Monday, February 28, 2011

Interviews, articles, tweets and Casey's mother has a Birthday

I first want to extend my wishes for a 'VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY' TO DEBRA JAMES!  I hope her day is just fabulous!!  She really deserves it!!
So yall don't forget to send her Happy Birthday Wishes for tomorrow March, 1st!! 

Well....hello everybody!  I'm back from vacation, and had to come home to get some rest!!  That city is W...A...Y.... to big for me to be trying to walk around!!  I know I didn't walk more than 3 or 4 blocks from our hotel and was exhausted when I got to where I was going.....Denny's to be exact!  Cheapest place besides McDonalds to eat anywhere close to us!  We checked the price of a hamburger in the hotel we stayed at (The Encore by Wynn) and I almost fell over!!!  I'ts absolute robbery to charge $17 for a hamburger!!!  There's no beef I know of that's worth that much!!  So strolling to Denny's everyday got to be the norm....  I would've chosen McDonalds as a change of pace but hubby don't care for them at it was Denny's.....all week long!  I didn't complain though, they have good food, and a good can have breakfast any time of day!!!!  I love it!!!  :D

While we were there, we saw the Pawn Shop where the show "Pawn Stars" on the History channel is made!  But there were too many people to get in to meet them, but I would have liked to!  But....(jump to Thurs. evening)as we were waiting to get our car, well, I was waiting for the car and hubby was dilly dallying around somewhere when all the sudden to my left......I see a guy that I I'm staring.....and staring.....and staring......trying not to look like a crazy person but trying to authenticate the person's identity I was looking at!!  Yes....its him!!  It's that guy from Pawn Stars....Chumley!!  Nobody looks like they??  Nope, I'm sure it's him, and just as I convinced myself it was him, another guy rolls around the corner and just like that......poooooff....he's gone!!  I was just about to walk over and talk to he'll never know me....whaaaaaa!!!!  LoL!!!!
All in all our vacation was a blast!  The room was absolutely inpecable!!!  And I'm sorry to say I won't ever go there stay.  I just wanted to stay in a 5 * luxury room just one time, and I did, and I'm done!  I'll be glad to stay in my Super 8 or Days Inn from now on!!  LOL!!

Enough about my vacation, I didn't win, but had lots of fun trying and it was a LONG drive home!!  I'm just glad to be home with my dogs!  We actually came home a day early so we would be sure to be there on Saturday before 12 noon to pick them up!  They were so excited to see us and so were we, to see them!  It was a grand reunion!!

There seems to be quite a bit of excitement brewing as we are getting closer and closer to the Little Rock unveiling of Casey James as an opening act to one of the biggest names in the business, Sugarland!!    It will be taking place on Friday, March 4th at the Verizon Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas!!  I am going to this show with 2 tickets.....a seat on row 23 and a Pit Pass, which is directly in front of the stage.....but standing room only!!  I don't care!!!  I'll stand all night to get close to that stage where Casey is singing and playing!! :)  I, and many many others are so stoked about this first show......his first show as an artist.....his first Paying show as an artist!!  Sure he was paid from the AI tour, but.....he wasn't a signed artist yet.....not until August anyway!!
I'm still going to try to do a livecast if I can make it work, of at least the 1st song.  I will tweet the link, if I get it working.  I am going to be tweeting a little too, to keep all the rest of the fans 'in the know' about what's happening all the time!!  And I'm sure a few others will also be tweeting up until showtime at about 7:30 I believe.

In other news, I don't think I've posted this yet, but Aimee Mayo tweeted this a couple weeks ago and I LOVED it!!!!

AimeeMayo: In studio ... Casey is singing our new song ... absolutely- straight- through- the- heart- beautiful. i'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!  I couldn't believe it when I read it!!!  That is going to be one awesome song...."straight through the heart beautiful".....omg..... that is quite a strong choice of words there!!  I cannot wait to hear it!!!


"SOUNDSPIKE"  had this to say about our boy Casey James:

Casey James moves from "Idol" to Sugarland support

Published February 25, 2011 09:28 AM

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'American Idol' third-place finisher Casey James can barely compose himself when asked about his March stint opening for the country act Sugarland.  // Tour dates at SoundSpike
"American Idol" third-place finisher Casey James can barely compose himself when asked about his March stint opening for the country act Sugarland.
"It's going to be unbelievable," James told SoundSpike. "I'm excited to get to watch their shows. I'm excited to get to play music and get to do my thing for everybody who's been supporting me, as well as a whole new crowd. On every level, I'm pumped. I'm out of my mind excited to go."
His set list includes songs that he has been writing for possible inclusion on his forthcoming album for Sony Nashville. He is in the middle of penning songs for the record.
"At the very least, there will be songs I've been writing recently," James said. "You don't get a huge amount of time because there are a few different bands playing."
So far, the album does not have a release date, he said.
"That is the question," James said with a laugh. "I would love to say. I would love to have an answer to that, the real truth. I want it to be worthy of all the time and effort that everybody's putting into it--fans included. It needs to be right. That's really what's been going on. It's not going to be too much longer, I'll definitely say that."
One thing he's sure of is fans can expect him to provide an album that combines blues, rock and country, similar to that which he played on "American Idol."
"It'll be like a rockin' bluesy country kind of thing," said James, who as of the interview had not seen an episode of this year's "American Idol." "What I did on the show is a good representation of my style. I'll just be doing material that I write. But it's all country based. It's that format. I don't know how else to say it. I wouldn't necessarily think of Sugarland as country music, really. That's what I love about country. It's the new everyone music."
He was coy about who he's been writing with. However, songwriter Jaren Johnston, vocalist and guitarist for American Bang, revealed on Twitter that he's one of the co-writers, as did Nashville singer-songwriter Patrick Davis.
James said the whole process -- including his stint on "American Idol" -- has been a learning experience.
"I've made it a million miles farther than I ever expected to go," James said. "Everything happens for a reason. I'm going to be thankful for everything that I got from it. I couldn't have asked for more. It was so perfect for me.
"Once again I'm at a whole new starting point. I can either go up or down from here. I'm going to work as hard as I can to go where I want to go with it, which is to continue playing music and to continue to have an opportunity to play for crowds, like I'm about to, opening for Sugarland."
Wow!!  Was he excited or what?!  ewwwww that just makes me want to see him perform even more!!!!  I can't hardly wait!!!!!

Last night, late last night actually, just out of the warning at all, like usual.......a message from the Casey boy!!!  and someone got it on a screencap, and I just borrowed it.....take a look-see!! :)

It's always fun to get these random little notes from him!!!

It looks as though Casey has once again been collaborating with some big time writers in Nashville!  This time it was Shane McAnally, who has been in Nashville writing for 17 years and has earned a name for himself!  And the ironic thing is, Shane is from Mineral Wells, Tx. not far from Cool, Tx.  And we all know Casey is from Cool!!  The Mineral Wells Index has his story, just click on the link.  Here's what Shane said about writing with Casey:

“I have and we’ve written together,” McAnally said of the singer from Cool. “We wrote a song together and had a great time … and I look forward to doing a lot more. I’m... excited about his career.”

“Honestly, us meeting and working together didn’t have anything to do with our hometown connection,” he added. “He didn’t even know that” before they met."
Small world huh???  
I just found some news on twitter about Casey!!  He, along with Jake Owen, will be playing the Official Country Radio Hall of Fame After party at Margaritaville, located at 322 Broadway, in Nashville, Tn.!!!!  Just in case somebody might be in the area and maybe see if they can see or talk to him after his show.  It's all good...... friendly "stwalking" never hurt anyone!! :)   The reason you probably won't get in, is because the dinner is sold out, so I'm assuming the show will be too???  I don't know....maybe not..... It is a public place, so if your in the area, drop on in about 8:30 and see what's happening!!
I'm getting tired, so I'll go for now, and I'll be on the lookout for more new and interesting stuff on Casey!  I'll leave you with this cool picture from a long time ago.....

Many thanks to Debra James for this beautiful picture!!

Ahhhh....I told ya!!!  He was about 2 here and Debra said he looks like he might have just heard what the judges said about him!!  LOL!!!
Until next time.........


  1. Oh my goodness cuteness alert!!! Super tnx Glenda for this pic

  2. Only Casey can max out the cute meter. Thanks, Glenda, glad you're back. Jeanette

  3. Gonna have to start packing soon... so excited about Little Rock... And very happy Casey is playing at the after party for the Hall of Fame... Such wonderful publicity for him... Loved your update and the cute pic of little Casey from Debra....

  4. Sounds like you had a great little vacation! Loved the beautiful new photo of Casey! I'm SO EXCITED for'll be seeing and hearing Casey tomorrow night! Have a wonderful time!!! I can't wait to hear all the news!