Thursday, July 29, 2010

Columbus, Knoxville goodies, Idols in Virginia Beach, Va. tonight!

Good Day Casey Fans and everybody else too!  Hope your day is going well!  I have been out searching and digging and have come up with some pretty cool stuff!!  First off....I just couldn't help but post this absolutely breathtaking shot of Casey as he is in his 'moment'....just he and his red guitar!  You can almost 'feel' him playing through this picture!!  It's amazing how he touches each of us in his own unique way....through his music!!  Don't quote me on this, but I 'think' this was taken at the Columbus show a couple days back.  I just know I love it, wherever it was taken!
Thanks to lundey for this terrific shot!

Next up, I have a very sweet interview of Casey as he talks about how kind and considerate his fans are, particularly at one show....check him out  " Here "

Big Thanks to our Scottish girl, Paula, and Castromusicfreak for putting together these MP3 & MP4's for us!  If you would like your very own.....just click on this link and go for it!!>>>>            MP3 & MP4 of Casey's Music

I read something from a Fan, and I do believe I heard it in a video as well, but when Casey was in Columbus, Oh. and onstage, he was quoted as saying..... "My whole life's changed...I'm going to spend the rest of my life trying to give music back to you"!! why Casey James is going to be a household name in the not so distant future!!  I just don't believe there is another artists who takes his music as serious as Casey does!!  He wants to give back so much.....and he does!!
 For now, I will post this, and go get the rest of the days goodies ready, and I'll leave you with this.....absolutely terrific shot of Casey in Knoxville, Tn. last night!!

Thanks to Paula for finding this shot, but I don't know who the original owner is, but thanks to Anonymous for it!

Oh Wow!!  Look what I found!  I love this!  It's an interview in N.J. and I love how he explains a few things and tells in his own words about some subjects that have been left by the wayside, he dealt with his sickness on the show, and how he came up with his 4 selected tunes for his 'Idol's Live' set!!  Just a bunch of good information here so kudos to the interviewer for those great questions!!  And.....he ends the video with the now famous....Casey laugh!!!  Enjoy it yall.......

" Awesome Interview from N.J. "

I have EDITED and fixed the above link....sorry guys!!!
Big Thanks going out to "Something Pitchy Backstage" with Andrew Scott!

And now.....on a more serious seems everybody doesn't find the humor most of us do in The name of a popular Facebook page called  "The Casey James Cougar Club", fondly referred to by it's many members as simply "CJCC".  The creator and my friend, Mickey, went on the defense for CJCC and you can leave your comment as well, if you would like to.  For more on this, click here on this link>>>>>

Ok, some nice videos are coming in from Knoxville, Tn. last night!  And I'll start you off with these nice, clear and close videos of Casey doing....." It's All Over Now "and...." Don't "
Enjoy!!!! :)Thanks to kwhite6420 and macfae for their awesome videos!

more to come later.....

Hey yall....if you live in the DFW area, you could win tickets to see Casey at American Airlines Center when the Idol's Live Tour rolls into Dallas on August 9th!  I wish this were for anyone, but it states you have to live in the DFW you do, go to

" DFW . Com " to sign up....for your chance to win tickets to the show!!

This just in:  I almost didn't believe my eyes when I came across this!  It seems the newest judge on the American Idol panel will be leaving her post as well!  Read  all about it  " Here "

The Idols celebrate National Cheesecake Day in Virgina Beach, Va.  Read all about the adventure as 'most' of the Idols get to sample the newest cheesecake flavor!  And we know of at least a few Idols who love food, Casey being one of them....but he's suppose to be eating all healthy....but what do you want to bet he was first in line for that  " Here "  for the whole story.

Well, it looks like a replacement judge has been chosen for the retiring Ellen, and you won't believe who it is!!!  Check the whole story out  " Here "

I'm going to close out tonight with a couple awesome shots of our boy in action and the Awesome Casey James Marquee!!!  Don't you know he is still looking at that and thinking...."Is this really happening?"  It has to be surreal to see his name in lights after all his hard work.....and I believe no one deserves it more than Casey James!  
Later Yall........

Big thanks to Mickey and vwxcaseyjamesmrds for their awesome shots!!

I know I've already shut down for tonight, but I just had to come back and post this!!  We have been missing our "LateNightSandwich" segments for a few days now, and we got this one in just a few minutes ago on twitter and Casey is BACK in this one!!!  And he looks just fine, as he puts his special ingredient into the sandwich....."love"..... :D  So watch and marvel at the genius's making this there >>>>>  "Late Night Sandwich-Cheesecake Factory Edition"


  1. Glenda the awesome NJ interview link takes me to the mp3's. Can you redo the link so I can see the interview? Thanks!!

  2. Oh no....sorry....I'm on it!!!!

  3. Thanks AGAIN for all the good stuff, Glenda! Personally, I'm glad Ellen is leaving. I don't think she was qualified to judge in the first place. Kara needs to go, too. Her behavior towards Casey was outrageous and unprofessional. The "judges" (and I use this term loosely) are supposed to be constructively critiqueing these kids and helping them with their performances, not poking fun at their looks and insulting them. I found it VERY uncomfortable watching them this season, especially when it was Casey's turn. Casey was always amazing and respectful towards them. I know I wouldn't have been, but maybe I'm just a witch! :) Casey has more class in his little finger then all the judges put together have in their entire bodies. Luv ya, Casey!!

  4. Thanks Paula and Castromusicfreak for the MP4's of what I think are the best performances on this tour so far. I burned a DVD of those performances and watched it on my large TV - OMG, it's like sitting right on the stage with Casey. It almost makes up for my show being cancelled. . . almost. AT

  5. Yippee! Casey is back in the LNS episode! Loved it! The last one wasn't any good without Casey E. James!!!!

  6. Thanks Glenda!! Love the Knoxville pic of Casey! Lots of great news today! Love the LNS starring our man...CaseyEJames and the love...Just made all the difference!! MAE777

  7. Thank you for the performance vids. Casey did a great job. Love watching them over and over. Glad to see Casey with all the "love" back on Late Night Sandwich and enjoyed the interview vids. Love the pic with the pin and that great

  8. Here's a video from USA Today with Behind the Scenes footage in Baltimore.

    and a different cheesecake factory video with another interview with Casey & Mike. Cute video.