Thursday, October 28, 2010

Casey James gets his hair cut......and other news

Hey everybody!  Hope everyone has been having a good day!  Mine was wonderful!  I just got off the phone with none other than Casey's momma!  She is just so sweet, I love talking to her!  She's been going 90 miles an hour for quite a while now, and I wish with all my heart she wasn't having to go through all she's going through.  Her job is very busy all day and then she has to check on her ailing father after she gets off.  To be honest with you, I don't know how she does it!  It blows my mind, the strength of this woman!  I have so much respect for her!  She hangs on and never gives up, and keeps chugging along!  Sometimes, a busy life is good to keep your mind off the things that would be breaking you down if you weren't totally busy all the time!  And lord knows she has enough on her plate right now to take down anybody!  Yall keep her and the whole James family in your prayers that they have strength to carry on through Papaws illness.  And also that God have mercy on him and keep his pain at a minimal.  Debra told me that his pain level was manageable at this time, and I was so relieved to hear that!  So all the prayer warriors out there, yall keep it up, he's doing ok for now.
As most of you know, Casey has been in Fort Worth the last few days to visit with family.  He got to spend 2 1/2 days visiting with PaPaw!  And he even raked his yard for him!  There's just so much love in that family my heart is always warmed by something or another with them.....hmmmm  It also confirms that Casey is still Casey.....the same person that drove to Denver to audition for AI last he calls himself......he's still......'just some dude'.  I know in my heart that Casey will never get above his raising.  Now....I think that is a southern term, and for those who may not know, it means, like having a big head about his success and conceited, or above the way he was as a child growing up in Fort Worth.   We all know he is not that way, and he tries to still conduct himself as a 'normal' individual.  His life is anything but normal now, but it's good to know he will stay grounded and never act as if he's better than anyone else, regardless of how popular he becomes in the next few years!

Another thing Casey did while at home in Fort Worth, was to visit his hair stylist, Gino.  Yep, he got a haircut!  But don't worry,  Gino knows what he's doing with Casey's mane, he's the one who suggested he grow it out in the first place.  He has also maintained it since the beginning.  Although someone in Nashville (I'm assuming someone with BNA) had suggested he get his hair cut there in Nashville, Casey adamantly refused, saying his hair stylist was Gino, in Texas.  Just another testament to the loyalty of Casey to the people in his life!  While there getting his mane cut and his beard trimmed up, Gino did us all a huge favor and decided to click away with his camera.  He proceeded to post those pictures on his facebook page and gave me permission to use them here!!  So....without further ado......

Casey, as he looked walking into Gino's Salon.....


And..... Casey, after Gino worked on him!  Why didn't he take his hat off, I ask??  The only difference I can see is cool shades and a shorter, shaped up beard.  Still, he looks handsome as ever....



And last.....but certainly not least.....Casey and my new favorite stylist.....Gino!  Thanks a bunch for the photos Gino....your the best!! it's time for me to eat crow!!!  I posted a couple days ago that Billy had actually moved to Nashville with Casey.  Well.....(mumbling now....) that's not exactly true..... I was informed by Debra earlier that Billy is NOT in Nashville yet, but they are hoping he will be soon.  So, we all can stop congratulating him now for something that hasn't happened yet!  :)  :D  lol!!
I bet he was thinking.....'where do these people get their information?'  I totally apologize for posting something that was not a fact.  But I guess that could happen to anybody, but it still don't make me feel any better!  At least everything I'm posting tonight is the (*raising right hand now*) 'whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help me God'!!  :D

Gino was also gracious enough to give us a little information about Casey.  He was there in Gino's shop about 3 hours, visiting and getting his grooming on!! :)  When he left the shop he was headed back to Nashville, to resume life as a recording artist!  He also said that Casey was doing his first Photo Shoot for BNA on Tuesday!!  Yall know what that means, right??  It probably means that they are beginning to start marketing him, getting his face out there and advertise him as BNA's newest artist!!  So yall start looking for new shots to be popping up soon!!!  I can't wait to see them!!  If he's already hired a publicist, he/she will be working on getting him in magazines and TV shows and such.  It won't be long now!  I so wish we could hear his first single off the album before the end of the year..... but I think his label is not rushing into anything, so probably not.  But I'm crossing my fingers anyway!!  I think they want to get this first album as perfect as they can get it!  At this time Casey is still writing, and with some very 'known' writers is all I can say and probably listening to lots of songs to possibly put on the album.  I just want Casey to be with his first album, because there's never going to be another 1st album.  And if it takes longer than I can bare.....then so be it.....we'll just have to wait a little longer!  But I have a feeling that the wait is going to be well worth it!!!

The other day, one of Casey's fans from Australia sent me a picture I had never seen!  She said it was floating around the web.....well, it never floated into my view.....I most definitely would have remembered this shot!!  Take a look......

Is that a great picture or what??  I know I have never seen that, but it does look like it could be from when he was on AI.  The bad thing is......she didn't know who the original owner of the shot is, so I'll remedy that, the way I always do......

A great big THANK YOU to Drew from 'down under' for sending me this beautiful shot!  And thanks to Anonymous for taking this picture!!  If it's yours, please come forward!

Well, tomorrow I have to go back to work for a couple of days, but I'll be back probably Sunday if not before!  Take care yall.....

Until next time......


  1. WOW...loving that new pic...the side view is just as gorgeous as the front view...Also,So nice of Gino to share some of Casey with us!!!Hope he enjoyed some nice time with friends and family, especially Papaw.. Cant wait to see some of the results from that photo shoot!! And of course that first single,can't come soon enough!!Thanks Glenda for all the awesome info and of course that beautiful new picture,diffiently never saw that one!!! No words,only love...Chris:)

  2. I'd love to see the new hair though.. But I guess we'll see it sooner or later. :)
    Thank you Glenda!

  3. Great post, anticipation is growing, sure do love that boy.

  4. Thank you Glenda for all the updates and pics. Glad to hear Casey got a few days to spend with family and Gino. Praying for Debra and family during PawPaw's illness that God be with them all.

  5. Glenda, I always have fun reading your updates. Thank you for your time and dedication! It's great knowing I can mosey on over to your site anytime I'm looking for a Casey update.

    Patty :)

  6. Glenda,

    Of all the photo set in your posts, this set has got to be my top fave LOL. Yes I'm biased cos that side profile shot gets 10 hearts from me. Keep blogging gurl. I enjoy how you blog, like you're just having conversation with us and whatnot. Yours is a breathe of fresh air (esp after coming from Hans' blog, my head throbs after). Good thing the old guy took it down for good LOL

  7. casey looks so happy!!!!can't wait for his 1st single to come out,I know all your fans will love it.just please update us every once in awhile.keeping your family in my prayers....lisa

  8. Well, I must say I am so impressed with this site, Glenda Sue, I have known you most of my life and practically grew up with you, you were one of the BEST friends I had growing up and ALWAYS there when I needed a friend, someone to listen to me, and help me along the way, you always gave me good advice when I needed it. We also had a ton of fun times together, sometime just doing random silly, outrageous things, other people would have thought we were crazy, and we probably were, from boredom, lol. But I always knew you could write songs and never doubted your ability, but, when I came over to caseymania blogspot, I was blown away…..

    This is really an awesome site, I normally do not read past the first sentence or two in any blog, I don’t know why, im just not interested…but this one is different, I really did read the WHOLE thing, lol, I loved it. You make it interesting, and fun, and it seems that you have known Casey all of your life, even though I know you havent, it seems that way. And it all seems like it came so easy and natural, not like you are writing a blog but, telling a story.

    I will be back to read more in the future and being a fellow Texan and also might I add, I was born in the great city of Ft Worth, lol, so keep up the great work, I cannot wait to read more, and who knows, maybe if Casey ever comes to Rio Rancho, NM (hint hint) I might get to photograph him, lol… to you soon, take care..

    Glenda Lee

  9. O..M...G!!! THANK YOU Everybody!!! And your welcome for everything!!! Glenda Lee, you know you're my girl....always loved you!! I'm so impressed with your comment! Thank you for acknowleging the fact that I bossed you around (advice) when you were a kid!! Ha ha ha!! Nawww....we did have alot of fun, made up our own entertainment out of the craziest things didn't we?? I sure do miss those days!! Hey, if Casey gets out your way, we'll use your press pass to get backstage and get some shots of Casey!! That would be so cool, I would love to see how you photograph him, I love all your other work I've seen! Your capturing the moments, for sure!!
    Thanks again yall to pieces!!

  10. well wouldnt it be cool for him to have Glenda the writer and Glenda the photographer on his team, lol, nah i dont think he could handle us together, lmao, he would say these redheads are CRAZY, lol

  11. BNA? What's that stand 4? LOL I'm lost. Ü

  12. @Medolark.....I have no Idea what BNA stands for, but I will try and find out for you! You are talking about Casey's record label name right?? I will try to find out....