Friday, October 19, 2012

Casey James has new twitter & verified, along with articles, pics and more...

Hey yall!!  How's it going in your neck o' the woods!?  It's been so comfortable in Texas this year....we didn't even have a bad summer at all!!  And now fall is quickly taking the place of the warm summer sun.  I love Fall....the colors are amazing and believe it or's the only time I really like oranges and yellows and browns!  I like to dress warmer than Texas usually lets me, so I'm hoping for a really *c*o*l*d* winter!!!  :)  I love wearing boots and coats and warm hats (that don't itch my head) but sadly usually don't get to.  :(
Anyway, theres a few things to talk about thats going on, so let's get to it!

Last weekend Casey performed with his full band at the Pinywoods Gala in Bullard, Texas!  I understand that over 900 tickets were sold! :-O  .  I wonder if they sold out?!  LoL!!  I just know I didn't get to make it, but there were some familiar faces there!  My good friends from the U.K. were there to cheer Casey on, as well as some of the Texas guys and gals!  Here are a couple pics.... I thought I saw more than this, but been looking for an hour for pics from that show, so this is all there are for now.  Can't find any videos either....geeezzz yall....can ya help a gal out??  Yall can always post pics on my **CASEYMANIA** Facebook page...I would love that!!  :-)  Remember yall....I can't post it, if yall don't post it.... so come on Casey fans, get those pics and videos posted so all the people who don't know Casey's music, can hear it and see him in pictures!!  :)  Pleeeeeasssee?!?!  lol.....  :)  I'm always handing out cards so people can get themselves familiar with Casey James and his music!!  So thanks in advance!!

Thanks to @CoolCJFan

The other day Casey just up and changed his twitter name all of the sudden, dropping the 'E' in the middle, making it.... @CaseyJames   then today he tweeted this...

I'm officially me. Woop Woop. 💪 #verified

Can't ya just see him now, jumping up and down fist pumping yelling 'Woop Woop'?!?!   Haha....Casey is now officially verified on Twitter!!!!  I've been actually wondering when he was gonna do that!  I saw where my friend Donna said, 'We're officially excited!!'
  Haha!!  Ok, it's time to unlock the Bold print!! duh....

I'm going to gently remind everyone to vote for Casey for his very first nomination (ACA) of his video, "Let's Don't Call It A Night".  If you haven't already, just go HERE and register, (it's real quick) and then click VIDEO at the top and scroll down to the 'Video of the Year for a New Artist' and put your little dot right by Casey's name...... :)  This is strictly fan voted, so we need all Casey fans on board here, doing it every day.  He needs us to win this for him, because you and I both know he certainly has worked long and hard, and totally deserves it!!  Right??!!  Ok, let's do this!!!  :)
And also, while I'm at it,  just a reminder for voting for 'Crying on a Suitcase' on GAC, because his video was #7 this week!!!  Yay Fans...way to go!!!!  Now, we have to stay on this if it's gonna hit #1 and I know we can do it, we just have to make sure to vote once a day, every day, and try to get your friends and family on board as well, with little mentions... We done so well, that Casey's sweet Momma tweeted us saying this...

@GAC @caseyjames #cryingonasuitcase is Number 7 because of his WONDERFUL DEVOTED FANS. Thank you!! Let's keep it up!!" 
'Thank you momma James'...

And one more reminder...I have the tab at the top of this page just under Casey's picture that says Supporting Casey.  I have mediabase links to request Casey's song(s) and have found out they check these forms every day and sometimes twice a day!!!!  That is amazing news...thanks to Lovin' Lyrics for that info!!  So we can feel like we are doing something that is helping him for sure!  I used to feel like it wasn't helping much, but now I know it does, so those of you who can, lets stay on these links and get his music playing in every state!!  (So excited the Dallas/Ft. Worth stations both have his song!!) Finally!!  :-)

GREAT NEWS!!  Starting tomorrow, 10/19/12 fans can now purchase VIP Upgrade Packages for all the shows on the   "Taste of Country Christmas Tour"  VIP Upgrade Packages include a Private Pre-Show Performance, Autographed Limited Edition Poster, Exclusive VIP Laminate, and a Meet & Greet & Photo Op with Casey.

For more info on VIP Upgrade Packages & Tour Dates click

This picture surfaced yesterday, I think, and it's from the recent MADD benefit concert in CT.  One caption said...."and he giggles".... haha!!  His momma said it reminded her of when he was a little guy!!  :)  I think it's just the cutest picture ever!!  (Sorry, I don't know the owner, but thanks!)

I think I'm gonna get on out of here for now.... I'll be back soon, so until then..... don't take no wooden nickles.... haha!!  ;-)



  1. Hi Glenda

    So appreciate all your hard work for these two years that I'm following Casey James!

  2. Hi Judy! Well thanks, I appreciate ya!! I do try. I've had to slow down considerably because for a while I had no life, and I just didn't have time to dedicate to it 24/7. But I still post once or sometimes twice a week. I think that's good enough, and I've had no complaints. :) So thank you again!

    1. Really do appreciate the time you put in doing this...THANKS!

    2. Your welcome Aunt Sherry! I've been slacking a little lately, having family illness and first one thing and then another, but I'll get back to posting more often soon. I appreciate you reading my ramblings! Thank YOU!! :) Hope I get to meet you face to face one day!!