Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Casey James Band Member Confirmed

Well, well....we finally have the name of the first Casey James Band Member!  And his name....is Richard Millsap....and he's the Drummer!   Hmmm, quite a coincidence that his last name is where Casey went to high school....must be a sign.....a good sign! :)  This information was confirmed by his father, Dave Millsap,on his Facebook page, who Richard has been drumming for since he was 10 yrs old!  What??  Ten yrs. old??  Wow.....he is gifted!!  And Richard has a Myspace page and he's posted under events that he will be with Casey James on his March leg of the Sugarland Tour....so there we have it folks.....we have a drummer!  He certainly looks young, so I went looking, and found out he IS young!  A mere baby, at the tender age of 21.....barely legal!!  :)  I've been seeing a couple leaks here and there with the name Richard, and that he was joining Casey's band, but....still wasn't sure enough to post it!  But now, at least we have one of the band members confirmed!  Here are a couple pictures of Richard, while doing what he does best.....drumming! :)

 Photo Credit: Scott Carson Ausburn

Richard is on the left in the photo below.

Thanks to Anonomous for this picture.
I'm looking forward to meeting Richard, he looks like a real sweet 'feller'!  :)  and he's cute as a bug in a rug too!   ;)  Welcome to The Casey James Band Richard!!  (Big Wave... from all the fans....)

Casey tweeted the other day too....but nothing about Richard.... Bless his heart, he was so excited about the Sugarland Tour he tweeted the good news!  But little did he know, it was old news to his biggest fans!  Most of us already had our tickets bought and rooms reserved by that time!!  And roadtrips were already in the planning stages!!  He'll figure us out as time goes on.  But I wanted to post his tweet here so those who don't tweet can see it as well!
Here's what Casey tweeted:

This first tweet didn't work, so.....he said:

I'll give the link again for yall. Hang on...

Then he put this link on, and it worked:
Click Here

He was real proud to see this news about himself!  And with good reason....Sugarland is HUGE!!  He was so fortunate to be able to open for such established artists....without even having a single out yet....unheard of!!  But then, we ARE talking about Casey James!  Jennifer and Christian probably took one listen to him, and screamed...."Yes, we want him!!"  Just my speculation, of course, but I wouldn't doubt it! :)

Alot of times, when a bunch like Sugarland, Little Big Town, and Casey are on tour, the last song of the night is a collaboration between everybody!  And believe me, usually it's a really good tune.  It's usually always a cover that everybody can learn relatively easy, and one the audience can relate to and be involved in!  I'm just so excited to see how this tour unfolds!

Ok, one more piece of news before heading out.  It seems that Casey got to write with "Alabama" frontman, Randy Owen, as per a tweet from one of my personal favorite Nashville Songwriters....Aimee Mayo!!  Here's her tweet!

 Aimee Mayo

In car heading to Alabama w/ Casey & @ to write with Randy Owen - I'm excited!!! Play Me Some Mountain Music - woo hoo!

I just love the fact that he seems to be writing a lot with her!!  Ooooohhh  I hope a few of hers and Casey's creations are on this album!!  It's going to be one awesome album, that's all I know!  Oh, and the other person....silvertire....is her writer-husband, Chris Lindsey!!  He's got quite a good collection under his belt too!

Ok, yall....here's a picture of Casey at Millsap High School during his homecoming.    I'm heading out for the night!  Hopefully more news will start trickling in!

Thanks to Annonomous, for this shot,back in May 2010
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  1. Thanks Glenda! News is starting to happen faster and faster for Casey! With all of the awesome writers he is working with, we should be getting a fantastic debut album!:) Great to see news about the addition to CJB who sounds like a perfect match being another Fortworth musician!

  2. can't wait to hear his single......then we ll have to wait what seems like forever for his album.i'm not a patient person,but i'm working on it.I can't imagine being dissapointed in it.he can sing anything and it sounds good.

  3. Glenda, Richards father, "Fort Worth musician Dave Millsap posted the good news on Facebook". David also said Richard is 21 years old and has been playing the drums professionally since the age of 10! Check it out. http://www.dfw.com/2011/02/01/400176/richard-millsap-added-to-the-casey.html?storylink=addthis

    Patty :)

  4. Thanks Everybody!!! And thanks Patty, for that confirmation from his dad! I heard that, after I had posted this! So....think I'll go correct it right now.....thanks again girl!!