Thursday, September 6, 2012

Full Playlist from Casey James & band in Rockford, Illinois!!

Well, I decided not to update the last post again.  I'll just start a new one to post all these awesome videos of Casey and the band in Rockford, Illinois!  I've been hearing that they all 'rocked Rockford'!!!  So let's get started on all these great videos brought to us by the very talented @everydayisa10!!

So Sweet (Get ready to be wowed by this beautiful piece of work)

For some reason the embedded code is disabled, so I will just post the links.

Working On It

Crying on a Suitcase

The Good Life

I will just place the link for the entire playlist here so you can hear all 15 videos she so graciously brought back for the Casey fans!!  Thanks so much @everydayisa10!!

Casey James Full Playlist from Rockford, Illinois 9-1-12

This lovely shot was captured by Chasity Collett, and it's from one of the shows from last weekend, just not sure which one lol..... She said he flashed that smile at her daughter when he saw her sign!!  Thanks so much!!

There has been a few questions as to the management position of Casey and if Bryan Frasher was still the one.  Well he confirmed earlier today that he in fact is still Casey's manager but has joined another management team.  Click HERE to check out the full story.

Ok, it's about time for some of you to wake up and get ready for work, so have a great day yall, and I have to go cook some breakfast for my hubby, see yall soon!!


  1. So I think he was so right that he is up to speed in his musicianship. Really wonderful to listen to. Hope to see Casey and his band in San Jose.

  2. I sure hope you get to see him too!! Will it be your first show? Let me know how it goes for you!! I would be happy to post what ever you would like to share!