Friday, April 20, 2012

Hey Everybody!  How's it been going?  I've been taking a little breather for a few weeks....but I thought it was a good time for something to go out on Caseymania!  So here we go!!

First off....Casey has been invited to sing at the Grand Ole Opry again!  This is 3 times now!  They must really like him!  I'm so glad to see this happening for him.  It's awesome!  He will be there on 4-24-12 from 5:30 to 6:30 signing autographs and his new CD.  Then at 7:00 the show starts.  All this is taking place at the Grand Ole Opry House there in Nashville.  Click on the link above to get tickets to both events.

Well, it seems Yahoo Music has Casey pictures on their Country Covers article  Click HERE to see some very nice photos of Casey!!

Well....the votes are all in and tallied and guess who stood out above all??  A certain blonde guy was recently named  "Hottest Man In Country Music"!!!!!!  Casey beat out America's usual hearthrobs, George, Keith, Tim, and all the other mega stars who have their name and face on everything!!  That is amazing, coming from a newcomer!!  Casey fans are the best ever fans!!  Way to go!!!  We are so very dedicated to whatever it is we are doing for Casey!!  And I love that Casey's Manager @BryanFrasher says..... in all his 25 years of being in the music business he has never seen the level of support Casey James fans have!!  Makes a gal want to work even harder don't it??  LoL!!!  :)  See pic below....and Thanks Debbie I for this winning page! :)

There was a few fans at the Patchogue, NY show and I was SOOOO excited to hear about this next song!!! I don't know the story about how he came to start playing this, but maybe I'll know soon, I just know I want to post it for you!!!!!    Here it is......the 1st time hearing it since American Idol....."Jealous Guy".....

She's $$Money$$

Love the Way you Miss me

Working On It

Polk Salad Annie

Let's Don't Call It A Night

Why I'm feeling Blue

So Sweet

Thanks to luvcaseyjames for all these wonderful videos!!

I'm gonna be putting on a couple new shows on the left sidebar, and will announce them soon.

Well, I had more to post, but my computer is trying to act up I will shut it down for tonight, and maybe I can do something tomorrow night.
Until next time....


  1. *Something special*,funny,interesting and COOL as ever!!!!!!!!!!!Many thanks,my great Texas girl Glenda!!!

  2. Sandy (morningstar4us)April 20, 2012 at 5:29 PM

    Thanks for continuing to post the latest news and videos. I like your new font:)

  3. So glad to have you back, especially with the good news about Casey. Love the new look!! genilu

  4. Thanks yall!! I appreciate all the feedback!! It helps me keep getting things right for yall!! :)