Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Columbus yesterday & Knoxville,Tn. today

Good day everybody!  It's raining in Texas today!  Not complaining a bit....rain is good thing!  Keeps the temperature down some!  It's obvious this heat wave is affecting most of the U.S. as it was in Charlotte, a couple days ago!  I haven't heard if Columbus, Oh. was that hot, but it probably was!  That is Crystal's part of the country, so I'm sure she had a large amount of people show up for her!
We're starting off today with Casey's radio debut in the Philippines !!  Yes!!  We got this awesome fan video of the whole thing happening live!!  The song is "Jealous Guy", the studio version and the Philippines loves Casey!!  This is just the beginning, and I'm so excited about this!!  Thank goodness Casey has fans from around the world, that are willing to go that extra mile by bugging the radio stations until they played Casey!!  Thanks to all of them!!
And now.....Casey's radio debut
It seems this should be the next thing posted....because this, my friends, is where Casey is headed.....without a doubt....enjoy!!
Great BIG Thanks going out to Joy Samson Cabaltera and Philippines radio for this awesome news!!

Thanks going out to KarenDWO46 & Lucy Myrle for this great creation!

Here is a very good article about Casey and alot of quotes!  This is from the Pittsburgh Tribune, and a very nice write up.  I don't think I've seen this, and it's a few days old, but....who cares right??  As long as it's something positive about out's worth reposting, even if I have done so already!  

For the full review click  " Here"

As is a detailed recap from one of Casey's biggest fans and my friend who created the CJCC on Facebook....Mickey!   Thanks so much for your awesome recap girl!!  Loved it!!!!
To see Mickey's full recap click right  " Here "

So far today, I haven't run into all the Columbus goodies.....but I'm just getting started on the searching, so I'm sure something else will come through!  I did find a good video of the Group Finale, with lots of Casey closeups....from Columbus, so I'll be back later with more!  Enjoy and click  " Here " 
to watch it now!

Thanks to Mickey and GermanPrincessLar for these two wonderful shots!!!

Ok, I'm gonna head out and try to find more goodies....I'll leave ya with these great shots!!   yall check back later!!

Thanks going out to lundeymicron, daydreaminmeme and an anonymous for these 2 cool looking shots!!

Well, folks, I can't find anything else tonight to post, so I'm closing up shop, have a great night and a better tomorrow!



  1. WOW! You have some really exciting stuff today, Glenda! Thanks so much!! I love the Stone cover of Casey. Too cool! The radio play is awesome news! The Pittsburgh article was great...alot of Casey! I smiled at Mickey's story about meeting Casey, as that is why he took two photos when I met him! My first one didn't come out too hot and I was so bummed! He came back to me and I was more then happy to snuggle up to him AGAIN for another shot! He is such a doll!! Luv him!!


  2. oh that blue looks so good on him!!!!!i've never seen him wear a wrong color.can't wait till houston show......

  3. It's good to know that he got to be played in the Philippines. Campaigns in promoting Casey's music should be done--and fans can defintely do this-- especially when he releases his first album.

    Fans should start requesting for Casey's music to be played in radio stations and posting his music on YouTube and other relevant websites.

  4. i'll try in houston,can they play them off youtube?since there's no cd's hard to get through i'll try faxing my requests.

  5. Hey yall. Thanks for the nice comments for the airplay, it means a lot to me and makes me wanna bug all the radio stations out here to play him. Haha. Just thought that since I can't go to any of idol tour stops or vote for him while he was on the show, why not let the world know about his music? This is the best I can do for him and hope that one day I'll meet him, here in the Philippines.

    I believe that some stations would say no to us when we request his music, because of music rights, or maybe because it isn't an officially released single. Cuz in an album, there are only a few songs released for the radio. Anyway, it's always worth a try. We all know that Casey is always worth the try. It's heartwarming to know that some efforts pay off. You have no idea how my heart jumped up and down yesterday when the DJ played Jealous Guy, and then said a little background about Casey ON AIR! She mentioned the famous Goldilocks and the scruff. She even said that the song goes out for me and that I'm Casey's Baby! No one around our circle will understand how emotional I was, but who cares?!? Haha. It was fun listening to Casey on my iPod all day, he's all I play sometimes, but hearing him on national radio is different. We should all do it! I say that the best way to promote his music is through mainstream radio. We just don't know how many bored people driving their cars, taking a cab, a bus or any public vehicle out there who might fall in love to his music!

    Let's do this Casey fans!

    Sending some love from Manila, Philippines,
    Joy :)

  6. Very happy to hear Casey is on Phillipine radio, what great people to do this for him and his fans! The video was great. I have never seen one done this well of the last performance. Casey looks so happy in it. Thanks also for the pics. Love them.

  7. Loved everything today, Glenda!! The Phillipine radio playing Casey was just awesome! I got so excited! Thanks Joy! My aunt is from Manilla. She married my uncle when he was stationed there many years ago. Enjoyed the writeups today, all good stuff!! Oh yeah, and the rain was great, too, Glenda! MAE777

  8. Glenda, the "How Y'all Like Him NOW?" poster is mine, but the photo is a screen cap made by Lundymicron from Castromusicfreak's vid of Casey in Charlotte...I am absolutely LOVIN the fantastic job you're doin here with all the latest and greatest news about casey! Thank you SOSOSOSO much!

  9. I really like this picture of Casey...the angle of this picture makes him look buff!!! Nice!!!

  10. I meant to put your name in there daydreaminmeme, but sometimes it gets overwhelming trying to run down exactly where the pic came from and I knew the poster was yours, cause your the only one I know making! I get so busy sometimes, I get confused on some things, and the photos and videos are the hardest, trying to make sure I give the correct credit! so, I'm sorry, will get your name on it...