for those of you who don't know, I'm not a big drinker, I'm.....eehhh....a social sometimes drinker.  So John had bought Anthea and I this huge keepsake glass full of frozen margarita with an extra shot of tequila in it!!  We were just gonna hang out and visit in the room.  So, me being a smoker went out on the balcony to have a smoke, and Anthea came out and we just couldn't stop talking.....pulling chairs out through the glass sliding door and leaving poor John alone in the room....we were headlong into the 'girl chat mode' and laughing louder the more of the drink we had!  I realized when I got up that I was definitely  buzzing.....which I am so not used to!!  :)  But it was so much fun just to relax and visit with my friend from across the pond!!  We had to make the most of our time we had to visit together, because before we knew it, it was going to be over, and we would be headed home.  So that we did!!  It was a very nice time and very relaxing!  I slept like a baby that night!

So....the next day is here, and it's ACM Fan Jam day!!  Just hung around the hotel till it was time to get ready, then Cyndee came and we took a cab to the Mandalay Bay and met John and Anthea there.  We went to the line to go in, although we were early.  We then decided to go get a little bite to eat cause we were gonna be in there a long time!  Cyndee stayed in line while the rest of us took off.   And sure enough the line started moving while we were gone!  I called Cyndee and she was already in and saving a seat for me on the first row.  We had GA and if you get in there soon enough you can get a place to sit!  So we had our seats.  I finally got in there and visited with Cyndee a little bit.  John and Anthea were in a completely different spot.  So we are there and in a bit the radio celebrity Blair Garner started talking and getting us ready for the first thing.  I don't remember how long it actually was before the show started, I just know I was so excited!!  Then it started and that first song with Carrie Underwood and then Steven me on my feet!!!  It was awesome!!!  Then as the show progressed every time somebody I liked, (which was most of them) came to the side stage or front stage I would take off yelling.....they are my favorite!!  Cyndee got a kick out of me doing that!!  I was just trying to get some good pictures!!  And I was dissapointed that once again I didn't get any real good pictures.  I want a new, real big, nice camera for Christmas!!  These little dinky things I have are not made for taking pictures at a concert with all the lights going off and on!!  They just turn out bad.
I was very pleased that my Texas girl, Miranda took home a bundle of awards!!  I've always loved her music!  And Blake and Reba just killed it with their comedy!!  I've always loved Reba too, and Blake as well, since way back when!!
It was such a great feeling to be witnessing something I thought I never would!!  The whole thing was just great!!!  But to be honest with you.....I was waiting on my Texas boy to take the stage the whole night, and when they announced that the last award was given and the ACM Awards show was over, they told everybody in the building to come on down to the GA area and enjoy the rest of the show, which was the Fan Jam.  Of course it was not televised, but thats when I thought, ok, gotta go.  So Cyndee and I headed toward the stage.  One act after the other sang a couple songs, and every time a person would move in front of me, I'd inch up a little more, with Cyn on my tail.  And we kept on inching till we were 3 back from the left side of the stage!!!  A great spot to see our boy.  Act after act played and left, and my feet and legs and back were killing me, and I thought many times.....can I do this?  Cyn also said her feet were huring.  But we soldiered on and hung on, with every fiber of our being.  We had come too close to back out now. was time for Casey, and that Laura Bell Bundy introduced him 5 minutes before he even came out!!  I thought....what??  Where is he??  Then Kristian Bush and Casey casually walked on the stage and Kristian introduced Casey!!  Casey then fooled around with this and that on the stage and made some motions to someone, told the bass girl something, then told the sound guy....'more monitor', and after a little more dilly dallying it looked as though he through his arms up in disgust and just started singing!  But I could tell something was terribly wrong!!  The sound was not right for him, I'm assuming, although I thought it sounded great.....but I'm no professional either.  And another thing....his band was not there, it was Sugarland's band that was playing with him.  He went ahead and sang though, and then Kristian came out and sang the second song with him, "Liza Jane" and it sounded great and the crowd really got into it!!  As soon as he was through singing, he hugged Kristian and off the stage he went....and out of that crowd of people....I went....with Cyn right along with me!!  These two 'ole gals were exhaused!!  I thought my back was gonna break in half, and my legs felt almost numb from standing around 2 to 2 1/2 hrs.  And my "dawgs were barking", is what I told Anthea when I seen her!!   She said...."You can hear them from here?"!!  But of course she was joking, she knew I meant that my feet were killing me!!   But we were not going to give up and miss him!!  And we didn't!!  So after finding a bathroom, I think I sat there at least 5 minutes!!  LOL!!!  Doing absolutely nothing!!  And I was thinking...."Casey....if you only knew what us mature women go through just to see you sing and play"......then I remembered I was on the toilet....not a good place to be thinking about him!!  LOL!!  And Casey, if your reading this.....please don't remind me of it next time you see me!!  I'd die of humiliation!! :)  (Changing the subject now....)  Here's a couple of nice pictures of Casey, one from the Red Carpet for People Country!!  And isn't he looking dapper in that black outfit!?

And this one from Ram Country Music down on Fremont Street!!

Thanks to Polina for her awesome capture of Casey at the Fan Jam!!   It was so nice to meet you too, in case I forgot to tell you!! :)

I can't seem to find any video of "Liza Jane" from the Fan Jam, maybe something will come through tomorrow.....since MINE won't load.....And mine weren't too bad, because I was close to the stage, but I can't for the life of me get it to upload!!  So maybe something will come through later on!

Many thanks to Polina for bringing us this video!!

I'm going to paste a few links of some of Casey's interviews he had while in Vegas, and there were many!!!  I love all this media attention he got!!

2 Space Casey James performs at ACM Fan Jam

Casey James reveals his gambling style

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ACM Fremont St. Experience-Day 1

Casey talks about Idol Judges and Sugarland

Casey James Pictures-PEOPLE Country invites you to celebrate Nashville in Vegas- Zimbio

Tony find out why Casey feels so close to his fans

Froggie TV: Danger interviews Casey James in Vegas during ACM Weekend

2011 ACM Awards, Red Carpet Pictures-Taste of Country-Casey is 14 & 15

Getty Images-Search Casey James

 99 KISS Country has a 48 second clip of Casey titled 'By popular demand, more Casey'

Country Music Series- Awesome Video 

Casey James Interview 92.5 XTU Philidelphia's Country Station ACM Week 4-11

WoW!!!  Thats alot of interviewing!!!!  And of course, there are a couple of picture links.  But I'm so happy he is getting alot of attention in the country music world!!!!  It's awesome!!!!

And in one of the interviews he said, a song he couldn't get out of his head is "The Band Perry's......If I Die Young"......omg.....a man after my own heart!!!!   I LOVE The Band Perry!!!!  I was so excited to get to see them again and to watch them win their first award!!!!!  Love those kids, they are very talented!!!
I had often wondered if he knew of their music and if he liked them.....I found out about them last February 2010 when I went to a Bucky show in Birmingham Alabama, and they were opening for Bucky at a small little theater, held about 200 people!!  Nobody knew who they were, but me and another Bucky fan stood right in front of the stage and supported them while they did their set, even though we had never heard of them!!  And she and I were the only 2 people there.  I wonder if they remember that?  I just loved them right away, and wondered if they had a single out, and 2 days later I heard it on the radio...."Hip To My Heart"!!  Here's the picture from their website!  I'm so thrilled Casey loves their music!  If anyone wants to check them out here's their website>>>>The Band Perry

Isn't Kimberly a little cutie?!  And so are her brothers!!

Well, I think I'm about to fall over.....this has been a long post....

If yall don't mind, could you leave me some feedback in the comments section on Casey's new music and your favorite for the single and why.  Since Casey is dropping by to read this page, I would like to share with him what his fans are wanting for the first single!!  I think he's counting on us to help him decide!!  so come on yall....what is your favorite new music??

Have a good one everybody, think I'll take off tomorrow, unless something huge comes I'll see yall in a day or two!!

Until then.......


  1. Thanks for the great recaps Glenda! My favorite is Done made up my Mind. Great southern rock song that reminds me of the late 70's. I love Casey's blues but really love to watch him rock! Drive or Done...Mind should be the first single. I think those songs would grab the attention of guys and impress them with his amazing guitar work. Love him no matter what he sings!

  2. Thanks for the morning laugh! You are too funny!!!! I honestly have loved all of the songs Casey has been playing. My favorite changes day to day, depending on my mood. I will say, I often find myself singing "Let's Don't Call it a Night" in my head, so that seems to be the one sticking with me the most. I know this is an important decision for Casey and his team. They seem to be doing right by him so far, so I am sure they will pick the right single for him. I just can't wait for the CD. I know it still won't be out for a bit, but I think it is going to be KILLER! Love ya, Glenda!!!

  3. Glenda - I echo the thoughts exactly of the two previous posts!! I REALLY APPRECIATE your taking the time and effort to share your Casey info with us! Love you and love Casey!!!

  4. great job, Glenda. (i'm a humongous Casey fan but have never posted here before). i know you're tired but pleeeze take one more look for that Liza Jane video from Vegas! i would just love to see it. oh and my fave and first pick for new single would be Bulletproof. crazy about that song. thanks, Glenda, for all you do. Go Casey!

  5. I love Bulletproof, Let's Don't Call it a Night and Done Made up My Mind. I love how he ends Let's Don't Call it a Night on his guitar but haven't heard it really well enough cause of all the talking, or ending quickly, in the venues, can't wait to hear it clearly, I wish he would showcase his guitar with special touches like that because it really is very personal and compelling. Thanks Glenda for the second half, you take care and keep up the good work.

  6. Glenda once again thanks for all that you do for Casey's fans & for Casey of course! I think that you really captured the essince of what all took place during ACM awards & Fan jam, all the videos 7 pictures turned out really great gal don't know what we would do without you & you do all this & show to be just as gracious and down to earth person. your a true to friend to us all including to Casey. my favorite song of Casey's would have to be: "Lets Don't Call It A Night" but also i do enjoy hearing all the others he's has sang so far. from what i have had a privledge to hearing of his music, in my opinion casey couldn't go wrong with any of his music. like Casey said it's gonna be a tough choice of what to start his debute single or CD. I was there from day one casey came on #idol and instantly became a fan & have had the privledge to fallow him all the way up to this point & let me tell Ya he's not getting rid of this fan so easy. god has blessed Casey with this amazing talent & i truely believe he will take it to the top & quickly at that. Much Love to You casey & Glenda & to all his fans that has stuck by him & understands him.

  7. Thanks for the recap, videos and pictures from all that you saw in Vegas Glenda! You know how to really get me smiling! I love all of the new songs Casey has so far so its hard to decide on a single. I love his rocking out songs which really show his fantastic guitar skills and I love the ballads because I really love hearing his voice! I've said before, I wish that he could have a fast song and a ballad out at the same time for singles to show everything he's got. I think "Lets don't call it a night" is really good as a single though because its catchy showing off his voice without being too slow. I'm sure whatever he (they?) decide, it will be a great choice. :)

  8. Glad you had such an awesome weekend with lots of Casey sighting. My favourite song so far is Hold On, the one he wrote with Kristian Bush. Its a fantastic message, it really showcases his great voice and its got really nice guitar work, I think it would be an instant hit. One of my fav songs that he didn't write has to be Always, to me Casey with just his voice and his guitar really catch in my heart.
    Nearly came to Vegas as I am on West coast but that would have been way to confusing with two British Anthea's!!

  9. Glenda, you go girl!! Thanks for hanging in there for all us "mature" girls ;) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the new songs, but, I probably like Bulletproof the best. Love the honky tonk vibe and the lyrics. It's just a FUN song and makes you want to move. I think it would be a good first single because it is "catchy". I also love Let's Don't Call it a Night but not sure if that would be the best first single. Wasn't too excited about Drive, but today I drove with the top down at lunch and realized when I got back to the office I was singing "I just like to Drive" to myself!!! Great, huh? Just what a good song's supposed to do....get down inside and speak to your spirit :) Soooooo, I'm glad the decision's not up to me. LOL I just hope he puts them all on the album. And can't wait to hear what else Casey has up his long sleeves!

  10. I think of Carrie's first single, "Jesus Take the Wheel" and it has a "heart message". Therefore, I think I like "Hold On" to be the first single.
    Any of the others could be the second release. A song that touches the emotions of a lot of people seems to be a good start.

  11. I can see Casey and Kristain doing Hold On on Idol gives back and putting it on I tunes and donating that money to Japanese earthquake victims. How like Casey it would be to give to others first.

  12. Glenda ... that was so much fun to read!! I felt like I was there. OH! I was there! And yes, I laugh every time I think of you jetting out to take a picture, your little tennie shoes just a hustlin' across the floor, calling over your shoulder, "My favorite!!!" I thought, man o' live that woman has a lot of favorites!!
    And yes - we're a bit mature for the hours and hours at Fan Jam, but (the much younger) Polina said too that she and her daughter about collapsed waiting for Casey, and that they left right after he performed. They, however, trucked right up to the front of the stage at the beginning and stayed there all night. That's what I call true grit!!
    Regarding Casey's performance, you're right, he did look a bit frustrated at the set up - or lack there of. Later we found that he was operating on definite sleep deprivation as your long list of interviews verify, and I'm thinking he just wanted to get it over with. The people liked him though and he didn't lack for applause!!
    Personally, as much as I adore "Let's Don't Call it a Night," I'm not so sure that was the right song for the crowd, especially since he was only singing two. It was a party, and I wonder if he should have chosen another up tempo?! Just a thought. My vote would have gone to "Drive." I was thinking about that song earlier today. You don't have to be in love, or want to be in love, or to have been disappointed by love to relate to that song. EVERYBODY gets the feeling now and again that they need to hit the open road to clear their thoughts and just sing along to the music. "I just want to drive ...." It's an everybody song!
    Again - thanks Glenda! I loved meeting you!! You're one very special lady and it's my true honor to call you 'friend!!" Keep up the good work and I know I'll see you again at another Casey event real soon!!!!
    Casey -- Todd-- if you're reading this, I think we're all ready for another Homecoming TEXAS concert anytime you get around to it!!! Just be sure to give all us longtime faithfuls a heads up before announcing it to the masses, will you??! How about Billy Bobs? And Keyes for the after party! Just a random thought. :-)

  13. I see "Drive" as something that could have heavy spin around country radio stations, so I hope this would be the 1st single. Casey's wicked slide guitar mixed with the great drumming on the intro is exceptionally catchy.

    Hold On can be the next single, seemed like a fan favorite

  14. Awesome recap Glenda,sounds like everyone had a really great time Casey chasin'!! Like everyone else has said so hard to choose a favorite..because i really do love them all!! Like Mickey said though the one that plays over in my mind alot is "Let's Don't Call it a Night". I really also love "Hold On" the way Casey's voice sounds on that one is just so beautiful!!!! But, which ever one is that first single doesn't matter to me cause not matter I will be buyin' it!!! Just so excited to finally be hearing Casey's music on the radio,he so deserves to be heard because he truly is an amazing artist and well as being a special soul on the inside!!! Thanks again Glenda for all the Caseyness and hard work you put into!! Love ya, your the best Chris B.

  15. carolyn collins@jesssmomApril 8, 2011 at 9:39 AM

    Glenda, we owe you girls for your sore feet and back. thats what you get for carrying us with you!LOL..i love your candidness. its always so much fun to read. and i love that you added the links to the interviews and stuff. have a great day and enjoy some rest. you have certainly earned it lady!

  16. LOL!!! Thanks so much everybody!!! I had a blast!! Yea, I was pretty much wiped out by the end of it....but I was determined I was NOT going to leave the spot where I was, I didn't care if I fell down amongst all those people!! I would've just said..."Hey yall, can ya hold me up till Casey James gets through singing?!" LOL!! I held on like a true fan would!!! I know I made yall proud!! LOL!!! And that Cyndee and Polina and her daughter too....we all hung in there!! We did it for Casey and our love for him!! All of yall are just awesome people!!! Thank ya so much for reading and coming back again and again to Caseymania!!! We are in it for the long haul!! :)

  17. Oh, I forgot to thank yall for the feedback on the songs! I think I will put a poll on here and see if anybody has changed their minds since Shari done hers. I'd like to see where everybody's head is now, since it's been a little while since the last winner. And yall gave me a mixed bunch of songs, so....I think I will put the poll up and lets see how it goes now, since the Vegas show. Maybe we will have some new fans come here and vote, since I was handing out Caseymania cards to the people watching Casey play at Fremont Street, and anybody who saw my shirt and asked about him....yep, they got a card! Gotta spread the Casey Love every chance I get!! :)

  18. Regarding the Favorite Casey Song Poll - I think it's a good thing that we're all over the place with our selections - to me it means they are all great songs, with no clear winner!

    I'm still dying to see a Fan Jam "Liza Jane" video! Was Casey's guitar sound turned up for that song? My heart went out to Casey after hearing the Fan Jam video of "Let's Don't" and you could hardly hear his guitar - WTH!! Gotta give it to him tho - he never looses his cool!

    Love what you do Glenda - we're all Casey's angels hovering over his every move and loving him!

  19. I agree a Favorite Casey Song Poll would be a good idea. My first inclination was "Drive" as I can see that being played a lot by the DJ's - it's such a fun song. But someone mentioned "Hold on" might be a good inspirational song - I agree with that. I also love "Til my Guitar". I also hope Casey includes cover song "Need your Love so bad" on his CD. I liked the Soundcheck version - you could really hear the huskiness in his voice - just awesome. I think I've played that about 25 times. (at least).


  20. got it!! I'll get a poll on here shortly!! I've got a video of "Liza Jane" at the Fremont St show and the Fan Jam, but can't get them to upload! I've got internet speed problems I'm gonna have to get taken care of before anything will upload!! But I'm getting on it!! Thanks everybody!!

  21. Hi Glenda

    As always, you did a fantastic job with this blog. I so appreciate all your work and your enthusiasm. How would I get all this info without you??

  22. Glenda, u did a wonderful job with the blog! I just absolutely love getting Casey news! The more the better!!! Keep up the amazing work girl!! :)

  23. You did a great job, Glenda. Glad you had so much fun. I voted for Drive. However, it was difficult to choose just one. My second choice was Hold On. Hope the album has all of them.
    Hope to join you on one of the Fun Fan Fetes.

  24. I sure appreciate all the feedback about the songs! I'm like yall, I have the hardest time picking just one!! I literally love ALL of them!! But thinking rationally, I do think an up tempo song would be better as a first release. Because summer is coming on, and people are gonna be out swimming and doing all the fun summer stuff, and the song needs to coincide with the season. Then, the second should be a slower one, the love song, or the lifting people up song,Lets Don't Call it a Night, or Hold On. The 3rd could easily be any one of the remaining cuts. And the rest would be whats called 'Album songs', never to be released as singles. I too, hope ALL of them are on it!!! :) So glad to see everybody enjoying this!! Thanks yall!!

  25. WOW, Glenda this is so awesome, Everything is right here you are so tallanted, thank you so very much for all your time and effort. this poll thing is a GREAT idea. Its so hard to choose, all of Caseys music is awesome, Any One the band chooses is fine with me , but i like (Till my guitar gets tired) I THINK, Not Sure, but thats my vote. Butt you are right about the up tempo, (Drive)OH heck its ALL GOOD!!!! and your the BEST!!!

  26. sound just like me!! I'm just figuring how the label is thinking, about that first single. Ya really don't want a slow sappy song for your first release, that would almost always be the 2nd choice for a new artist.'s not totally unheard of to come out with a slow or tear jerker the 1st single out. Jason Michael Carroll did it with "Alyssa Lies", which was released in the latter part of 2006, in the late fall/early winter and that song made it to #5 on the Hot Country Songs Charts. That was the highest any of his songs have gone up. So, yes, sometimes it does work. Thanks girls, I appreciate all the love!! I really like all these comments and conversation...this is great fun!!! And I like to know where the fan's heads are, that's important to me!! :) Thank yall so much!!!

  27. Thank you Glenda! So much fun to read!

    My song choice for the first single is "I just like TO Drive!" It is sooooooooo Casey!!! I love it!!! :)