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New Show in Columbia, Mo. a nice aricle & more...

Well, I wanna tell yall, I got to reading about the Country Thunder that Casey just did, opening for Alan Jackson, and that is one big 'ole 4 day 24/7 Party, celebrating Music!!  I may have to slip off to Arizona and attend that party!  Don't you just know that Casey was in hog-heaven at a festival celebrating music...his favorite thing!!  Anyway, here is the link if yall haven't read it HERE

Dan Kane, staff reporter in Canton, Ohio caught up with Casey before his show scheduled for next Thursday, April, 24th.  They talked about the first time he was there and how much Casey enjoyed it and remembered it well.....

Performing solo on a tiny stage at the North Canton Main Street Festival last August, “American Idol” finalist Casey James held the crowd’s rapt attention with his engaging vocals, skillful guitar playing and amusing between-song banter.
“That was a blast, a real fun gig,” James recalls with a chuckle. “I did over an hour on an acoustic guitar, and I played two songs I’d never done before. It was a great crowd. I remember it very well.”
These are heady days for the 29-year-old Texan. His debut CD, “Casey James,” debuted at No. 2 on Billboard’s country album chart in March, and its first single, “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night” just hit the country Top 20. He recently performed on “Ellen,” and has been opening shows for the likes of Alan Jackson, Kellie Pickler and Blake Shelton.
At 8 p.m. Thursday, James will appear in concert at Musica in downtown Akron. Tickets are $9.99 at I chatted with him Tuesday afternoon.
Q. You’ve been opening shows for a lot of big-name country people. Have you been well-received?
 The response has been really good. I did a show the other day with Neal McCoy and Craig Morgan, and I literally got embarrassed, the crowd was going so crazy for me. I’m not used to that!
Q. Do a lot of “American Idol” fans come to see you?
 I think the “Idol” thing helps a lot, but honestly I have mixed feelings about it. I’m glad for any fans, but when you get around people who love your music based strictly on hearing your CD, that’s the best feeling of all. Now finally I’m not some guy out there playing shows because he was on a TV show.
Q. Your album debuting at No. 2 had to feel pretty good.
 I don’t put any expectations on any of this, so I’m always blown away when something  happens, no matter what it is. I always feel it’s more than I deserve.
Q. Isn’t country music awfully competitive? It seems like there’s a whole bunch of solo dudes out there.
 It’s competitive, but I feel like there’s enough shine for everybody. Still, I know there’s only a certain amount of space on the radio, and that’s what makes me appreciate it even more when they play me. I guess you hope things land where you want them to. The only thing I have control over is making great music — at least I hope it’s great.

There is a new show coming up in Columbia, Mo. at Whiskey WILD on May 11th 2012.  Tickets are $10 in advance, and $15 on the day of the show.  The website has a scan option if you have a smartphone that knows how to scan stuff.....(I got one but it hasn't told me how to use it, so...) :)  and you can pay for your tickets right there on the website!  Click on the link above to read about it.  Or you can call them at (573) 474-WILD .  So get your tickets early and make sure you have your spot reserved for Casey LIVE in concert!!  :)

I don't know who owns these two beautiful shots of Casey.....but would you please tell me if you know?? And I'll give the photo credit to them.

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