Thursday, April 26, 2012

Casey James in Akron Ohio tonight!!


Casey is the special guest in downtown  Akron, Ohio tonight at Musica!!   The concert starts at 8:00 pm and tickets are $10!!
Cindy Wright of The had some really nice things to say about Casey.  "James is not only a great singer, he's also an amazing guitarist with enormous talent, that will continue to propel him in his musical career."  Ok, I think Casey has another fan in Cindy!  If you would like to read the whole article click HERE and read everything she had to say about was ALL good!!

If anybody reading this is going to be at the show tonight, and you would can send me pictures or videos, and I would be happy to post them here for the fans!  You can tweet me (@CEJTxGal) or email me ( and send links if you'd like and I'll get some posted!  Thanks.

Ok....that's nice....I that the very popular man bun.....or the pony tail??  I love a good challenge...we shall find out soon....  :)

ANSWER:  Ok, it's pretty evident that he was sporting the pony last night!!  Picture #4 shows pretty clearly that there is no man bun....sorry ladies.... :(

Big Thanks to Kim S. for her videos & Trish S. for her photo!!

More *W*O*W* shots and these are from Kim S.  Thank you for these incredible photos!!  Oh, and....she wanted to make sure that yall knew that the date is wrong on her camera.....these were not from 2006!  :D

Here's a good shot of the new dobro!  
For more of Kim's amazing photos click HERE

Ok, I didn't know how to get these videos on this website, so I just hillbilly engineered it and voi...laaa... the link just magically appeared here!!!  *Haha*!!  Maybe one day I'll learn to do this the right way and I won't look like a total idiot doing this stuff!!  Well, at least they're here!!  :)  And they are very VERY GOOD!!!  Oh, and I forgot to tell ya.....they are on my Facebook Page....but its the only 2 videos, well actually there is a 3rd one....but it's great too, it's just from Charlotte the other night and you can watch it while your there.....if ya go look, and enjoy 'em!!

The Videos...from Akron, Ohio

I wanted to share something with yall too....last night Casey tweeted this....

THIS is what we do. If you wanna know what I'm about, watch the whole thing. This is just a normal night. Good times :)

So THIS is a normal night???  Well, let me tell you right now.....if that's his normal, I won't be able to stand his Awesome!!!  :)  Wheww.....lord hep' me!!  They were on FIRE!!!
This is actually the video that is also on my Facebook page that I said was number 3....but I wanted to put it here as well as have it on my page, so yall can see how much Casey loves *jammin* songs, by him tweeting it!
Big Thanks to Lisa P. for her extraordinary video!!  :)

Ok, I'll be back!

the redneck/hillbilly  blogger..... he*he*  :-/


  1. Love love loooove your post Glenda. The pics are just sooo yumay! Keep em coming!

  2. Thank you Baby!!! Glad to hear it!! I'll sure do my best to bring you all what I can!! :)