Saturday, May 5, 2012

Casey James in Marshall, Tx!!

From the sounds of things, the Marshall show went very well!!  As most of you know by now, I had to cancel at the last minute because my dog was bitten several times by a copperhead snake and her throat and head were swelled badly!!  And I just didn't feel right leaving her I missed my first show, and I wasn't going to Texarkana, but a few of the Texas gals did, from what I understand.  But I will  be at Rockwall tomorrow and then at Waco on Sunday!  :)  It's gonna be fun!!
Anyway, seems Casey brought the house down at Charlies Back Yard Bar!!  He did a long set with all these songs!!

The Good Life
Crying on a Suitcase
She's Money
Love the Way you Miss me
Let's Don't Call It A Night
Working On It
So Sweet

So High
Why I'm Feelin' Blue
Long Tall Texan

Apartment Song
Polk Salad Annie

Done Made Up My Mind (what??? wooo hooo)

Wow!!  A 15 song set?!?!?!?!  What a fantastic show it must have been!!  Carman W. was kind enough to hook us up with some very nice photos, and at least one video.  And it's the one we haven't heard him do in quite some time!!!  Yep.....Done Made up my Mind!!   Love that song!!!!  It's got that end of the set quality, no holding back, everything is out there.....and the whole band is just flat out playing with everything in their hearts!!!  It's great to see a band like Casey has.....I saw on a report some time ago that they all play as if they all have ESP about each other...All knowing what each of the others were gonna do!!  I just LOVED that description!!  And it pretty well fits them too, because they are *tight*, as they say in the business!!  :) are a few pics from the Marshall show and a video!!  Enjoy!

Did anybody notice anything different about Casey??   Hmmm???  Ok, I'll tell ya......yep, he's got himself a little shorter 'do' going on!!  It's not a lot shorter, but just a nice trim job!!  He looks nice.....

Ok, here's the Video, compliments to Ms Carman!!  Thanks a bunch!!  

Done Made Up My Mind

So how'd ya like that??!!??  Wasn't that just awesome!!!!???  And my favorite little new thing was at about 1:05 I's not much.....just a new breath he's taking at that particular moment!!  Haha!!  I just like harm done....right?!  :)  Maybe I'm the only one who heard it.....  :-0

By the way....  Brandy is fine, for any of those who may be wondering.  She is snapping right back!!  She's a healthy girl, pretty much, so she'll be ok.  And, one of my male dogs, Brody, got bit on his chin last night.....but all he had was a little swelling, and a lot of drooling!  But he's ok.  I think the 2 boys have been bit so many times they are just immune anymore.  They don't cry or anything.  The only way I know they've been bitten is they are drooling and some swelling usually around their mouth.  We are just swarmed by these snakes this year!!  Since April my next door neighbor has killed 8 copperheads!!  Thats nearly all we have around here, but they are poisonous, and I'm just terrified of them!!  I'm terrified of ANYsnakes!!  I keep warning my husband, I'm moving outta here, I'm leaving.....these snakes are too close for comfort!!!  I saw one climbing on my door facing the other afternoon, when I opened the front door to let my girl dog out.....and he was slithering up the door facing on the outside somehow!!  I just know my face was way too close to his slinky body!!!  And how in the world did he get up that high....and just stick to the wood???  If they can do that, I'm afraid they can come in a small crack in a door or something....... *shuddering*...... ewww

I have to stop it!!!!  I'm really freaked out right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And looking around....8-0

Alright, I'm outta here, and heading to bed soon so I can be fresh for my Rockwall show!!



  1. Glenda,I love reading "Caseymania". I will be looking for you at the Rockwell show. I havn'nt seen you since BB's 2011.Can't wait to see everyone.

  2. Oh Sylvia, girl, I know that's right!! I was disappointed I didn't get to see you in March....but I read you were gonna be out of town at that time! So glad your gonna be in Rockwall!! See ya I. A few hours!@@ oh and like reading my gibberish!! :). LoL!!

  3. Ha-ha!!! This auto correct needs to go back to school!!! I can't believe it wrote that BS!@ oh wait....I did say gibberish didn't I? Ha-ha!! What I meant to say was..... SEE YA IN A FEW HOURS!!! HAHAHA!!!

  4. Laura PattersonMay 5, 2012 at 9:32 AM

    Glenda - Glad your dog's alright! Too many snakes - WTH!!??

    Casey's gasp at l:05 in the video - LORD HAVE MERCY!!!!!

    Have a blast at the show!! :)

  5. So glad your dogs are OK That was quite a post. Had on the edge of my seat hoping she was Ok. Nice that you stayed with her. Thank you so much for Caseymania. You do a great job.

  6. Love you Glenda and glad the puppies are doing better. Snakes are my WORST nightmare too. Have fun at the shows! Can't wait to read about the experience!!! Hugs!!!

  7. Yes I did catch that "breath" at 1:05 too.....ahhhh so cool! Love it! Love reading your posts every time! Great job Glenda! Looking forward to hearing all about the Texas shows u attend! Love ya!

  8. Well, I'm sorry, soooo sorry to disappoint yall, but I only made it to 1 Texas show!! In Rockwall!! But boy was it a great time!!! And I was on the front of the stage right in front of some really nice pics, even with my wal mart camera!!! LOL!! But there will be others who have some info on the other show down at Waco. And I'll try to get a report from that show too. But Rockwall was a TOTAL BLAST!!!!!!!! I'll be working on that soon!!! :D

  9. I'm with you all the way on the snake thing! We had a few copperheads on our place when we lived in TX. The only good snake is a dead snake as far as I'm concerned! It must have been HOT in Marshall, Casey's t-shirt looked soaked. Poor thing

  10. Your so right Sherry, the only good snake is a dead one!! Copperheads are so common here.... I wonder why....? Haha!! Do yall have any in NC?? I wonder why we have so many darn snakes?? I hate 'em, they are so scary!! I remember seeing rattle snakes too when I was growing up in the country on dairy farms and such. And when I was a kid, I never even gave 'em a second thought, I'd just go out in the pastures and get the cows in for milking and it never even bothered me. But now, when I walk outside, I'm constantly looking everywhere, for fear of stepping on one!!