Monday, April 18, 2011

We have a winner....more interviews, videos, and some changes going on....

Ok....I don't know about yall.....but I think I'm suffering from Casey withdrawals after all the media attention and videos and pictures!!  It seems like I'll never get everything posted for yall, but I do, and then.....just like that *snaps fingers*  its over!!  There's been very little new information coming in since Las Vegas!  So it leaves us all drowning in our withdrawal symptoms, hoping for more news or pictures, or a video being posted late.....Hey!!  I do have a video that was posted late!!!  :)  And it's mine!!! I'll post it in a few minutes!

I'm undergoing a bit of maintenance here at the site as we go from a Blogger to a domain name of our own.  The new address will be     But that address won't work yet, so you can keep using the other for now.  And when the .com address is working, it will redirect any clicks that come through.  Right now, everything is still in the changing over mode, so if things look a little off or you can't post a comment, just try again later, it will work.  I just thought it was time to embark on our own....time to change.

First I want to talk a minute about Casey's new music he's been singing for us!  As you can see, the poll is over and it's been taken down.  The song the fans chose as their choice for Casey's 1st single was.....(*drumroll please*)  DRIVE!!!  Good choice everybody!!!  Here's how all the percentages broke down:

"HOLD ON"-19%


It really surprises me that Bulletproof didn't do better, cause I just LOVE that one!!  Ok, here I go again....I LOVE all of them, but that one is up close to the top of the list for me!!!  But this poll was not about  favorite, but which song you thought should be the 1st single.  Gotta love that rowdy, honky tonkin' sound of Bulletproof though!!!  I've always been a fan of the honky tonk sounds anyway, like that of Dwight Yoakam!!!  Good dancing and moving music!! :)  I guess I'm like my friend Mickey.....she said it depends on the mood she's to which song is her favorite....and us women are known for our moods.....aren't we?! :)  And I mean that in a good way, of course!!  Yea, I think that's what it is with me mood reflects my favorite song of the day....or week! :)  But again....this poll was not about favorites, but the one we think would go over well on the radio and make the biggest impact on radio!  And we did that!  Thanks for all who participated in the poll, maybe Casey or Todd will come by and read the results.  I sure hope so!!  :)

Ok, it's not the best quality, but I was just so thrilled I could finally upload, (I had a modem go out on me)  I uploaded this 3/4 video of "Done Made Up My Mind", at Fremont Street in Vegas.  The only reason the full song is not there is because my memory card filled up....can you believe that??  Only one other time in all my years of videoing has that ever happened!!  I was upset with myself....I almost slapped my own head....*Slap*.....geeeezzzzz  what was I thinking not taking some stuff off or at least checking it?!  Anyway, here's the video....enjoy....  :)

And....just because I LOVE it.....and I love Casey's's "Drowning On Dry Land"  back during his homecoming last May!  Enjoy....

There's a couple more interviews that has showed up since my last post.  This first one is by a Las Vegas Local Fox affiliate KVVU Fox 5.  It was done on the Red Carpet at the ACM Awards Show a couple weeks ago.  And the news anchors have nothing but good things to say about our sweet boy!  Click the link below to check it out!

Fox 5 Interview in Las Vegas on the Red Carpet

And from  411 Music....a great review and video of and about Casey!!

411 Music.....Casey James

I knew he loved watching us sing his songs back to him!!!  I knew it!!!!!  And I can tell they are from his heart....anything that good, has got to be from his heart!!!

Many thanks to Bruce Miller from the Sioux City Journal for these rockin' concert shots of Casey while on his stop in Sioux City, Iowa back in March, with the Incredible Machine Tour!!

I just wanted to remind everyone right quick about the CMA fest Fan List I'm putting together!!  If you are going, please get a message to me either here, by comment, or My FaceBook or my My Twitter
Well, guess I better get on out of here my's getting late, and I need to go to bed.   Yall have a great night and better tomorrow!!

Until next time...

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