Sunday, April 29, 2012

Casey James in Southington, CT tonight and more.....

Casey is in Southington, CT. tonight performing for the 20th Anniversary of the Cadillac Ranch!!  Tickets are $5 and the doors opened at 3:00pm.  And I see no time for when Casey plays....but get there early so you don't miss it!!  Looks like they got good food too!!  Chicken Wings!!!!  Num Num Casey would say!!!  LoL!!!!  Click the link above and if you need it, there is a phone number included on the page, along with the address!!  Ok, yall have fun and get lots of pics and videos!!

A few days ago, (4-21-12) Casey and his Awesome Band  performed at Coyote Joe's in Charlotte, NC and people are still talking about it!!  Some very good photos are surfacing from that night!!  Seems the club has a personal photographer...(?) because there are some fantastic photos of Casey and the band as they rocked the house that night!!  It was also sponsored by radio 103.7.  Check these out!!

To see more of these photos.....go HERE.

Casey was in studio yesterday at 107.7 WGTY radio station, before his show last night in Harrisburg, PA at the Farm Show Arena.   And he said YES he would ride a bull if he needed to!!!  I thought....omg...Casey....have you lost your mind darlin'?   Then he says.....a baby bull....LoL!!!  Check him out HERE  He's so good in interviews!!  :)  And funny as heck!!!  I'll look for some photos from there later!

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Thank yall so much....I'll have more later!!


  1. Glenda, no need to apologize or make are great!!! Thanks for all you do!

  2. Glenda, to let you know that I check in daily for any Casey news. Always happy when I find some!. Looks like "Crying on a Suitcase" will be the next single. I voted for it on CMT yesterday. Genilu

  3. Great job Glenda! I Love reading your blog!

  4. Kathy from AL (@Krainia)April 30, 2012 at 9:20 PM

    I love that photo where his nose is crinkled up against the microphone! Thanks for keeping Casey fans connected! I'm going to click on that link now!!!

  5. GLENDA!!! I FLOVE the new look. You rock.

  6. Thanks yall!!! So happy that yall are happy!!! Casey's career is really taking off now and it's so amazing just to think back when a lot of us saw him walk on the audition stage for the 1st time over 2 years ago!! I just think....I saw this that day.....I knew....I knew he was going to make it in the country music world!! I envisioned it all happening to him as time went along on the show. And now it's here....happening as we all knew it would!! I'm just so proud of him and so pleased he is getting to do what he loves for a living!!