Monday, September 10, 2012

All kinds of random Casey James information .....

Hey everybody!!  Who is liking all this cooler weather!!??  I know I do!!  I'm just hoping that summer is drawing to a close and we can start dressing in our fall clothing.... I love Fall....the colors are just beautiful!!   Anyway, I don't have time to talk about the weather, first things first today!!

 Starting at 5:00PM on Monday, 9/10/12, Casey is scheduled to do a livestream and chat.  You have to get an email notification when it begins, so click HERE to get signed up and take part in this Livestream!!  Be thinking of questions, because I believe there will be questions and answers as well as a performance.  That should be lots of fun!!  Hope to see a bunch of you there!!

When asked by Mark Franklin from Idol Chatter, what his thoughts were on a replacement judge for American Idol this year, Casey said  "Just off the top of the my head, someone I appreciate and admire in the country world is Keith Urban,” ......READ MORE about what Casey had to say about Keith Urban joining the team this year!  (I secretly want to see them together on one stage doing their guitar thang!!)  Come on Idol, invite Casey back so he and Keith can show everyone just how to play guitar!!  And sing.....of course.... Hahahaa!!      :)

Here is the write up from Idol Chatter's Shannon Prusak, about Sunday's show at York, PA. at the York Fair!!  And it's complete with a gallery of very nice pictures!!  Big Thanks to Idol Chatter and their team for coming up with these great shots!!  (see below...) Click HERE to enjoy the rest of this!!

Wow!!!  Idol Chatter has really been writing a lot about Casey, I found another, and much longer article, by Mark Franklin!!  This is what Casey tweeted the other day along with the message....."This article says quite a bit. Really enjoyed getting this info out there."
And I agree with him.....this is a really great bunch of information!!  READ all about it.

I think thats all the Idol Chatter articles for now, but hey, wasn't that fun!?!  I always love finding interviews and articles about him.

I wanted to post the airtimes for Casey's new video, COAS for the next couple days, so as many as possible can see it!!  Oh, and don't forget to VOTE on GAC for his video every day!!  Let's see how long we can keep it on the Top 20 Countdown!!  It's #12 this week!!!!  Oh look, they're still playing LDCIAN too!!

Upcoming video airtimes for "casey james" for Monday September 10
Approx. Air TimeTitleArtist
02:45 AMCrying On A SuitcaseCasey James
01:36 PMCrying On A SuitcaseCasey James
05:46 PMLet's Don't Call It A NightCasey James
Upcoming video airtimes for "casey james" for Tuesday September 11
Approx. Air TimeTitleArtist
08:14 AMCrying On A SuitcaseCasey James
03:15 PMCrying On A SuitcaseCasey James

Found one picture from the Montgomery IN. show on 9-8-12 so far.... This nice shot belongs to @xHollyj Thanks girl....we love that Casey smile!!  Looks like a meet and greet!!

Here it is!!  I been looking for this recording for days.....and I finally found it again!!   This is Casey being interviewed by Tampa Bay's radio station US 103.5 and he answers 5 Questions.  Click HERE to watch it!!  :)  Enjoy!!!

Oh look, I don't think I remembered to ever post this here, so here it is.....  "Crying On A Suitcase....Behind the Scenes"

And I want to just post this cuz I'm just loving his witty personality he's showing all of us!!  He tweeted this earlier.....   " No need to buy soap for the rest of the tour. I got this!!!!!"  Hahahaaa!!!

If you are not already following Casey on Twitter, please do so, you won't be sorry, he sometimes has little twitter partys, and then he just says things like this.....randomly.....  So follow Casey on twitter at


Well, this is about all  for me..... I may post some more pics and videos from the concerts this past weekend, if I can find them!!  Yall send me some good stuff on Facebook Caseymania if you get a chance!!  Help a gal out!!!

Yall take care....until next time....


  1. Haven't seen Casey perform since Billy Bob's last year so am really looking forward to Marietta! Trying to get my house and food in order for my "special" company that weekend...and his Mama will be here too! Really excited to see them! Y'all don't be too jealous - ha

    1. :)) I agree aunt Sherry! It's alway a joy to see Casey perform & also to have Casey & his Momma around, they are very "special company" indeed. enjoy every minute with them both. I onlt have one question for you; what special goody are you cooking for Casey this time? hehe:) He always enjoys whatever you bake, cook for him. I too will be going to Marietta to see Casey along with a bunch of other fans(friends&family) I'm so excited & can't wait to see you all there!!! we're gonna have a blast together & enjoying Casey & his wonderful performance. see ya SOON!! :)

    2. Think his favorites that I make are banana bread & Mexican chocolate cake (basically sheet cake w/a little cinnamon). Band is spoiled, when I see them, they ask "what did you bring us this time" so have treats for them too! I've created a monster - ha OMG, have you seen the pix of Casey in Times Square watching his video on the huge screen? It's AWESOME!

  2. Sorry, I'm late getting back with yall!! The Marietta show was so over the top awesome, from all the reports coming in!!! I wish I could have been there!! But I've had those special shows too that stand out in your memory forever. Aunt Sherry, I would have given anything to meet you when you were at Billy Bobs in March!! One of these days, I'm sure we'll finally meet up, I'm sure you'll be back to Texas again, or I could be headed east...who knows!! :)

  3. OMG!! YES!!! Those pictures of him looking at his video on the Big Sony screen....that was a priceless shot. Even though we can't see his face.....I actually feel the pride coming from him as he looks up....its just beautiful

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