Saturday, October 27, 2012

Casey James' 'Crying on a Suitcase' passes 108,000 in sales! Plus videos & pictures....

Hey....I'm back as promised, with some nice photos & videos from the past few days of performances!  I'll tell you where they were taken & who owns them, if I have that info for ya!!

This is Casey and Blaine doing a medley of 'Drive' - Polk Salad Annie & Pipeline' at Mt. Olive NC College, Fall Fest!! Very good!!  Thanks to pjwood67 for this well done video!!

Casey tweeted this one....."North Carolina.... love this place!!"  Well I do too!!  I passed through a corner of it leaving TN & heading to South Carolina one time.  I totally agree, I absolutely love the Carolinas. 

This one is from the Cincinnati show I think.  Big thanks to Tiffany R. for sharing this picture of herself with Casey, Kix Brooks, Craig Morgan and not sure who the guy on the end is...sorry. Nice shot!  :)

Thanks to Sarah M. for this photo!!  :)

Dino at the Merch table in Birmingham, AL.!  Thanks to the BULL radio for this shot!

Thanks to Kath W. for this awesome shot!!

Here's one we don't hear very often!  "Bulletproof "  !! Taken by pjwood67 at Ocean Isle Beach NC
One of my favorites....too bad it didn't make the album....maybe on the 2nd one.

Great big 'ole Thanks to Pam W for all the next few shots from the Oyster Fest in Ocean Isle Beach N.C.  For more of her awesome shots click HERE.

OMG!!  Casey and the band have been working on "So Sweet" and it has a beautiful intro now....oh ..... it is so beautiful!!  Thanks again to Pam W for all her awesome videos!!  Here is the link ----->  "So Sweet"

Here is "Love the way you miss Me"  and "Crying on a Suitcase"  from Mt. Olive College in N.C.,  two more of Ms. Wood's wonderful videos....thank you girl...

And this one is off the beaten path of the usual Casey James stuff, but absolutely beautiful no less!!  This is David Kurrasch on steel guitar playing  'Sleep Walk' , showing exactly how pretty the sound can be coming from a steel and how talented he is....I just love it!!   Great job David!!  :)

Here is a Photo Montage   from the N.C. Oyster Festival and there are several pictures of Casey and the guys!  So click the link from and check 'em out!

Next time you take a flight on U.S. Airways, make sure you check the in flight magazine, because Casey is featured in the November issue!!  Click HERE to read about it!

Recently I told all of you about Casey's online Merchandise Store, and now they have added more pieces to the collection!!  They've added Men's size Casey Picture  T-Shirt, and a "Drive" T-Shirt and a Keychain!!  Click HERE to order your merchandise today!  Here's pictures of the shirts  (<--- --->)  I just LOVE the 'Drive' shirt!!!  Gotta have it, and I'm getting one for hubby for Christmas! :)

You can buy your tickets and VIP upgrades to the Taste of Country Christmas Tour, featuring Casey James right on Facebook now!  Click HERE to do it! :)

Check this out....from usa today, 'Idol' track sales have Casey James' song 'Crying on a Suitcase' listed as passing  100,000  in sales!!!!!!  It's actually at 108,000!!!  Thats awesome news!!!!  Click HERE to read about it!!  :)

Well, it's almost time for me to go to bed, so I'm almost more thing.... Casey's video, 'Crying on a Suitcase' came in at #4 again this week on GAC!!  Yea!!  Ok, let's just keep it up, 2 of the other 3 videos have been on the charts for months, its time for them to move on, very soon and then it'll be Casey against the Pistol Annie's, and Casey will take the reins for a while!!  :)  Good job fans, let's keep it up!!
(UPDATE) I don't know what happened, but Luke Bryan and 'Tay' (Taylor Swift) slipped past Casey, and Carrie's didn't fall back down the charts like I thought she would.  And the Pistol Annies are way behind now...(I think I was still looking at last weeks chart, when I wrote that above.) sorry.... my bad.... :)

Ok yall, take care, I'll be back soon....

Until then.....


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  2. The guy in the picture that Tiffany posted with Casey, Kix Brooks and Craig Morgan looks like Aaron Lewis from Stain.....He is on a country kick now so it might possibly be him, I would almost bet money on it, I've only seen him once in person and he looks a lot like this man.......Thanks for all the updates on Casey, I enjoy reading them.......

    1. Ok, great! Thanks Sharron, I appreciate any help I can get! I've heard of 'Stain', but have no idea what he sounds like. Thanks again!!