Monday, September 17, 2012

Casey James headed to Ca. this week, single moving up, new articles and more...

 Hey everybody!  Hope all is well with yall!  I think it's almost time for Fall weather.  It's been very comfortable and drizzling rain here in Texas.  Love this weather, it just makes me wanna eat and sleep, and be lazy, so thats why this post didn't get done a couple days ago!!  LoL!!

First things first..... "Crying on a Suitcase" , Casey's newest single is moving a little faster up those charts now!!!  Coming in at a smooth #30 on All Access and #25 on Mediabase charts!!!!  So keep the requesting and voting going fans, it's working!!  Oh, and the Video is #10 on GAC this week!!  Good work fans!!!

Casey and the Band have been criss-crossing the U. S. all summer, spreading their beautiful music to all who are in their presence!!  I would just like to know exactly how many new fans have come on board just this last month?!  The name Casey James is soon to be a household name!
They are headed to California this week, doing a show in San Jose on Wednesday and Fresno on Thursday!  So if you are in Cali, and would like your chance to see Casey live....this is your chance.  The information link is on the left sidebar here on the home page.

Last week, Casey made his way to NYC for some promotional appearances, and one of them was a Live Stream & Chat Session that all the fans got to join in on!!  That was very exciting....and some really great questions were asked by the fans and some beautiful photos were taken!  But if you missed it, I just happen to have a copy of it right here!!  Haha!!  And some of those gorgeous pictures that were taken!!  Big THANKS to LIVE STREAM for bringing us this one on one time with Casey and Blaine!!  It felt like a couple of friends had dropped by, and we were drinking a big 'ole glass of 'sweet tea' and chattin' & singing!!   I hope everybody felt that way, because it was great!!  Click the "livestream" link above and see for yourself just how *good* this was, it's all there!!  Or if you were in on it and just want to 'relive' the experience....just do it!!!  It's worth seeing a few times!  And congratulations to those who got their questions answered....mine did not.... maybe I could be a bit more serious with my questions next time.... Haha!!  :D 

Big Thanks to the Live Stream folks!!

Another thing Casey got to do in NYC was to see the video of his chart climbing single on the Sony Big Screen in Times Square!!!!  Oh I can only imagine his pride in his of those moments that you want to savor forever!!   BIG Thanks to @BlaineCrews for catching this moment for all to see, even if it is the back of his's beautiful!!!!  :)

I'm looking over Casey's left shoulder at the only person besides he and Blaine who actually looks like he's paying attention to Casey's Video....I just want to scream...."Wake up people...Casey James is standing right there, and his video is playing right NOW!!"    It's a good thing the cop shop is across the street, what with all those people clamoring for his attention!!   Geeezzz people!!  :-D    I just wonder if the lady there to the right is asleep or what's going on there??   lol....

Casey stopped by the People offices in New York to play his new  single for them!

Casey and Blaine were really busy while they were in NY!!  They also made a television appearance on VH1 Big Morning Buzz!!  Spreading the new music love!!!

Casey James performing COAS for VH1 Big Morning Buzz

and here's Blaine's   'Behind the Scenes'   at VH1....

Here is a cool and very happy picture taken last week at one of the shows by @amyesmith.  Just thought it was so sweet to see that kind of happieness coming from 2 people....thanks!!

Here is 5 things you didn't kow about Casey James
!!  (Actually I knew some but others may not have)  :-)

Well, it's official, Casey has been invited back to the Opry, yet again, and this time to celebrate the 87th birthday of this legendary venue!  It takes place on October 6th for him!  What an honor for Casey to be invited to perform at this great celebration!!  Check HERE for information.

Casey James makes a Hairy and Heartwarming Confession...via The Boot

Casey James will appear on Meredith Corp.’s syndicated television show “Better” on Tuesday, September 18th. He is expected to perform his current single, “Cryin’ On A Suitcase.” James revealed to “All Access” that he is a big supporter of the non-profit organization “Locks Of Love.”  To read more about this article, click HERE.

I'm really loving all this positive feedback and buzz about Casey!!

There is a new show that surfaced recently!!  And I'm excited to say I might get to go to this one....maybe!!  It's gonna be in Little Rock, Arkansas at the 2012 Arkansas State Fair on the 18th of October!!  It should be comfortably cool by then.  :)  Click HERE to check it out!

Ok, I think I've gotten the most important links and news out to yall!!  If I find more, I may come back and update.

Here is a really nice photo, that bosjerseygirl worked on, and I just really like it, thanks so much girl!!

Ok, thats all I have for right now....yall take care, and if your getting rain, be thankful, as long as it's not too much!!  :-D 

See yall next time!


  1. Thanks for the updates & great pictures! Really looking forward to my special guests coming in Friday & the show Saturday!

    1. Your welcome, Aunt Sherry!! So glad you got to spend time with them!!! Could you send me an email at so I can speak to you through email as well as here?

  2. Great post Glenda as usual !! Love the comments about Casey watchin his video !! How could they not be focused on that gorgeous face on that huge screen along with that beautiful voice singing !!!! Lol.... thanks Chris B.