Sunday, April 24, 2011

Show coming up, my creation, and other stuff...

Hey everybody!  I'm gonna try it again.....and if you don't know what I'm talking about, well, I completed a full post a few nights ago, and it takes a while to do one.....and something went wrong when I clicked on publish post, and suddenly everything I had been working on for hours....was gone....just like that!!   Ok, I'm usually pretty calm, don't let things get to me much, but I'm here to tell ya,  that unraveled me right quick!!!  So I had to shut my computer down for a couple days!  I actually got over it pretty quick, because while I was still steaming.....Casey came on Nixa Country, (which I was listening to this whole time) and was singing "Hold On I'm Coming"!!  How appropriate and perfectly timed was that?!?!  I felt a calm come over me, that was just awesome!!!  I started singing along with it, and for the moment, forgot about what had just happened.  But soon I put my computer away and turned off the radio and just had to go to bed.  I was drained.

Here's a fantastic poster done by a very talented gal we like to call daydreaminmeme   

She has a fantastic eye for detail, and I wanted to honor her by posting one of her best posters ever!!!  Hmmm, I'll go so far as to say this could very easily become an album cover!!   Are ya getting all this Sony/BNA???   Thank you are so awesome!!

I haven't felt like writing anything until now, so here I am!! :)  And in a much better mood, as I watch the bottom of the screen as I'm typing and it's saying...... saving draft....every few seconds.  I don't think it was doing that the other night!  At least I feel safe now.... :)

I came across one of the best (if not the best) group of videos of Casey during his Homecoming last year, and I actually forgot about this guy's professional videos!  They are crystal clear and up close and the audio is so awesome, you can hear every little hum from Casey!!  If you are a new fan, and may have not had the pleasure of seeing Casey last year during his homecoming visit to Fort Worth, Texas, then let me show you what you're missing!  I hadn't seen this particular video in a while, and it made me cry, as it always does, but it just felt so good to listen to is again and see the  pride in his face as he sings to his Hometown people of Millsap, Tx.  

Please....allow me to introduce you to Casey James, if you are new.....and if not, watch this video again, and watch his face....then watch it again, but this time put on headphones and close your eyes, and just lay back and will bring you to tears!

"Blue Sky"

Big Thanks to tony90265 for this superb video!
And now that I'm through reminiscing, Casey has a show coming up!!  He will be playing the Country Music Expo at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  I'm not sure if he will be playing at the Blue Ribbon Pavilion or the Champions Pavilion, it doesn't say, but I think it's one of them.  He goes on at 12:45pm  to perform and will do something quite different.  He will have a Q and A from the stage, after the performance.   They also say that Casey will also be signing for the fans after his show, so if you are going to this show, you're in for a big treat!!  The doors open at 10 am and for more information click HERE.  If you're planning to go, have a great time and take lots of pictures and videos.... and that Q & A for us! :)

A new picture has surfaced....and   I don't know who actually owns this picture, but it came from Sara, who lives in Florida, and it's from the Seattle show back during the Idol Tour.  I must post a warning with this one.....look at your own risk!  :)



This next photo was just me playing with my apps on my IPhone.  And this is what I came up with!  Think I may play some more!  :)

I've been busy putting the names together of the Casey Fans who are attending the CMA fest this year!!  The Fest takes place in downtown Nashville, Tn. every year the 2nd week of June!  Everybody who's anybody will be performing there, over 400 artists!!  Some new some old, some that are Hot right now, will all be performing on different stages at different times of the day and night!!  It's a country/southern rock/country rock 4 days of nonstop music!!  There's bound to be something you like, so if you are interested in attending just go to the>>> CMA fest website <<<< and check it all out!!  Hope to see you there!!  And if your going, leave me a comment here and let me know, cause I want to meet YOU!!!

And now.....for the GREAT news!!!!  There is going to be an UN-official Casey James Fan Club Party being held on Saturday at 11:00am at Hot Shotz, located at 2nd and Broadway, across from the Wildhorse Saloon!  This awesome party is being brought to us by Val Jean Nixa (@ValJean_NIXA) of Nixa Internet Country Radio (@NixaCountry)!!  And we THANK HER so very much for putting this party together for us!!!!   There is no confirmation that Casey will be there, but I'm sure he's being invited!!  And if he IS there....oh wow.....we will be in for a treat!!!  But if not, we will all still be excited to meet one another and get to visit with other Casey Fans from all over!!  

Also, at this time, Casey has not yet been added to the lineup of artists performing at the CMA fest, but there's still time to get him in there.  I'm not worried.  I will absolutely be shocked if he is not scheduled to be there!!  That would just be wrong!!

I don't know if I've said this before or not, (you'll notice in the future I'll be repeating myself a lot!) but we are suppose to be getting a new single out by mid-May!!!  But as some of you may not know, those dates and estimations of the drop of a single can, and do, get pushed back, for whatever reason.  But hopefully it will be out soon and we can start spreading the word about it!! 
And the video for the first single.....I've thought about that a lot!!  How good can Casey act??  I do hope he can, cause if he's starring in his own video, which we all hope he does, he's gonna have to do a little of it!  I think he'll be fine as long as they don't try to make him dance!!  :D  LOL!!

It will be out shortly after the first single is released.  It will be played on  GAC (Great American Country) TV and CMT (Country Music Television) TV stations. 
I think CMT is part of the basic packages of most cable and satellite TV.  But you have to get a bigger package to get the GAC chanel.  GAC is really a great music and artist channel, because they have shows like, Backstory, which is short storys about artists and who they were before we knew them as singers.  I can't wait to see Casey's Backstory on it!  And both CMT and GAC have a Top 20 Countdown, which counts down the weeks best videos!  So we get to vote for Casey's video every week....on both of them!!  One, lets you vote multiple times and the other only once per day, and right now, I can't remember which one does what....sorry.  I should know this, but I haven't had a video to vote for in a while, so....forgive me!  :)

Ok, I'm gonna leave yall with another old video from last year, of Casey, just because I'm feeling a bit bluesy and  nostalgic right now..... enjoy....

Yall take care.....Until next time....


  1. Great post Glenda! THANKS! As you know, I will be in Nahsville in June so put me on the list. I am so excited.....and...when I heard about the Casey Fan made it even more exciting....we will have so much fun getting to know all the fans!! Thanks to NIXA radio! Wow! :)

  2. Gravity has always been one of my favorite Casey songs, thanks for posting Glenda. Can't wait to see Casey's video of Drive. I think he'll do a great job with that one (maybe even change a flat tire, who knows!) As for dancing, :) the Casey wiggle is the bom. Looking forward to all the good stuff that's about to happen.

  3. @Darla, girl you have been on this list as soon as I knew you were coming!! Thanks for your support, and you too Linda! Thanks! I know, I like the little wiggle too, but good luck getting him to do that again!!
    I too, hope and it probably will be "Drive" as the lead off single! I can see it now, Casey in a Nascar outfit screaming down the track at Taladega!! What a great video that would be! And they really do need to get Nascar to get behind this song, I bet they would love it!!!

    Thanks for the comments ladies!! :)

  4. Thanks, Glenda, for all your posts - I always enjoy reading everything about Casey. I can imagine the frustration of losing a post you've been working on for hours. Glad you redid it.
    Wish I lived closer to all that goes on in Nashville, Texas, etc., but I'm up in Maine where nothing much happens - lol. Looking forward to Casey's first single and then the CD.
    That will be an awesome time for him. Thanks again for all the time you devote to keep his fans up to date.


  5. I love all the plans, but hate when a timeslot has artists I support in different locations .. lol.
    HUGS.. see you there my sweet friend