Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm going to post all of Casey's new songs here, in case some of you new fans haven't heard all of them.  So the voting will be fair.


Til' My Guitar

Let's Don't Call It A Night

Done Made Up My Mind

Hold On


Ok, that's all 6 of the new ones, and I want to thank jewelroman and hodgenjb for their awesome videos!!  Ok, lets get some votes in and see which one will be the winner!!


  1. Music sounds great!!! Love,love,love Casey!!!
    Can't hear the words so don't know which songs I like best. From what I can hear "Hold On" is my favorite. Like the music to "Done Made Up My Mind" and "Till My Guitar"! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  2. First, let me say what a wonderful new look for the blog, Glenda!!! I LOVE it! :)

    Now, choosin my favorite Casey song is like choosin my favorite grandchild....IMPOSSIBLE! I love everything I've ever heard him sing from covers to his music before Idol to all of his new originals :) When he sings a cover, I always end up likin it better than the original. Casey himself, as well as all of his music, simply inspire me.

    But I voted for Hold On cuz it has such special meanin to me at this time in my life.

    Tomorrow, I am goin in for a double mastectomy & reconstructive surgery for treatment of breast cancer. When I heard Casey sing Hold On, it was as though he was speakin directly to will be HIS voice that carries me through when I feel just like all hope is gone. And it will be my goal to get well in time for his cd release concert...all of my Casey friends have been so supportive, too. Two of them have been able to get signed pictures for me from Casey at his recent Sugarland concerts and on one of them he wrote: "To Meme: Get well soon and come and get a hug!" Now, I just can't refuse THAT invitation, can I????

  3. To Meme...I'm believing for God to give you a hug today by touching and healing your body, making you whole and keeping you strong! My prayers are with you and I feel love and compassion in my heart. God bless you and let us know when you answer THAT invitation from Casey to get your hug...and to get well soon!!!

  4. @daydreaminmeme just touched my heart with that comment! I've been so busy, I haven't had time to ask you how your recovery was coming along! Please forgive me for that!! I hope and pray that all goes well for you tomorrow, and they get all the cancer! I want to hear you telling me that you have a clean bill of health....and those precious words...."I'm Cancer Free!!" Bless your heart darlin', you get well and you go get that invitation for the hug!!! I have faith you will come thru this with flying colors! And omg!! Yes, I totally understand how and why "Hold On" would be your's like he's singing those words directly to you!! Bless your heart sweet lady, and may God be with you and bless you as you fight for your life!! I will praying for you! Take care and let us know how the surgery goes!! love you girl!!!

    Oh, and thank you, I'm so glad you like the new look!! :)

  5. Thanks for all of his music...Casey is on his way and im so happy about that. I dont even watch AOL, however I happen to see him and saw what a awesome talent, drive and not to mention his looks and personality he has. THE WHOLE PACKAGE...


  7. Glenda
    Love the new look and love Casey!!!