Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New facts about Richard Millsap joining the Casey James Band

The news is spreading about Richard being added to the lineup, as a member of the Casey James Band!  One of my favorite places, DFW.com added this great article about the newest member of the band!

Richard Millsap added to the Casey James Band

Posted 8:40am on Tuesday, Feb. 01, 2011
Late last night, Fort Worth musician Dave Millsap posted the good news on Facebook: His son, Richard, who has drummed with the Dave Millsap Band for the last decade, has joined forces with a fellow Fort Worth musician, Casey James. Richard will be out on the road with Casey during that short run opening for Sugarland later this year.
According to the proud papa, Richard Millsap learned at the knee of one of his long-time musical collaborators, Gonzales "Gonzy" Trevino.
"[I] gotta give credit where its due -- Gonzy was my drummer and close friend for years," Millsap wrote on Facebook this morning. "Gonzy gave Richard his first real drum set. As Richard improved, he replaced Gonzy around 10 years ago when he was 11 years old. When Casey was looking for a drummer last Christmas to join his band, Gonzy told Casey Richard was the one. Richard had to earn it, [he] flew to Nashville and after nine drummers auditioned ... well, as they say, the rest is history."

Here's a glimpse of Richard (and Dave) in action, last year at McDavid Studio.

Thanks to dfw.com for this story.

I am so glad he won the audition!!  I did not know anything about Gonzy referring  Richard as his pick for the band....that's great, because HE is one of the great drummers, himself!!   And Gonzy is a really cool guy, laughs alot, and jokes around even more!  I had the pleasure of meeting him one night at the Key's Lounge, as I sat in on an interview!
Ok, my opinion is in.....He's a great drummer!!  And he will make a great addition to the CJB!!  Looking forward to it!!

It makes me want to hear Casey's music even more!!!  Think I'll post a video from last Summer!  And for some reason....I don't remember this particular video from the Dallas show!   I thought I'd seen everybody's videos from the whole summer, but this one was posted at a later date, so probably just didn't catch it!  Here's Casey in Dallas Tx on Aug. 9th, cranking out the popular  "All over now"!!

Video Credit: NewYorkDoll100

Ok, yall, I will update if more news comes through....

So, until then......


  1. Sounds like the Great State of Texas is great for many reasons, not the least of which is its great musicians!!

  2. Hi Glenda, don't know if I missed it in some other article you posted, but can't find it. Just wondering what happened to Richard Millsap being the drummer in Casey's band? Not that this one isn't good, but just wondering.