Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hey y'all! I decided not to do a post today, I ended up being too busy to actually get to it! So meet me back here tomorrow night and I should have a new post ready! Oh, before I go, just wanted to let y'all know I'm going to see Bucky Covington in The Colony, Texas on November 6th! I totally intend to talk to him about Casey too!! Talk to y'all later!


  1. I'm so happy for you getting to see Bucky Covington again! I'd lost track of him after Idol but with youtube videos I've managed to catch up with all his songs and he's really doing great - so happy for him too!

    Bucky and Casey might have a similar look but they are so different from each other. I wonder if Bucky would regard Casey as competition or would he welcome him as a fellow Idol contestant and give him advice etc.?

    Love reading your posts Glenda - keep up the good work and report back after the Bucky concert. I wish I lived closer and could attend too!!!!!

  2. Thanks girl! I've already talked to Bucky about Casey!! He really liked him on idol and he said in an interview he'd love to do a collaboration with him sometime! I'm gonna talk to him again when I see him and catch him up on Casey! Bucky is just one of those cool guys that buddies up with everybody, so yes, Bucky would definitely help Casey out if he needed to!! My friend saw him about a month ago and at that time Bucky had not had the chance to meet Casey yet, but Nashville is not that big, they'll cross paths sooner or later!
    I will tell y'all all about it when I get back from the show ok?

  3. Yea ask Bucky if he can come back to the Cadalac Rockin country sallon again in Laplaze, Louisiana.Please,Please,Please,My sister and some other friends wants to go with me this time.Linda