Saturday, October 13, 2012

Casey James nominated for ACA, pictures,videos,articles and more!

Hey everybody.... I've been gone for a good 10 days.  Seems like forever.  Well, now that things are all calmed down, I'll give a brief description of what went on.
We were at the Mud Bogging in Covington last Saturday and a lot of family members were there.  It was my brothers birthday and we were having fun.  He then was just standing by his truck and fell over!  There were people there who saw him fall and ran to him, realized he wasn't breathing and started CPR.  We were across the way when I heard my sister-in-law say, "Oh no, they've run over his legs" and I yelled who and she grabbed her purse and yelled Charlie!  OMG!!  I grabbed mine as well and took off running to where he was laying on the ground, & when we got there we realized he wasn't ran over, he was having a heart attack!!  They kept having to restart his heart over and over, and we thought the ambulance would never get there!  Finally they arrive and by this time he's already went into cardiac arrest 4 different times!  Long story short, the 4 guys who were working on him saved his life that day, and we are eternally grateful to them!!  He was transferred to Harris Methodist in Fort Worth (If that sounds familiar, yes, thats the hospital Casey was in when he had the motorcycle accident) and I felt a big relief, because this is a wonderful hospital.  They put a stint in the main artery that was 85% blocked and gave his life back to him!    He's not going down without a fight, I knew that.  This was a huge wake up call for him and he laid down his 3 pack a day cigarette habit in exchange for his life!  Even though he wasn't a huge drinker, he stopped that too....and is now free of both.  Said he didn't want to do anything that could damage his heart.  He wants to see his grandkids grow up.  He is doing great now, and thanks to all the fans and friends who said a prayer for him, we greatly appreciated it!!

Ok, now....what's been happening with Casey??  Just the greatest thing ever!!!!  Casey has been nominated for a fan voted ACA award, for best music video for a New Artist for Let's Don't Call It A Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe it?!?!  I'm so very excited for him!!!!!!    I predicted over 2 years ago that he would have his first nomination, within 2 years, and I didn't miss it by much!!!  So excited!!!  And it is up to Casey James fans to do what we do for him to win this!!  So go to The ACA's   and register to vote and please get in the habit of voting daily, because we can only vote once per day.  It doesn't take that long to vote one time for him, I don't think we have to vote in any other catagorys if we don't want to.  So just vote and your done till the next day.  This is the only way Casey can win's up to US!!  Casey deserves this award so much, so let's show him how much support he really has!!  The American  Country Awards airs LIVE on Fox on December 10th, 2012 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas!

Casey was very elated to be invited to share the 87th Birthday with all the folks at the Grand Ole' Opry last week!  If you are like me and missed Casey's big moment, not to worry, it will be replaying all month long on GAC as Noteworthy at the Opry.  Here's a write up that I just loved reading....

Grand Ole Opry Continues To Celebrate Turning 87 All Month Long

The Grand Ole Opry celebrated its 87th birthday last weekend with many artists performing including Jason Aldean, Steve Wariner, Ray Stevens, Casey James, Rodney Atkins and others, all sharing the stage with a larger-than-life birthday cake. Casey James also performed a special Opry Plaza Birthday show.

Additionally, Gaylord Entertainment Country 650 WSM-A/ Nashville celebrated its 87th anniversary this past Friday.

The radio station, which originally went on the air on October 5th, 1925 is celebrating with month-long promotional events including special broadcasts, winning Grand Ole Opry tickets for a year and an open house of the station’s broadcast tower, which is now on the National Register Of Historic Places. WSM can be heard in 38 states on 650 AM and worldwide at

The Opry will continue to celebrate throughout the month of October with a schedule full of special shows and events. On Tuesday, October 16th Capitol Nashville artist Darius Rucker will be inducted as the newest member of the Opry, and a portion of the show will air live on “Noteworthy At The Opry,” on GAC-TV at 8p (CT).

On Tuesday, October 23rd the Opry will mark Minnie Pearl’s 100th birthday and on Tuesday, October 30th, the Opry fights breast cancer with Women Who Rock For The Cure. For information and a full schedule of events, visit

Here is a video of  'Drive' at the Opry that night! (Thanks to Cyndee for the video!)

Speaking of articles, The Examiner was on board as well,  with a write-up of Casey having his first nomination!!

"Crying On A Suitcase" singer Casey James, gets first award nomination

And one more article, this one by the people.  Click the link for the story!!  He's just everywhere!! 

Casey was part of a Guitar Pull charity event in Madison WI a couple nights ago, and I couldn't help but notice in the pictures he seemed to be thinking about something.  It was a cancer charity so he may have been thinking about how it has affected his family.  At times he seemed almost in pain, holding his wrist.  And we know it's no secret that Casey lives with pain on a daily basis.  I hope he's ok now.  Here are some pictures.  Thanks to Donna C. for sharing her wonderful photos!

In Sparta, Illinois last week, Radio personnel with 95Q On the Road caught up with Casey on his bus and they had a few things to talk about....

 And last but not least, the fans have done it!!  Casey came in at an impressive #7 on GAC Top 20 Countdown this week!!!!!!!!  I think he was at #13 last week, so he moved up 6 spaces!!!!  Way to go Casey fans!!!!!!  Keep it up!!  Let's get it to #1 for him!!!  Thanks!!  Oh and....
yall remember the other place that always needs votes.... CMT Pure 12 Pack 

Casey makes his way back to Texas, doing a show in Bullard, TX tomorrow Oct 13th for the Pineywoods Cattle Barons Gala at Moore Farms... to aide in the fight against cancer...  For all who are going to this show, have a good time and send me some pictures & video!!

Ok, that's all I have for now, I'm exhausted, yall take care, and get to a show if you can!!

Hugs..... until next time....


  1. Oh my gosh, Glenda. What a scare you had.!!! So very glad Charlie had some angels nearby to save his life. (Charlie's Angels ... a little humor there :) A wake up call for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey y'all just wanted to say what a wonderful show it was in Madison, WI. You can see lots of pictures from that night on my FB page. Casey was somber often that night and he did share with the audience that these charity events really touch his heart. Q106 has audio available from the entire show on their website. I did manage to get 1 video of Casey performing The Good Life. I didn't know we weren't suppose to videotape and only caught Casey's first song and one of Justin Moore's before the security shut me down. Lol no flash photography was allowed either but thank goodness to awesome Casey fan friends I had a 2nd row up close and personal seat! Highlight for me was seeing wonderful
    Casey friends, Toni, Sandy and Mary whom I had attended other Midwest shows with! And it was our first time ever for all of us there to meet Margherita from New York! She flew in for business and to attend a Casey show. At the beginning of the event, a mom and her 6 year old son got on stage. The benefit was for St. Jude Research Hospital. This mom shared that she lost her daughter at age 10 to asthma. She later had her miracle child Valentino. He was diagnosed with cancer as a baby which cost him most of his vision. Valentino is legally blind. With the help of St. Judes he has been cancer free for 5 years. Valentino shared a little bit of his own voice and sang part of a song with the help of his mom. He was so precious and what a gift to us all of Gods love. At the intermission, us Casey fans were fortunate enough to get a group picture with Valentino. The benefit raised $11,000 that evening! When Casey took his first turn to perform, he told the crowd how glad he was to not go first right after Valentino's story because he said "y'all I'm just a big baby when it comes to these things" and he motioned to his eyes indicating that he had teared up. He also shared the impact cancer has had on his family and Casey shared that these stories take him to this sad place and make him think about his Papaw. Casey spoke about his mother Debra's fight against cancer and how he wanted to donate his hair as his original gift to want to give back. It was a touching emotional night of caring and I am so very glad I was there to share in it. It has been nearly 8 weeks since I had back surgery and my fight isn't over yet. I wasn't planning to go to this show because I am having continued problems with my back but that afternoon I just knew I needed to be at this show. I made an impromptu decision to go and God blessed me with medicine for my heart and soul with live Casey James music & friendship of other Casey fans. There is no better medicine! Later in the show Casey spoke of his motorcycle accident, his faith as a christian, how blessed he was to be apart of the 87th Opry birthday party the weekend prior, and his ACA award nomination that he learned of earlier that very day! It was such a special evening. Other artists there for the event included Gwen Sebastian, Greg Bates and Justin Moore. Blaine Crews was also there with Casey on drums. Casey performed The Good Life, Crying on a suitcase, let's don't call it a night (he invited the crowd to sing it with him and we did) and for his final selection Casey and Blaine performed a riveting medley that began with Drive, strolled into Polk Salad Annie, pumped into Pipeline and then back into Drive. It was the highlight of the night and it was apparent that Casey & Blaine stole the show. Every audience member who wanted to was able to meet each of the artists, get autographs and hugs. Being a Casey James fan has blessed me beyond measure! Each show I have been able to attend has truly been gift and this one was no exception!

  3. Glenda, glad you are back! I don't facebook or twitter so you keep me connected...thanks! Happy for you & your family that your brother made it through his terrifying experience. Doubt that our family will ever get over losing Dad, to his grandsons he was larger than life. We all have our heartaches & must be thankful for our daily gifts. So keep enjoying the Casey's music and I also think their are even better things ahead for him.

    1. Oops, should have read my last line one more know what I mean!

  4. @Cyndee Hahaha!!! I hadn't thought of that!! I call the 4 guys who were working on him that day, his 4 'earth angels'! Yes, things are much better all around now!! Thanks!!

    @Donna Thank you so much for your recap girl!! If you had emailed me that, I could have included it into the post!! It sounded like an awesome night for yall....wish I could've been there!! :)

    @Aunt Sherry Thank you! Things are much better for him now.

    I know exactly what you mean. We never 'get over' losses of such magnitude, we just learn to live with it. I lost my only child, my son T.J. in a motorcycle accident in '97 so I know the pain of loss as well. I still miss him every day and anniversarys, holidays and his birthday are always the worst. Whether an accident or a devistating disease as cancer it's all so sad....sad that people have to leave this world with such pain. :(

    1. So sorry, I didn't know about your son. With God's grace, we will see our loved ones again.

    2. Oh thats quite alright! I'm one of those people who talks about the loved ones I lose. I feel better talking about him than not. On his headstone I put...'We'll meet again son, heavens not that far.' So I truly believe we will. He's with the Lord, I know that much. And one day we'll be together again. I can see us high fiving now!! :)

  5. Well said Aunt Sherry! Gods grace is so good! So happy that your brother is doing better Glenda! That was beyond scary for your whole family. Thank heaven for those 4 earth angels that saved his life!

    1. Thanks Donna... yea it was, but things are much better now! And at the next mud bogging event Charlie is gonna ask for the microphone and bring the 4 earth angels to the front and thank all 4 of them for saving his life that day!! I'm pretty sure there won't be a dry eye there!! :)

  6. Thanks for all the updates on Casey! I always enjoy reading the things you write! You do such a great job, Glenda! I'm so glad your brother is doing better. Man- what a scare that must have been! May God continue to look over him!

    1. Thank you Robyn! Glad you enjoy it! Yep it was quite a scary afternoon! But God's grace touched Charlies heart that day and kept him going cuz he was too young to go yet! It was his 50th birthday when this happened. He feels so much better now. :)