Monday, July 26, 2010

Lots of goodies from Charlotte N.C. & Idols are off today!

I'm not gonna do alot of talking right now, because I'm actually starting Mondays post in the wee hours of the morning, so I can get a jump on things!  Anyway, several fans are uploading pics as we speak, and I've gotten a few from them, but there's gonna be more later on today, so if you check this blog in the mornings, make sure ya come back later on in the evening, cause I post sometimes till 12:00 midnight!
Also, I just wanted to do a shout-out to Debra...."Mama James" as most call her!!  She had a little twitter party with us and said she checks my page every day and she really likes it and said thank you to me for doing it!!!  I was beyond happy to know she keeps up with her baby's tour through my page!  But that's what it's here for, to keep up with all things Casey while he's on tour this whole summer!  I'm sure they talk on the phone alot and he tells her how things are going....but at least she can come here and see for herself, how things are going.   Oh no, now I'm babbling... but I was just so happy to know that!  So....Thank you Debra, for making my day much better....I owe ya one!!  Maybe we should do lunch one day?!?!  lol....  yea right, like she has time to eat with me, but I would definitely do it in a heartbeat!! 
Ok, on to the pictures from Charlotte, N.C.

This is the Casey how cool is that???  I wanna be a fangirl too!!!  Where's mine?? CLOL!!

I don't know what it is about these last 2 pictures....but they scream total awesomeness!! Love it!!
Thanks to cc373 and pjwood67 for their great shots!! 

More coming later......check back!!

Well, as I predicted, more stuff is rolling in from Charlotte, N.C. last night!  I'll start off with an awesome and clear video of Casey singing...... ALL OVER NOW
Many thanks going out to cookiefan09 for sharing this video! 
It appears the photos I've been waiting on are finally up and are absolutely stunning in quality, for the most part!!  All these are from the Manchester, NH show nearly 2 weeks ago!!  But let me tell you.....they were worth the wait!  I will start you off with a couple of my favs and then let you click on a link for the rest of them!

Here is the link to the rest of his shots.....enjoy......MJs Photos

Big thanks to MJsBigBlog for all these awesome shots!!!

Here are a couple videos of Casey being such a sweetie towards the fans.....what a great guy he is to try and get to everybody, so nobody is left out!! 

Click "Here"

and  "Here"

I'm not exactly sure about the video credit for the above, but it looks like it's 

from  @thelastshow.  If I am not right please someone tell me if I need to change it!

Ok.....More later!!

Here is a video I just came across and it's a good one!  Here's Casey from last night in Charlotte singing  "I Got Mine" 

And here's the same song from a different angle and somewhat closer.... " I Got Mine "
Thanks to pjwood67 and cookiefan09
Well, it's nearly time to say goodnight, I can't write if my eyelids are yall have a great rest of the night and a wonderful tomorrow....


  1. the last two was about a million degrees fahrenheit in Charlotte with two million percent humidity....Casey came out wearing a light blue shirt and went off wearing a dark one! LOL He didn't let the heat stop him from giving a great performance however. The crowd went wild when he came out and he did not disappoint them! I should say US!

  2. thanks Marsha....thats so good to know! Yep he's all about the music and a little sweat is not gonna derail no way!! This horrible heat wave is all over the US I think! See, thats the kind of Summers that take over Texas, and now lots of other people are suffering through what we've been going through for years....and my heart goes out to anybody having to deal with this smothering heat!! Glad you made it through though!! Thanks for the comment!!

  3. Had to drop by again today Glenda and see all your great Casey news, videos, and pics. Man, they were in a suana out in Charlotte and we Texans know all about that! You do a wonderful job and I, for one, really appreciate it! It's one of the highlights of my day!! Just hearing and seeing Casey brings me so much joy!!
    Thanks!! MAE777

  4. Awww yall are so sweet!! Thank you so much!! I love Caseymania as well, it's my baby!! And now that I know Casey's Mom reads it everyday....and Billy when he can.....(sighhhh)....that just makes my days great and tells me that what I'm doing here is a good thing!! I'm so grateful to Casey and his family and I thought this is one way I can give back to them and the fans!! Thank yall so much!!

  5. Just getting my Casey fix for the night! Thanks for all the newest info, Glenda! Luv ya, Casey!

  6. Those pics of Casey sweating...NICE!!

  7. That top picture - best ever - nobody should look that good.

    I just found the very best videos yet for all 4 numbers. Very clear and very close. They're from Charlotte NC

    I Got Mine


    Duet w/ Mike

    It's All Over Now

  8. Glenda,
    i just found about your blog today. Thanks a million!!! What a fabulous job you are doing in keeping us inspired and informed about Casey. You are a doll!!! love you!

  9. The first 3 Casey pictures need to have a NC-17 rating on them...they are incredible!! Sorry if I offend anyone, but it's true.