Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Casey James in Rockwall, Texas!!!

Hey everybody!!  Hope yall are doing well on this Monday evening!  As you all may very well know, there were 4 back to back Texas shows, and I only got to go to one of them..... :(  Stuff happens and gets in the way sometimes, so Rockwall was the only show I got to make it to.  So I'm gonna do a recap of that show for yall!!

Ok, my sister, Janet was going with me to this show, and I live 2 hours from her, and she lives about 45 minutes or more from Rockwall.  So I got there about 5, finished getting ready, make-up, clothes on and in a jiffy we were ready to hit the road!  So after several attempts to get my useless Android to give me directions to Southern Junction from the middle of the cow pasture that is my sisters home, I finally gave up and threw it in my purse.  Now, the embarrassing thing is this.....Back in the day, in 1986-87 when I was driving a sand and gravel truck all around the metroplex, one of my steady hauls was a run from down by Seven Points in Kaufman County to Rockwall, to a very well established concrete company.  And I had been to the Southern Junction a couple of times, back in the day.  But I was coming on I 30 from Dallas not from a cow pasture by Grand Saline!!  So, as much as I wanted to believe I could 'figure it out'.....I knew I couldn't.  So we stopped and finally asked directions.....the first time....then again a little further down the road.  I have to tell you, I'm almost as bad as a man about asking for directions since I've gotten spoiled to my GPS on my iPhone!!!   My *stolen iPhone*!!!  Waaaaaaa  :-0  aaaaaa!!!  My iPhone would not have let me down!!   Anybody want to buy a gently used HTC Android Aspire (I think...)  Send me a message....it's for sale....cheap!!!

So we finally get there and get taken to our table, which was as good a spot as I could've asked for!!  Right by the stage!!  And behind us was a whole table full of Casey fans!!  So we all greet each other and I introduce my sister and we order something to drink and visit for a little bit.

L-R Sylvia,Carman,Rhonda,Donna,Glenda and Amber

Janet and Glenda (and no, I wasn't smoking, but there was an ashtray at the table) :)

Ok, so we're visiting and catching up and then someone said "Hey, there's Casey's Dad...."  So I went over and introduced myself and gave him a hug, and told him how much his awesome son meant to so many of us.  And that I blog about him.  He knew Caseymania, and hollered at his wife that I was the one who did the blog and she was so glad to meet me!  Said she was a reader, and kept up with it.  That made me feel so good!!  I'm so glad I finally got to meet them.  But I didn't get my picture with them, but Kathy T. (thanks) did get a picture of the two of them. :)

And they are Beau and LaQuita.  Good to meet yall!!  :)

From what I understand they live in McKinney, not far from Rockwall.

And while I was just walking around, I look up and there's 3 of Casey's band members at the bar!  And once again Kathy was at her picture taking, which is what you'll see her doing at every Casey show.....but....for some reason the pictures weren't wanting to take correctly!!  And since we were there, I wanted in the picture, since I can't remember to ever get my picture with Casey!!  Geeeeeezzzz.  More about that later!!  But I talked to Blaine, Justin, and Dino while Kathy was trying to get her camera to work.  So my sis ends up taking the pic....but no good, and again.....no good.....by this time, I'm thinking....'ok, they are surely gonna hate us before the night is over.....'  but presto!!!  Finally it worked and took a good pic of all of us!!

So there's Kathy,Dino,Justin,Glenda and Blaine  (Thanks Kathy)

I actually like that picture, I don't look like a cow too much!!  LoL!!  I have to be honest with yall....ever since I quit smoking....almost 3 1/2 months ago......(*taking a bow*) food tastes so good.....soooooo good....mmmm and sweets taste better than I ever imagined they could.  So I've put on a few lbs. and trying hard to not eat extra food.  I don't know if I'm replacing the smoking with the food, or just eating it cuz it tastes so much better.....either way, its adding lbs. to me.  But I need to stop it and start walking or hopping or running or something!!  Geeezzzzz  blogging sure is a lazy job.....

So anyway, back to the show.... I was so excited when they came on the stage and the security guard said we could go to the front of the stage!!  Yay!!  I haven't gotten to do that in a long time!!  So he starts off with The Good Life, and honestly I don't know what song came next and so on and so forth, but he sang the usual ones, and just as he and the band started playing the music for Crying on a Suitcase he said......and this.....is the next single!!!!!  I was so excited!!!!!   I knew it was time for another one, actually I figured they would release one sooner, but after "Let's Don't Call It A Night" peaked, a couple weeks passed and then peaked again, and I think it make it at it's highest at #20.  So thats probably why they waited.  Thats not bad at all for a debut of a new artist!!  But I think  "Suitcase" is gonna do something BIG!!  I do.....I think it's really gonna catch on and people are gonna LOVE it!!!!

So I noticed the set list, and it's about 12 or 14 songs I think, and I had my eye on it.....I was gonna snatch it at the end of the show......  (hehehe)  So Casey is playing the Apt. Song, I think and he's playing the yellow looking guitar and suddenly someting went.....*ping*.....and it was the string off of his guitar, and it was right in front of my hand nearly.  So I just reached over and picked it up and started rolling it up to lay it down.  Then when the song was over, he said, "I was playing that song with 5 strings!!"  So I got his attention and told him here it is....and did he want it back, and he said .... "No, you can keep it"  real sweet....so I did.
So as the show is going on, I still had my eye on that set list, and Sylvia, who was behind me, said .... "Hand me that set list...can ya reach it?"  So I said "sure"....reached out and before I gave it to her, I thought....."ok, the set list or the guitar string.....haha!!...which do I really want?"   Naaawwwww.....  I wasn't about to take that set list.....I already had a string, so I gladly gave it to her.  :)  But now I wish I had it, cuz I don't know which songs were sung and in what order!!  Haha!!

I managed to get some really good pictures of him and the band!!!  But I can't put 'em all on here, but if you want to see more......here is the link to mine on Facebook..... Click HERE

I only got one video and I'm so glad I did!!!  I decided to get Polk Salad Annie!!!  It's quickly becoming a fan favorite!!!  Especially since he and the band have decided this is their 'introduce the band' song!!!  The video I got was over 12 minutes and I cut it off before they were actually finished!!  But I was so blown away by the solo of each of his band members!!!  These guys are not just talented..... they are like him, but playing a different instrument....know what I mean???  they are every bit as talented in the instrument THEY play as Casey is on guitars!!!  I know my jaw literally dropped when they were doing their solo's......they are just AMAZING!!!!!!  Ok, here is the video!!

So after the show, Casey hung out and signed autographs and hugged people and talked....he was so sweet, but I didn't get a pic this time....too busy yacking at him.....geeeezzzzzzz  where's my brain??  But I did get to talk to and get pictures with 3 of the band.  I talked to David, but didn't get a picture with him!!  I told them all that they literally WOWed me!!!!!  They are absolutely the perfect fit for Casey!!! 
The show was so fun and my sister came away....a Casey fan!!!  This was her first show....I didn't say that, did I???   Yep, she loved it!!!  It was a great night!!!!   :)

Ok, I'm gonna go for now, I'll be back with more news.....



  1. Thank you so much, Glenda! FIC ;) Way to go!!! Hugs from Latvia & Emerald Isle.

  2. Great pictures Glenda! Glad you got to catch at least one of his shows! Sounds awesome...

  3. It's like I was there! Good job Glenda! Thank you!

  4. Awww your welcome yall!!!! Outi are you coming to CMA fest this year?? I hope to see you there!! Gail, are you coming?? Casey is playing 2 different shows and I haven't heard if he's gonna be playing the Big LP Field stage one of the nights.....sure hope so!!!

  5. Very fun!! Thanks G! Agree with Outi. It was like being there with you!

  6. Laura PattersonMay 9, 2012 at 8:00 AM

    Thanks for sharing Glenda! What a great concert - with amazing photos and video! Glad your sister's on board now too!

  7. Thanks for a great recap Glenda and the really nice pictures!:) My daughter is taking me see Casey's band this Saturday (kind of a Mothers Day present) and I'm so excited! Hoping she leaves as a new fan just like your sister did!

  8. Thanks yall!! Thats how I see it too, I just visualize and write what I'm thinking about the experience! That way I can take yall along with me!! :) Karen, I'm so happy for you!!! Fingers crossed but don't worry, once your daughter sees him live, she'll have to love him like we do!! :)

  9. Enjoyed your post, as usual Glenda.

    I LOL'd at the story that you forgot to take pic with Casey cos you're busy yacking at him. I know his M&G is usually time-constrained so make the best of it, right?! Keep doing what you do! =)

  10. Sounds like fun Glenda! Glad you got to see him for one of the 4 shows! Can't wait to see you in Nashville. Love you!