Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Upcoming shows updated and back to back Texas shows coming up!)

Hey everybody!!  If you'll look on the left sidebar you will notice there are quite a few shows!!  I would say somebody is working their tail off getting shows set up for Casey!!  What a great Booking Agent!!  Thank you, whoever you are!!  We are all so excited to see so many new shows coming up throughout the year!!  And with them being all over the country, hopefully everyone who wants to see him, will get to!!  The more people who see and hear him sing and play, the more fans he gets!!  I want him to start getting niminations on all these Awards shows they have now!!!  New artist nomination please!!!!!!  "Are ya getting all this CMA and ACM's????"  Casey is so deserving of that title, he's worked so long and hard for this new music!!!

So, I'm gonna be gone for a few days, roadtripping around the state following Casey James and his Awesome  Band!!!  I'm only going to get to make 3 of them, I can't make the Texarkana show.... :(  wish I could....but it's not happening.  But will be making the Marshall, Rockwall and Waco shows!!  I'm getting excited!!!!  If you are going to any of these shows, please leave me a comment and let me know!!   And we'll see ya there!!  I'm taking my sister & hubby ( her daughter was gonna come, but hubby wants to go, & so niece backed  So, there ya go....and that could very possibly change again before I get to the show....just saying!!  :)  lol....

Be back soon, got some pictures for yall!!  But gotta cook supper right quick and will be back after while!!  :)


Ok, here are a few pictures from the show at Cadillac Ranch the other night!!  I must say, there are some really great emotional pictures!!  Big thanks going out to Sandy S for her beautiful shots!!!

I have something really scary to tell yall....

OMG!!!  Just after we finished our supper, it was just about getting dark and I hadn't turned on the front porch light yet,  and then I heard the familiar sound coming from my female boxer tied off in the front yard!!!!!   She just had a run in with a darn snake!!!!  I knew it....I know the sound she makes when she does, and sure enough when we threw open the door she was staring him down!!!  But it was too late, he had already bitten her under the chin on her throat!!!  I didn't know that at this minute, but just a few minutes later I knew it!!  Then my hubby tells me to keep my eyes on it if it tries to get away!   So he's running for the 22, my dog won't come to me, but she's moved away from the snake and hubby runs up and I point to where he is, and after plugging my ears he did manage to shoot the snake and then buried him.  My dog nearly broke her tie out she jumped back so quick from the sound!!  Poor baby.....So I'm in the house looking over my dog, to see where she was bitten, then I pulled her neck up and she cried out in pain, then I checked everywhere else and just to make sure, I pulled up a little on her neck and once again, she yelled out in pain.  omg....I felt so horrible, but I had to find out where she was bitten.  I only saw one little spot of blood.  So we watched her a few minutes and as time went by she began acting out of character.  She was mulling around with her head down, moving slowly from one place to the other.  Then I saw her slowly moving down the hallway and after a couple minutes I followered her back to check on her, and she was just standing there with her head down.  When I got her to look at me, her eyes looked almost like she was very sleepy, and I had her come back to the living room where we could see her, and she moved over to where my husband was sitting turned around and fell to the floor, limp as a dishrag!!  I absolutely lost my mind for a few minutes!!  We pulled her up got a blanket wrapped her in it, I grabbed the phone trying to find an Emergency Vet.  After trying 2, with no success, we flew out the door, me in my pajamas, grabbed my purse and keys and literally ran to the truck and took off, not knowing exactly where we were gonna take her, but figured we'd figure it out along the way, she may be dieing and we had no time to waste!!  So.....I'm freaking shaking all over trying to figure out what to do, crying and driving!!!  finally I pulled over and told hubby to take over driving and i would find a hospital!  Our usual vet was in surgery and couldnt't see her, but finally told us we could go to a night emergency clinic where the staff were on duty all night.  so we drove as fast as we safely could, but it did no good.....the cop pulled us over anyway!!  Now we're wasting even more time!!  OMG!!!  I don't believe this!!  I'm grabbing the insurance while he's getting his license out.  He immediately tells us we were going 67 in a 50!!  And I'm trying to explain through the tears what was happening, and he was smarting off to us, telling me to shut up....Well!!!  The nerve of that guy!!!  I guess he thought we were lying until he heard me crying out loud now, and he took his flashlight and looked in the back and she barely raised her head with my help and he saw how bad she was, and he said....."I can't do this.....just drive careful, and I hope your puppy will be ok"!!  I wanted to kiss that cop right then!!  So off we went after a 5 minute delay.  We get up there and get her in there and it's obvious she was bitten in the throat!  She had a huge knot under her jaw....looked so bad!!  So we get her in and she is acting like she's doing better, it had been almost an hour, and she was breathing better and walking around a little.  So they fixed her up with the medicine and a couple of shots and we came back home.  She has been laying down since.  Dr. said she would be alright and that her falling down was probably due to the shock and the full effect of the venom entering her system.  It almost knocked her out.  Poor baby.....thats my little angel.  I know a lot of you are animal lovers as we are, and I'm sorry we had to kill the snake, but he is poisonous, especially to humans, and I don't want to be bitten by one.  It's bad enough that my animals have to suffer from their bites....and I just wish there was something else I could do, and if yall know of any way I can get rid of these snakes, please let me know.
So, Brandy will be ok, Dr. says to keep giving her the meds and she'll be fine.  I thank God she is ok.  :)  That could have been so bad.
I just checked on her and the swelling is so horrible!  It's not going down at all!!  That worries me so much!!  It's a huge ball under her neck....bless her heart.   I gotta stop or I'm gonna start crying again.  Ok.......

I'll be back in a few days and tell yall all about the Casey Roadtrips and give a full report, along with pictures!!

Yall have a good one....  :)


  1. Laura PattersonMay 3, 2012 at 8:11 AM

    OMG Glenda!?!? That's so unfortunate what happened to your dog. I'm glad you were able to get her looked at and taken care of. You should be a writer - my heart is pounding after reading your account of how things unfolded. Please let us know how she's doing.

    I have some amazing news - my husband and I saw Casey and his band in Akron, Oh, last Thursday!! Got to meet them all after the show too!! They were absolutely amazing and I still can't believe it all happened. Check out my facebook page for photos!

    Have a blast at your Casey James shows - you're so lucky to live in Texas (except for the snakes, that is!)

  2. Haha!!! Yea, right.....the heat....the snakes.....oh and....Casey James!!! He makes it all worth it!! I keep telling hubby I'm moving up north to where some cold weather is....we don't even have cold enough weather to buy a coat!! Some people do, cuz they freeze at 40*!! But not me, I'm in short sleeves and capri pants and flip flops in 40* weather!!! Hahaha!! I'm joking a little.... Thanks for your concern of my baby....and thank you for your feedback. She's ok, but still swollen. I've always wanted to be a writer, thats why I blog, to feed that desire! I've got a story to tell of my life, and people have told me it would be a best seller, I've got so much to tell, that would floor people!! What I've survived in my life and why I'm still here! I've promised myself I would start on it, but I want to get a "Dragon" thing for my computer before I do start it, because I can just speak and the Dragon will type what I'm saying and I won't have to type it all up myself. But yea, I'm really contemplating getting started on that!! Thanks for the feedback girl!! :)

  3. Oh I forgot to say Congrats on your Casey show in Akron!!! So glad you got hugs and all!! Thanks, I will check out the pics!!!

  4. Laura PattersonMay 3, 2012 at 4:03 PM

    Hey Glenda! I'd be interested in reading your book!! Just sayin'!!

  5. Omg Glenda I was on the edge of my seat reading about scary! So glad she is doing okay now...they are our babies ya know! Thanks for your wonderful god given writing talents my friend!

  6. Awwww yall are too sweet!! Thanks!! :)