Friday, October 26, 2012

Casey James to appear at ACA's!!! Updated with a correction.

UPDATE:  I made a mistake when I said Casey was performing at the ACA's this year.  I misread it, it only says he is 'appearing'... it doesn't say performing..... my mistake, and I appologize, and hope I haven't caused any problems for anyone.  Sorry....

Well, hello .... how is everyone?!  It's cool in Texas.... pun intended, in regards to 'Cool'!!  But yea, it is pretty comfortable right now... 54*... my kind of weather!! 
Anyway, Casey and the guys have been pretty busy lately, but their winding things down now and I expect more than a couple week vacation soon.   Tonight they were in Cincinnati Ohio, and to my knowledge have nothing scheduled until Nov. 8th when they play in Des Moines, Iowa.  Casey even has an invitation for yall, to come on out and see him...check him out....

Hahaha!!  He's such a cutie!  Love those facial could anyone resist, right??  Haha! 

Well, it seems Dino (bass player) is enjoying his travel so much with the band he's documenting where he's been.  This is just the latest, and ummm probably the weirdest of all his pictures.  The sign says.... "Baconade".... ok....scratching my head and still trying to figure this odd drink out....I can't even imagine how that would.... 'ewwww' ..... taste!!!  But Dino was up for the challenge with both thumbs up!  Now, is that his reaction after he has tasted this, or is this enthusiasm at what he is about to do?!?!   Beats still sounds absolutely horribly rank to me!!!   I like my 'ade' I drink at the fair to be 'lemon' ade.....and I'll take my bacon extra crispy on my BLT or along side a plate of eggs.  But absolutely *not* in a drink!!   Hahahahaaa!!!   Sorry.... not hap'nin!  :)  That Dino is a funny guy!!  :D  I think I'll ask him about that drink and how it went down.

The ACA people announced today that Casey James along with other American Idol alum, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina are to appear on their Live Show coming up December 10th.
For those of you who are attending the ACA  Awards show in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Resort, I've been told that the  TICKETS  go on sale to the General public on the 27th of October, tomorrow.  When you get ready to buy, click the link above and get yours when they go on sale,  about 12pm tomorrow.  For those of you (me...) who can not go in person, it will be aired LIVE on FOX, starting at 8pm ET.  As you all know Casey has been nominated for his first award as a new artist for his first video, "Let's Don't Call It A Night".  So remember this is a Fan Voted nomination, please  place your 'Daily Vote' (only 1) for Casey, he deserves this so much!!  What an honor!!

Other places we need to remember to vote are GAC Top 20 Countdown (#4 last week...can we get him to #1 this week???).   CMT Top 20 Countdown ... even though he's not on the countdown, we need to keep voting for his video so we can get him on it.  And CMT Pure 12 Pack.  By the way, Casey's single 'Crying on a Suitcase' was at #21 this week on the Mediabase Billboard chart!!  It's been trickling down closer and closer to that # 20 and below for a few weeks now.  Just hoping it can make it to at least Top 10, so please remember to call your DJ and request Casey's song and use the Mediabase Request Forms I have at the Supporting Casey Tab above.  Thanks yall!!

Thanks to Pam W. for this awesome shot a few days ago...

I have a lot more to post, (really good pictures and videos) but I'm going to do it tomorrow, I'm a bit tired now.  So yall come on back, and I'll have some more posted then!  :)

Until then.....


  1. Casey Im so happy for you...

  2. I think Casey is just presenting at the ACA's, not performing.

  3. I haven't seen where they have announced he is performing at the ACA's yet. One story said that he would make an appearance and another said that he would be presenting... I'm hoping he will do it all :)

  4. oh good lord.....yall are right....I messed up....and now I'm so embarrassed!! I read it wrong, because I went back to read where I thought I read it at first, and it does say 'appearing'.....not performing....I dont know how I made that mistake but I do apologize for this. I have fixed it now, and if some people will help me repost it on Facebook and Twitter so they all know I did make a mistake and he's not performing. I sure hope he does too Gail! I was so excited.... dangitt.... :(