Friday, October 29, 2010

Casey Fans Christmas Card Exchange 2010 & other news and pictures....

Well....hello again yall!!  Yep, I'm back for the 2nd day in a row!!  I told all of you yesterday, I'd be back in a couple days because I had to work Friday and Saturday.....but.....the boss called and said to take the day off because......well.....because I really don't know.  It had something to do with the money or something.....anyway, here I am again!!

After yesterday's new pictures of Casey, supplied to us by his hair stylist, Gino (thanks again sweetie) I feel like anything I say today, won't even remotely compare.....but I'm going to try anyway!!

I wanted to remind everybody again about the "Christmas Card Exchange".  This is so much fun to do, and you get Cards from all over the world, that is......when we can get our international fans on board!  I haven't received but a handful of people wanting in on it, and I know we have more Casey fans than that!  This is something so fun, and if you ever do it once, you'll want to repeat it year after year!!  Just send me an email  to  and tell me you would love to be in on the Christmas Card Exchange, and include your mailing address and I will send you a confirmation email letting you know that I received your request and you will be put on the list!   December the 1st is the deadline to get your name and address to me, and at that time I will send out to each person on the list a copy of the list and check your name and address to make sure everything is right.  If it is, you don't have to do anything, but if it is wrong, please email me back and make corrections.  As soon as you get the list, you can start sending out your cards to everyone on the list and you'll start recieving all of yours!  It's so fun to go to the mailbox and wonder where in  the world you got a card from that day!!  It's amazing fun!!  I'm asking also, that everybody get creative and make your card, your own.  You can actually make your own cards at several places, but I like  You can do all kinds of neat stuff with their card maker!!  And if you want to, you can include a favorite picture of yourself and Casey or just Casey or just's all up to you, however you want to do it!  And if you just want to send out traditional Christmas Cards, then that's ok too!!  It's just cool when everybody throws in their own little touch!!  So get those emails to me Casey Fans, this is going to be a blast!!
It seems Debra was also snapping pictures while Casey was home for a few days!  Remember I told yall that Casey raked his PaPaw's yard?  Well.......seems Momma James got a picture of it!  Check this out!!

That boy just cannot take a bad way!!!  He even looks awesome raking the lawn!!

Here is another that is just too sweet......

Ha ha ha!!  I'm just trying to figure out exactly what he's doing here.....holding a tree limb for sure, but why is he bent over like that, and what's that in his hand?!  Any ideas yall?
PaPaw looks good in Red!  What a sweet looking man.....yall keep praying for him now, ok?

Great Big Thanks going out to Debra for these awesome shots!  Thank you so much!! seems Caseymania has once again been nominated for "Best Fansite"!!  I'm so honored, and thank yall so much for the 3rd place a little while back!  But someone has my name's almost does start with a 'J'......but the last name is Jordon not Jackson....hahaha!  If yall would like to cast your vote every 20 minutes (haha) here's the link>>>>>> "Faxo's Best Fan Site"

Thanks so much for this!!  I just love yall for it!!!

I'll be back in a little bit........

Well, it looks like everybody is getting ready for Halloween!  I hate to say it, but I just don't get into it anymore.  I have no little kids, I live 10 miles out in the middle of nowhere.....(close to bfe) there's not a snowballs chance in hell a kid is gonna come knocking at my door after dark.....ain't happening.  :D
So....I just don't do all the decorating and stuff like I used to.  I dressed up every Halloween and took my boy trick or treating till he was was always so fun!!  I think I might have had more fun than him, cause I actually got away with trick or treating & getting candy and the whole 9 yards!!  I know, I kinda feel bad about it.....not!!  Hahahaha!!  Thats just me, I don't want to grow up, I might get old....hehehe!!
The last time I wore a costume, I was 41 and I was invited to a Adult Halloween Party.  So I went as a Gypsy!  Back then, I had the abs to rock that low riding skirt, crop top, and all!  I actually had fun with it.  I hadn't done it in like 10 years, so it was good to dress up again.....but I sure did miss the trick or treating friends thought I was nuts when I said, "Aren't we going trick or treating, where's your candy bags?"    They were like......ummm No.....we are NOT going trick or treating......are you serious???  ummm you're how old?!!!!  Ha ha ha!!  They actually thought I was serious for a minute!!

And for those of you who *L*O*V*E Halloween.......I'll leave you with this gorgeous but scary Vampire......HAPPY HOOOOWWWLLOWEEEENNNN!!!!!!

 I probably will be working tomorrow night, so yall have a fantastic Halloween, be careful while out and about with your kidos, and I'll catch yall in a couple days!
Until next time......


  1. I just loved these pics.....I'll bet his pawpaw loves having casey sweet of him to take time out of his busy schudule to spend as much time as he can with him.He's a very special guy,so few like him left.....lisa

  2. Glenda it looks like to me he fixing to throw something in that garbage can by paw paw there. I love the one of him raking leaves. I bet he misses all that, its so time consuming doing what hes doing in the music buisness.But i know he's happy doing that,(making an album)His life long dream is finally come true.Just love that Casey so much.Linda

  3. Nice picture of Casey. I really love and missed him.

  4. Yall go back and look again.....there's something special at the end, I just posted it!!!!

  5. Great pics... Casey is so down to earth and I'm sure he loves doing the "normal work" for his family and seeing his PawPaw.... I think those are "leaves" in his hand...