Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Idols in Columbus, Ohio today and off day yesterday!!

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Hello everybody!  Is this not one of the sweetest faces ever??  I love the closeups more than anything.  I'm a little late getting started today, but I'm here now!  We got a little rain and cooled things off drastically!  So I'm really enjoying the spring-like weather today!

As most of you know, the Idols were off yesterday, so I'll be posting what I can find about their off day and what they, (mainly Casey) did with it!
Thanks to anaperfonico and cc373 for these great shots!

Here is the recap of a fan from the Newark Show a few days ago.  thanks to mshepnj for sharing your experience with us!!

"The music started thundering through the building as Casey James got ready to perform. I waited to see his number 3 and his name and face crawl across the jumbotron, but either it happened too fast and I missed it somehow or it didn't happen. It was odd and a bit disappointing because that moment builds excitement and gets the audience cheering and I felt a little deprived. Anyway, the lights came up and there he was, rocking vocals and wailing on that blue electric guitar. "I Got Mine" got everybody on their feet and got my heart pounding. Casey's guitar duel with the lead guitarist from the band was phenomenal and I love to watch what he does with his hands across those strings... I may have made some... exclamations not quite appropriate for such a public setting, but you know, I like to feel the music and sometimes the music just moves me. Bringing it down with a sweet, plaintive acoustic vibe, I love Casey's version of "Don't" to show off his country style with a little grit and a whole lot of soul. Then Mike was back for "the 8 minute version" (tm-@Jambajim) of "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman". Confession: When I heard they were going to do the duet on the tour, I was disappointed because I wanted more new music and more solos from Casey. But I have to say there is something very moving about these two men playing and singing together. Casey's guitar and whiskey baritone blends so nicely with Mike's smooth, honeyed tenor. To cap off the set, was Casey's fantastic slide guitar and killer bluesy vocals on "It's All Over Now" which left me a very happy Casey fan. This is exactly the kind of music I like to listen to and I cannot wait to buy Casey's album. The only thing that could have made it better was if Casey had worn that blue t-shirt that he had on in Hershey. Today he was wearing one of his many light blue western-style shirts... not that he doesn't look great in those western shirts, just sayin.

My favorite Casey performance: "It's All Over Now" (slide guitar and red dirt bluesy vocals get me every time)
I was going to link that recap, but there was no link, that I could find....so I had to improvise and just posted the whole thing here.  It was such an awesome review, I just had to get it out there for yall to read too!! 

Debra was tweeting with us the other night and somebody  asked the all important question I kept forgetting to ask.... when is yours and Billy's Birthday??  And she told us!!!  Debra's is March 1st and Billy's is  November 16th !!!  So now all of us can send out birthday cards to each of the James family when their B-day comes around!  And just in case there are newer people reading this....you can send that and letters and whatever to the Fan Mail Address located on the right hand sidebar.

More to come later.....check back often!

Ok, I ran into a 3 phase latenightsandwich segment and thought yall would like to see them.  Bad thing is....the love is missing.... :(

Late Night Sandwich-1 Ohio Edition

Late Night Sandwich-2

Late Night Sandwich-3 Trifecta 

These late night sandwich segments are just not as much fun without our Casey there..... :(   There was no love at all in these LNS segments.....I'd like to know where he was....oh wait.... I think I know!  I don't think Casey is on real good terms with one of the other tourmates in the house, and thats just my opinion.....just saying..... 

I got my new IPhone today, so I'm gonna play with it for a while and get it activated and just see what I've gotten myself into..... :)  Wish me luck, yall.....I hope I can operate this thing....so scary the first time with new phones!

More coming later.....stay tuned and check back!!  :)

I just hit something just absolutely wonderful!!!  Here's a video of   " Don't "    in Charlotte on Sunday night and whewww....is it a good one!!!  Take a peek and see what ya think!!
I found the other 3 videos from this same person!   Here's "All Over Now"

And  "I Got Mine"
And last but not least....  "Have You Really Ever Loved A Woman"

This is the first time I've actually gotten all 4 of Casey's songs at 1 show by the same person!!!!!   I'm so stoked, and they are all Amazingly Good!!!!!!!!
These videos are of the utmost quality....very clear and still....just awesome job on the videoing!!!
Great BIG Thanks going out to castromusicfreak for these fresh and breathtaking videos!!!!!

"American Idols Live hit Charlotte"
This is a nice review from Chris in Charlotte, N.C.  Just a little mention of Casey, and stumbled a bit on how many songs Casey sang....

I still have not found anything on what the Idols (Casey)  did on their (his) day off, but hopefully something will come through in the next day or so!

More later.....if I can find it!!  :D

Well, the only thing I was able to uncover about the Idols day off, was....Mike and Andrew end up in a strangers house every time they have a day off, and Casey goes MIA every time he has a day off...so there ya have it.....absolutely.....not much!!  
I've got another recap, and it's from the Charlotte show this time!!  I'll be posting that in tomorrows news....so look for it!  Untill then.....nighty nite my friends!!  SCD to all!! 


  1. Didn't Casey say he was looking forward to visiting relatives in NC on the tour? Maybe that's why he wasn't in the LNS.

  2. Sorry, but a LNS without Casey James IS NOT A LNS at all. These were all terrible! Yuck! Love Big Mike and Andrew...but no Casey? There wasn't ANY LOVE in these...sorry, but I'm just sayin'...Thanks, Glenda, for posting, but without THE LOVE, these just don't get the job done for me!

  3. Hey...I'm with ya....didn't care for it either! Ya know, seems like I did hear something like that, about him having folks in N.C. And maybe.....just maybe, since there was a particular person in the room, maybe he just didn't want to keep company with that person....and I think yall know who I'm talking about! I don't know anything for sure....so don't quote me....but thats just my opinion, thats why I'm not saying the other persons name, I don't want bricks thrown at me.... :D

  4. Super-amazing video of "Don't". It's my favorite song he did. I don't bother with LNS unless Casey is in it, but thanks for the heads up, so I didn't waste my time watching them. :)

  5. i'm with the others,don't even bother doing lns
    without casey.she's not even close to being a substitute,i didn't even bother to let the video

  6. Love the video of Casey singing "Don't," he did a most superb performance, as usual. I missed Casey on Late Night Sandwich with his main ingredient "Love." :( Next time, Casey. :)

  7. OOOOOHHHHHHH!! That 1st picture of Casey is just beautiful!!! They all are, but this one just takes the prize for SWEEEEEEET!! Love the video of "Don't", one of the best I've seen! LNS is just a sandwich without Casey and the love!! Thanks Glenda, another wonderful day with lots of Casey!! MAE777

  8. thanks so much for going to so much trouble to find all these pictures and videos of casey. what are we going to do when the tour is over? will you still keep up with him. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! this website is the best. casey is by far the most tallented person ,ever! not to mention , hes so sweet and goodlooking , oh my goodness. i darn near melt.THANKS!!!!!

  9. Well, Linda, I was just thinking about that the other day! And I too, thought, what am I going to do when the Tour is over, I dont want to stop getting all the news and stuff out to yall?? So....I have decided.....(drumroll please).....I am going to keep Caseymania up and running!! there may be spells where we don't have alot of news and stuff, but thats ok, I'll just update a few days a week, instead of every day like now! And when he gets signed and goes out on tour himself, then everything will pick up and really get going again....for his 2nd tour...lol....ok, it's official....Caseymania remains a fanpage after the tour is over!! thanks Linda and everybody else too for all your kind words!!!