Thursday, May 24, 2012

Casey James to perform at CMA Music Fest.....and more news!!

Hey yall!!  I've taken off for a few days to just regroup and get ready for CMA Fest!!  It's almost here!!  How many of you are preparing to make your way to Nashville, Tn. for this 5 day event??  (Yes, I count Wed. because of the kick off parade)  If you have not heard about it yet and you want in on all the action that is taking place the second week in June, click  HERE  to get your tickets now, before they are sold out!!  You can see at the top of the page the word TICKETS, just click there and get a 4 day pass, and have the best time of your life in Music City!!  If you just need a single ticket, they sell them too!  Casey is scheduled to be at the Riverfront Stage and at the Country Music Hall of Fame in the Plaza.  Also he will be in the Autograph sessions.  Not sure on the time of them, and will get back here and announce that soon.  Also on the page, you can find out anything you might want to know about the fest, like the lineup of all the artists, activities going on, how to get around the fest, welcome packages, a place to register to  win Meet and Greets from your favorite artists, and a customized schedule made by YOU!!  It's loads of fun with many different things to do and see and hear during the day and then at night, at LP Field, the BIG shows blow you away, they are so awesome!!  So come on....what are ya waiting on?!?!  :)

A website called The Music Junkyard  has a nice little review about Casey's new single, "Crying On A Suitcase", in their New Music Roundup section!  The writer doesn't sound, at first, like he is going to have anything nice to say about Casey.....   "Lately, when I hear the words former American Idol contestant before I’m introduced to a new artist, I quickly tune out."

Then he turned it around and said  THIS.......
I love it when these people have these awesome things to say about our Casey!!  We've been promoting him for a while now, and it's always so good to see things like this happening to him!!

Recently Casey tweeted us some news that's on his official page.....he said.... "Hey Yall, I'm playing Bamajam 2012, and they gave me a link that enters you for a chance to win tickets. And   Here it is.....So yall run on over and get signed up if you plan on going to BamaJam 2012 on June 15th!!  Ya just might get in FREE!!!  And who doesn't love free!!??!!

Here's a picture of mine that I just played around with a little....and I think it looks so cool!!  But it seems to be a little blurry....the original isn't, so I don't know why this one is....


For those NASCAR fans out there, and music fans alike, Casey will be playing the "Food Lion Speed Street Festival" in Charlotte, NC on Saturday, May 26th at 8:00pm with one of my all time favorite singers, Clay Walker!!!  He will join Walker on the Miller Lite Stage!!  Also on a different stage is  going to be Justin Moore, so if anybody is going, check it all out HERE

Here is a cute interview from Bluefield, WV the other day, and this girl has the sweetest drawl to her accent!!  I thought WE Texans had a Southern drawl, but hers is very cute.  Oh and one of the cute guys she's interviewing is our own Casey James....with his hat on backwards!!  Haha!!!  I haven't ever gotten to see that!!  But I have now!!  Click HERE to watch the video. (It didn't have an embedded link...sorry). 

The show scheduled for May 25th in Savannah, Ga. at the Desperado's Saloon and Dance Hall is  CANCELLED!!  Don't have a clue why, but it was cancelled by the Venue.  Don't panic, Casey's not sick again!!  He's had his fair share of illness in the last 2 years to last a lifetime....bless his heart!! 

Here's a very cool video from the Wichita Rib Fest in Wichita, Ks. a few days back.  He incorporates 2 songs....Long Tall Texan and The Apartment Song.  And it sounds GREAT!!  You can tell they are having some fun!!!  Casey's even kicking his legs a bit!!  Love it!!!!  :D  Big thanks to Brook Nicole.

WOW!!!  I love this picture!!!  It's one of those with the hat backwards, and  Chris Bejna worked it over with instagram!!  Thanks!!  I have to agree..... That is a sweet smile!!! 

Yall please remember to keep voting for Casey's singles on CMT.... CMT Pure 12 Pack.....  It's no longer on GAC, but the video for Crying on a Suitcase soon will be. 
And give that local radio station a buzz too, to request Let's Don't Call It A Night.  I'm not sure how many radio stations would have "Crying on a Suitcase", but you never know, go ahead and ask, if ya want to.  I believe the official release date of it is, June 18th. 


With that.....I'm outta here.....Talk to yall soon!!  If you need to ask questions about anything to do with the CMA Festival, just comment here or send me an email to  or ask me on Facebook or twitter, and I'll get back with ya!!


  1. Sorry about the print yall!! I couldn't get the bottom part of the letters to match the top, and I was just too tired to try to mess with it tonight. I know how it happened, I just don't know how to fix it right now. I got an idea, but like I said....I'm so tired..... :) Yall bare with me, when stuff like this happens...ok?

  2. Sure wish I could go to CMA Fest, but it's too far for me. But I did finally get to see Casey and his band play live in Chicago a couple of weeks ago and they were so fantastic!! I had so much fun and will always remember that experience! Don't worry Glenda, your doing a great job! :)

  3. Wish I was going to CMA fest !! Sounds like a blast, hope ya'll have a great time!! Thanks, for posting my edited pic of Casey glad ya liked it !! That is one BEAUTIFUL smile !! Great post Glenda, thanks !! Can't wait for the release of Cryin on a Suitcase !! It's gonna be a hit !! :) Chris B.

  4. Your welcome Chris!! I was very pleased to find it, it is just breathtaking!! I found out something about CMA fest that I don't think they advertise very much. You do not have to have a ticket of any kind to go to all the daytime outside shows!! Even the Riverfront ticket required!! You have to have your ticket to get into LP Field at night for the BIG STARS shows!! So if you can get to Nashville, the daytime stuff is all FREE. And that includes Casey!!