Friday, February 11, 2011

A New Idol Interview, Website changes, tweets, and other news....


Catching Up with Casey James

Two weeks ago, Season 9’s second runner-up, Casey James, announced that he will be the opening act for super-duo Sugarland’s 2011 The Incredible Machine Tour. We hopped on the phone with Casey to find out more about the tour, his upcoming album, his adorable dogs, and more.
Many of Casey’s Crew wondered if Casey will be performing all new material on the tour. He said, “I’m performing a few covers because people will like to hear something they know, but there will definitely be a lot of new stuff. It will be mostly new music and I’m really excited about it.”
Now residing in Nashville, Casey and the Casey James Band have been laying down tracks for their debut album. “It’s been great,” Casey stated. “We practice every night and we’re working on the music and getting it ready. We have so many things going on all at once. We’re writing, touring, and creating an album. It’s interesting to have it all happening at once, but it’s great.”
Casey performed in many genres on Season 9, and Idol Community member Evilizabeth wondered if his album will be considered country, rock, or blues. Casey said, “Yes, it will be all of that. I think I did a really good job of representing myself—my musical spirit—and voice on the show. If you think I’m bluesy, you’re right. If you think I’m country, you’re right. If you think I’m rock, you’re right. I guess my sound is kind of a Southern rock/blues/country mix. I’m really glad I get to continue representing it.”
Community member Valiece wanted to know more about Casey’s writing inspirations. He revealed some good news: “I’m probably writing or co-writing everything on the album. It’s been really great. I write what I feel. Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason, as long as I’m being honest and believe it, whether it applies to me or someone else. My goal as a writer is to keep it real.”
As you may know, Casey is a dog lover with two basset hounds named Buster and Daisy. Will the pups go on tour with him? “Unfortunately not. I’m going to take them back to Texas so they can stay with my mother or brother. They won’t be alone, so I know they’ll be good, but I won’t be good without them!”
Thanks to text messages, Casey is able to keep up with his Season 9 pals. “I text Andy a lot, or Andrew I should say. I call him Andy. I talked to Tim the other day and Mike. Me and Lee texted back and forth a while ago. Little Aaron lives in town so we had dinner. Pretty much everyone keeps in touch, although the girls have been busy doing their thing lately.”
In honor of Hollywood Week on American Idol, we had Casey share his Hollywood Week tips. “Hopefully they get sleep,” he advised. “Keep calm and carry on is all I can say. It’s a hectic, crazy week that feels like a whole lifetime. Have faith that everything happens for a reason. Do all that you can, work as hard as you can, get as much sleep as you can, and the rest isn’t up to you.”
Of course we ended the call with a message to all of Casey’s fans. “I love them very much,” he shared. “I haven’t been able to get on Twitter as much as I wanted lately, but I’m trying to keep them updated. Once I settle in I’ll keep in touch a lot more. I want them to know I think about them a lot. I’m excited for the tour because I’ve gotten to know some fans and friends, and when I’m the opening act for Sugarland, it will be more calm. That way I’ll be able to visit with them at meet and greets.”

Check out Casey James' Idol Evolution

It's so good to  know he's really excited about everything going on in his life right now! looks like some major changes are in the works for Casey's official websites.  So that means I have to change everything on the sidebar as well....*crap*!    It looks as though the Casey James not the Casey James Band.....anymore!  For reasons unknown at this time, Casey is no longer a *band*....he's just Casey James, like we all found him.  I am secretly happy about this, because Casey is who I spent hours and hours voting for and supporting on American Idol.  And I'm glad it gets to be just his name on the ticket to his shows now!!  Although I did get a Casey James Band T-Shirt made....which I will do what with now???  Just keep it as proof of an early on screw-up on Sony's part??  Naaaa..... lol who knows why it got changed, but it's ok either way, I'm still gonna keep doing what I do for Casey!!  :)   
Click the link for Casey's new official website:

Here was the picture at the Old Site w/ the word Band under Casey's name:

There's been a few tweets firing up the twitter boards this week!!  Check these out

@SirBryanSimpson: just met Casey James from American Idol. Might have creeped him out when the moment I saw him I hollared out, "Casey!"...#Idolizingandidol

Remember Lilly from AI9? She just tweeted this....
Just got off the phone with @CaseyEJames ..... Love that man. Nashville play date!!!!!!! #missyoubro

Just tweeted by @PDMusic ( a songwriter working w/ Casey) :
"Just finished up one hell of a love song/panty dropper with Dallas & @CaseyEJames

 I have to say that last one made me laugh out loud!!!  'A panty dropper?'  All I can say is....."  Casey, release that one first!!! "
Now, yall remember who @PDMusic is right?  Thats Patrick Davis, the cute guy that tweeted that he was writing with Casey the other day!  Sounds like they been having a blast!!  If only I were a fly on the wall.......

Mickey posted on her Casey E James Fan Club page that because of the Teamwork, there is now a way to donate to St. Judes in honor of Casey!!  Follow the link below to read what happened and to donate if you wish:

Casey Added to Country Cares Fan Club Challenge/The Casey James Blog

It seems Sony is posting ads now, trying to find material for their newest project, Casey James!!  I think me likes what me sees!! :)

CONTEMPORARY ROCKIN’ COUNTRY SONGS a la CASEY JAMES needed by the Senior Director of A&R at a Major Nashville Label for a former American Idol finalist in Season 9. This artist is working on his debut CD and looking for songs that are going to help define his sound. He is known for his guitar playing, so give him room to showcase his talent. Your radio-friendly, hit-style, upbeat Country songs must have great hooks and memorable melodies, as well as lyrics that visually reflect meaningful and/or clever storylines. Please submit one to three songs online or per CD, include lyrics.*

It's also reported that Little Big Town, the act who follows Casey's opening act on tour, has a "Homecoming Video" of Casey on 'their' website!!  And it just so happens, it belongs to muah!! cool is that?!  Click below to check it out!!

"Little Big Town-Homepage"

And now.....for your viewing enjoyment.....this is when Casey found out he had made it on American Idol!

This one is from The Stockyards in Ft. Worth, during Homecoming. 

This one is also from the Homecoming, during his show at the Millsap High School Football Field.

And Casey in Nashville, as an Artist.  It took him a year, but he's made it!!

Yall check back often now, cause news is starting to come in all the time, but I just don't always post it at the very minute it surfaces!  If yall find something you think I may not know about feel free to send me an email at or just leave me a comment below!

Thanks, until next time......... ;)


  1. so does this mean he no longer has his band?i read where he's leaving his dogs back in texas with his mother and brother,i thought Billy moved to Nashville.

  2. THANK YOU, Glenda! Sorry I've been so busy with 'life' in general that I've not posted for awhile. I LOVE your site and everything you do to keep us all updated all the time! All interesting and fascinating information. I'm so excited about all of it. Just wish I could see his opening night with Sugarland. So happy you will be there! You're the BEST!!! :)

  3. @Anonymous Billy did go to Nashville, but it was reported that Billy is back in Texas now, to be with his family because of Paw Paw's condition. Debra said that Nashville is just not where he needs to be right now. so I guess Billy is not in the band. We will know soon enough, when we all go to that first show in Little Rock! So, that's why I guess the word "Band" was removed from his title. Because we all know Jacy is not the drummer, so The Casey James Band, is actually, not together, so maybe thats why he's now going out as Casey James.

    @Gloria Thank you girl!! Good to see you again! I'm going to try to do a little bit of a LiveCast, where yall can log on to this site, and actually see Casey at the same time I do, like watching a movie, but it's a live concert! I think I will do the first song, then I'll have to stop so I can get yall some pictures and video, ok? We will have every tune he sings covered!! Won't be long now!!
    I will post instructions here on Caseymania when the time comes so yall can log on and watch Casey sing his first song!! And I will be tweeting to let yall know When to log on to livecast, ok?

  4. Thanks for all you continue to do Glenda, to support Casey. It's always fun to check in here. Excited and happy for Casey's future. He sure has a great team who adores and supports him. Hard to believe we all met up on Mickey's site a year ago. Such great, fun, and supportive fans. Team Casey James!
    Enjoy the show!

  5. Thank you so much Girl4Reba!!! I am just beside myself I'm getting to go to this first show!!! thanks for the compliments!!

  6. Thank you. Glenda, for everything you do. I know your are going to have a great time at the concert. I check in here every day. You are the bomb.

  7. Well, thank you Anonymous 9:31.... Your welcome and thank you for reading!! I know the show is going to be fantastic!! I can't wait!! I'm not posting every day right now, but it won't be long till I'm sure I will be....again!!! So keep checking back!! Thanks!!! :)

  8. so glad to hear casey will be touring with sugarland next month,but at the same time i'm sorry to hear Billy won't be joining him.that's got to be very disapointing for him.I believe he is making the right decession.good for you Billy,says alot about your character.