Friday, July 30, 2010

Flash from the past Friday/Idols Off today/Lexington, Ky. tomorrow

Hello everybody and TGIF!!  There's not going to be alot of news today, probably because I posted so late last night on yesterdays blog....but hey, we got a FFTP Friday and that means a picture of Casey in his pre-idol days!  Here ya go, I really love this one, because The Key's Lounge, as most of you know, was Casey's favorite place to play his music, before Idol!  Onstage from left is: Casey...Bobby Counts....Danny Ross and I don't know the drummers name if anyone knows, can you let me know?  Thanks yall!!  ....enjoy!!  UPDATE:  The drummers name is Gonzy Trivino!  Thanks to poloprincess for the info!!

Breaking news:  Kara DioGuardi is FIRED FROM AMERICAN IDOL  I'm usually not ever happy to hear news of this sort....because it's someones livelihood, and it means they don't have a job any longer! But in this case....I am overjoyed that she no longer can be the immature, mean-spirited hag that nearly cost Casey his chance to progress into the competition.  I am glad she can't repeat her babbling no good judging antics on anyone else trying to live their dream!  And I apologise if I'm stepping on toes here, but this is just my opinion and this is the nice version!  If you would like to read all about it....check it out " Here "

And this is just so cute here.....I wanted to post it for all of you to see!  Evidently it's a professional making comments on all of Casey's Hairstyles..... to see what they say about  " Here "

And here are just a few random shots taken by fans at recent shows!

Thanks to some great fans shots....Luciana, Mickey, KarenDW046, and daydreaminmeme and an anonymous.

Ok yall....not much news floating around right now, but if something comes in, I'll be back to post it!  There was a message on Twitter a little bit ago from Michael Lynch, saying that they needed something to do in Lexington, sounds to me like they may be bored and looking for a strangers house to go visit

Thanks alot to the anonymous who sent me this awesome link of a 'Behind the Scene's Look' at the show in gives us all a look at what the Idols do before and after their shows!!  Enjoy....I did!!!

" Behind the Scene's Look at Idols "

And one more gracious ananymous send me this as well.....another cheesecake factory interview.....this one is graced with 'Caseyness'!!

"Caseyness Interview"


  1. Hey Glenda! :) I just wanted to let you know that the next to last pic of Casey above didnt come from a recent show.. i was watching an old interview (from May) a couple weeks ago & i took that screen shot. Anyway.. i wanted to let you know incase you didnt already know ;)

  2. Thanks for todays updates, Glenda! I really appreciate you keeping the fans informed as to what Casey is doing while on tour. I love the pic of Casey performing at the Keys and the hairstyle article is cute.

  3. @ CC373 Oh my goodness, I didn't know, so yes, thank you so much, I'll pick another one and take that one off.....thanks a million girl!!! :)

    @anon thank you so much....I'm so glad you are enjoying it!! Some days are filled with news pics and videos and other days like today.....I can't even buy stuff to put on with the territory I guess....thanks again!!!

  4. Thanks Glenda for all the updated information, hairstyle article, pics and interviews. Love the Cheesecake Factory vids. Funny how Casey was barricaded from the cheesecake, but the long arm of determination managed to dive in for the prized chip. Looks like they all had a great time!

  5. Great job, Glenda! You are really putting a lot of effort into this website!

    The drummer in the Keys photo with Casey and Danny Ross looks like Gonzy Trevino. I believe he was also the drummer when Casey played at Keys on his Hometown Visit.


  6. Thank you very much poloprincess! You are exactly right, he is the one who played at Casey's homecoming in the Key's Lounge!! I just couldn't remember his name to save my life!!! lol....thanks again!!!