Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hilarious Halloween Pics....

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Although many of you celebrated last night, today is actually Halloween, so I will post accordingly! :)  There was some partying going on last night around the country, and Fort Worth, Texas was no exception!  Casey's hair stylist, Gino, became a photographer for the evening at the party he was attending!  Well, I'm here to tell you, if he ever gets bored with hair (probably not...) he would be a great photographer!!  I'll post a couple of the shots he got!
Check out this couple......look familiar?'s Casey and a Crazed Fan!!!  That's what Gino called it....a crazy fan....ok, now I know....we're all crazy! :) Ha ha!  Don't they look the part?!  Gotta love it!!!!!
  And here's Gino with lots of blonde hair!!  All joking aside....I actually like it.....please don't slay me Gino!! :)
Thanks so much Gino for sharing your Halloween Party Pics!!  They're great!!!

The Key's Lounge was also a Party scene in Ft. Worth last night!  When I got off work, I mozzied on over to have a drink and check out all the costumes!  It was a blast, even though I was only there about an hour and a half, there was great fun going on!!  Here's a picture of the Hippies, and you might recognize a couple faces in this picture!  Yep, it's Dawna and Doug, who are big Casey fans!!

Thanks to the Key's Lounge on Facebook for posting this cool shot!!

Ok now.....I had almost forgot about this video!  This is perfect for Halloween!!  Remember......there's a short clip of the Ford Fiesta commercial at the beginning, then it's the Awesome Mustang Commercial, starring......Casey James....and the others!  Enjoy!!

"Casey and the Vampires"

Theres a shot of Casey, taken from that video that still, to this day, is one of the sexiest I've ever seen of him!  I usually don't say that word.....well, because "It's all about the music", but sometimes, more times than I care to share.....there comes that photo that is just mesmerizing!  And this is just one of them>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

And this one's not bad either......a little blurry, but I can see past that.....;)

 He could very well play the part of a vampire and pull it off as good as any!!  Hmmm....maybe someday we'll get to see him on the silver screen.....who knows!?!

Well, yall have a great Halloween....if your celebrating today!  And remember.....always be safe with your 'young uns' and check their can do that by eating it first.....Hahahaha!!!  It's a good thing I don't have little ones, cause I can hardly contain myself when I smell Halloween candy!!! 
Yall have fun, see ya later.....


  1. loved the pics!!!!thank you so much for the update.lots a luv.lisa

  2. Haha... Your welcome Lisa! I had fun with this post!!

  3. Awesome Glenda!! You're so funny.

  4. your suggestion for checking out the young uns candy Glenda. The Halloween pics are all great. Love the flower power!!!

  5. What a fun post. Thank you. You always lift my spirits. Hope I can meet you and all of the other people who follow you. I am originally from Texas but moved to Chicago. You know what they say, you can take the girl out of Texas but you can't take Texas out of the girl. I'm still with you.
    jwtexaslady aka Jeanette

  6. Thanks y'all!!! I luuurrrrvvveee doing this, as my friend Susie would say!! If your reading this girl, comment me, I dare ya!!! . I've never seen a comment from her...but yea, this site is therapy for me, I can't live without doing it now!! Thank you to all of you for giving me a reason to come back and do what I love best... Talk about Casey!!!

  7. Jeanette you are exactly right!! Ya can't ever take the Texas out of a girl, it's bred in us, I guess!! 

  8. Oh yea, Jeanette, I'd love to meet every one of you!! What an awesome thing that would be!! Are you gonna try to go to the CMA Fest? That's where a whole bunch of us are meeting up next June!! Hope you can make it!!

  9. Sounds great. I'll try.