Thursday, February 3, 2011

Casey James writing and apparently eating w/Randy Owens, :)

We have a new picture everybody!!  It just came in little more than an hour ago!  I posted the other day that Casey was headed to Alabama with Aimee Mayo and her husband, Chris Lindsey.  They were headed down to write with Alabama's front man, Randy Owens!  Well, it's a couple days later, and this picture shows up....tweeted by Aimee Mayo!!  Thank You Aimeeeee!!!! 
I'm hugging her neck just as soon as I get to meet her.....whenever that is....

Anyway....I don't know if this picture was taken just today or a couple days ago, but's a beautiful picture of the two of them, Casey and Randy, together at the Arby's  restaurant! 
Now....I just wonder how many Arby's Melts Casey can put away!!??  We all know the boy loves food..... :)  But then do many of us, only difference is, he never gains an ounce, and I gain a lb. just looking at an Arby's Melt!!  LoL!! 


Look how happy and content he looks....

I want to thank you Aimee Mayo , for this great picture of Casey' with Randy! 

I'm sure he's thinking.....' I really standing here taking a picture with Randy Owen?'.....cause we ALL know how humble and grateful 

 he is, and how he thinks he may not be in Randy's league yet, but he deserves to be right where he is...... with the Best!!!

Ok, I'll update more in a little bit yall.....

  UPDATE:  TWITTER PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's already over now!!'s some of what happened!  

He was answering questions about the tour and his music and how he feels about writing with such great people!

Here's how it all started:

Hey yall!! :) 

So are yall coming out to see me and the band open up for Sugarland?!

 And with that....hundreds of tweets started flooding the pages of twitter!!  I think there was a tiny explosion due to all the Casey Tweeting going on!!!!  :)

He told one fan to put her twitter name on a sign and he would try to throw her a pick or something!! 
Hmmmm, I'm making a T-shirt with my twitter name on it....along with his, maybe I'll get lucky too!  So, you heard it from the horses mouth.....Either a sign with your twitter name or a T-shirt and he will see you....maybe!  But in order for him to recognize that tweeter.....ummm I mean 'Twitter' you must tweet him regularly so he can recognize it!  I will be tweeting him a few times a day from now until March 4th! 
When asked how awesome was it to work with some great songwriters, he said.....
       "They are better than awesome. It's been a blast so far, and I know its just gonna get better. :)"
When asked if he would be able to visit with the fans after the shows, he responded by saying......
         "I'm sure you will. It should be alot easier for me to hang out since the crowd is there for Sugarland. :)"

Yeeessssss!!!!  Thats what I'm talking about!!!!!   Hopefully I will finally get my picture with him and this time, I will be looking at the camera!  :)  I still LOVE my hugging picture with him tho.... :)

When someone asked him about the music he will be playing for the 8 shows, he had a great answer.....

           "I will definitely be playin some new stuff. Possible album cuts and whatnot. :)

YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I want NEW STUFF!!!    I WANT OLD STUFF!!!      I Dont Care......Just SING CASEY SING!!

I wish I could go to all 8 shows, I would DO it!!!   In a heartbeat!!!

And after a few tweets.... 25 to be exact.....He said good night to all of us........

            "Alright, I'm off to bed. Much love! Talk with y'all soon!"

Much Love to you sweet Casey!!!!  We all love you!!!  Oh there a possibility he may read this???  I'm certainly going to make it my life's mission to TRY to see that he does!!!!  Think I'll get off here now and go make 1000 **CASEYMANIA** cards, and make sure he has 4 or 5 of them, I'll just flick them up on stage so he can see them!!!  Does that sound like a plan??  I'll let yall know how it went....K??

I'm still just in awe that we have watched this sweet guy from day one and followed and supported him all the way through one of the biggest and hardest things he'll ever do in his life.....I was there.....I do MANY others!!!  So with that in mind.....since I'm feeling a little nostalgic, I wanted to share this early picture from his (2nd?) week in Hollywood....when he sang "HEAVEN".  And he never looked more like an angel that night!!  I truely believe he was put on this earth to play music and sing and entertain with all his heart and soul.  And that is what he does.....every time.....

Yall, have a good night, I'll post more later.....

Until next time...........


  1. I'm so happy he's being taken seriously by so many important people! Glenda, didn't you say a while back that new music always comes out on a certain day of the week? Which day? Just trying to guess when we'll get our first listen to what we've waited so long to hear! Love the picture with Randy Owen! Can't decide which is more beautiful-his voice, his heart or his face!

  2. Thanks for the wrap up of the twitter party I missed. I tried reading it through his timeline, but that is almost impossible! So good to hear from him. Wish I worked at the Arby's! LOL!!!

  3. Glenda, So excited to read this post. some very good news. Some of the crowd is going to be tere just for Casey. Hope he knows THAT! :)))))))

  4. Casey sounded so excited on twitter about the upcoming tour! He looks just great in that photo with Randy Owen(getting his Arbys food -lol!)- really glad Aimee tweeted it! I'm sure Casey will have quite a few fans at the shows for him :)

  5. So HAPPY for Casey - but sad I missed the Twitter party. I will see you all in Little Rock - we're so excited... I'm hoping to get some great pics to make another picture book for Casey... There is gonna be some GREAT music coming from Casey James...

  6. Thanks, Glenda, for the twitter update. I don't do twitter, and I don't want to miss a bit of Casey news. Man, I'm so excited for him and for his fans...he is writing with HUGE Nashville names and I'm eager to hear what they are working on.


  7. Thanks y'all!! I'm just so excited to see him again!!! It's gonna be so awesome!!!! There'll be pictures and video coming from every tour stop!! Can't wait to get back to those days!!! We all got so spoiled during the summer tour, and when it ended, everything came to a screeching halt!! So glad we'll get to do all that again!!! I'm so eager to hear the new music!!!

    To the person asking when new music drops, I'm not sure if the singles being released ate treated the same, bu albums (or CDs) are ALWAYS released on Tuesdays!! And they pick a day no one else has one coming out, so that his album debuts at #1!!! It's all so exciting!!!!

  8. Casey seems to be having a blast! I'm so happy for him. This is an exciting time for us all--kind of like waiting for Christmas when we were children.


  9. this guy is gonna be so huge.he has so many people willing to write for him they wouldn't be doing this if they didn't believe in him.
    I am so excited to say I am a fan of casey james before he was known by the whole world.
    you deserve every bit of your success.lisa from houston

  10. I am so happy for Casey. No one deserves success more than him. I missed the twitter party, but thanks to you I am caught up. Alabama has been one of my favorite groups since they first came of the scene. My musical appreciation goes way back. I have seen the best and the worst. Casey is the best! Jeanette