Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baltimore Md. yesterday and Charlotte NC today!

Happy Sunday Everybody!!  I hope your day is going great and everybody out and about at the swimming holes, pools or mainly people at the Charlotte N.C. show tonight,are taking all precautions in this heat!!   I have some personal friends attending this show, and hopefully one of them will tweet for us and keep us in the know as the Concert unfolds!

I've got a few links that are good reads, and at least one or more is in Baltimore last night!

This first one is something near and dear to all our hearts, I'm sure... Some of Casey's Fans have put together a fundraiser with bracelets that you can buy.  The money will go into a fund set up for The James Family travel expenses to go see Casey!  If, in fact the funds are not needed by the James family, the money raised will go to The American Cancer Society.  What a great effort on these women's part!  If you would like to donate and get your own bracelet or read more about it, just click on this link right here >>>

This next link is an interview from last nights show in Baltimore, Md.  And I must say, he is really good at these interviews and always seems to be so cool and collected under pressure from the interviewer!  He talks about Texas heat and looking forward to being home in a couple see the full interview, please click "Here"

It's time for a picture or two.....and this one is very nice indeed!  He's showing off those beautiful blue eyes of his....  I think they are the color of his own eyes, meaning I don't think he wears colored contacts.....but that blue is almost mesmerizing.  I've never heard anything at all about the possibility of contacts, so I'm assuming that No, he doesn't wear them.....a good question though, for future questions at a twitter party or that AT&T chat thing that's happening on the 17 of August.  I will update in a little bit and post that AT&T link on here again 
You gotta love the fedora....he's looking sweet in it!!  And we need hair down too, and I'm so glad he's wearing it different ways....shows his versatilitie in fashion too!  Who told Casey he didn't have a good sence of fashion....he looks great at every show!  And he probably thinks not....knowing his humble self...ha ha ha

Thanks to cameracat and margherita for these two shots above!
And I made the banner with the help of Margherita's photo! thanks!

More to come, later on......check back!  And just in case some of you didn't know, I update from the bottom of the page, so any new stuff will be toward the bottom of the  page!  :)

Once again, we've been given a Song Of The Day (SOTD), from Casey and for some reason....and I'll let you all come to your own conclusions on the 2nd..... White Liar....but there are 2 new SOTD for us!!  Just so you know....Miranda is signed with Capital, the very label that I have predicted will sign Casey soon!!  Here are both of them right do your homework....everybody!  :D

" the Cranberries"

"White Liar-Miranda Lambert"

I just found this Fan-Created awesome tribute to Casey!!  You won't want to miss this!!   It is Great!!!  So click the link below to see this wonderful Tribute!

Awesome Tribute to Casey

 Many thanks to pjwood67 for sharing her cool skills with us!!!

I just ran across some really great photos!!  Whew!!!  I'm pretty sure the first 2 are from last nights show in Baltimore, but not sure about the other 2...... Let me warn  you.....these are really really GOOD!!!!

See what I mean??  And I thought the one with Casey and Mike was so fabulous!!!

Big thanks to KarenDWO46 and KarenWatson for sharing their excellent photos!!!!

I just came across these Awesome videos!  The sound is really cool and you can hear Casey changing the songs up a little at each venue!  I love the way he's doing that!  Enjoy, these are nice, a bit far away, but still good.

"It's All Over Now"

"I Got Mine" 

Thanks going out to guitarrockerszj for these great videos!

More later......


  1. I'm very happy Casey recommends a Miranda Lambert song. I love her! I enjoyed the Cranberries too. The tribute video was priceless! Thanks for another great day of "Casey News!"

  2. Glenda, thanks for all the good Casey news, videos, and those pics are so beautiful!! He is so gorgeous, it just makes you want to stare at them! I love the Casey tribute!! It is so beautifully put together and all the pics on it seem so in line with the lyrics, thanks so much pjwood67!! MAE777

  3. Your welcome girls!! I'm just a wealth of information, aren't I?? I'm always digging for something new!! Did yall know, Debra (mamaJ)tweeted me today and thanked me for Caseymania!! I was so thrilled, I was screaming to the heavens....naaaa....I'm not much of a am I?? lol... But no, I was so excited she told me she checks it every day!! What a wonderful thing to hear from your Idol's mother!! I just got to set down someday and talk with her!! :)

  4. Thanks for all the information Glenda. Loved the interview with Casey. He looks so happy and always love to see him smiling. The pics, well what can I say, he is so picture perfect. Love the fedora too. Its hard to know what to make of it, it gives him character and style, an emphasis on the moment I guess. Something as different and as unique as Casey is. I love the way Casey adds his own special thing sometimes in the beginning or middle of his song. Really jazzes things up and makes it all more interesting because you're not really expecting that little extra.

  5. the fifth and six pictures were ones I took. funny thing is I was never notified about this or asked permission. too bad I don't get no credit for them...