Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New shows in Texas and Iowa, the Milwaukee show, and more!

Hey yall!  How goes it?!  Well it looks like Casey has jumped back on the work wagon and performed his first show of 2012, in Milwaukee, Wi. on the 21st as part of the WMIL's Class of 2012 Concert.  It was held inside the Potawatomi Casino, at their Northern Lights Theater.  This was a guitar pull type of setup along with other artists.  And Casey had somebody with him this time!   Fort Worth drummer, Blaine Crews joined Casey on stage to back him as he performed 4 very recognizable songs...... and yet 2 of them were changed up somewhat!  No two Casey shows are alike...... just sayin'.... :)  Taking turns one at a time with the other performers, Casey performed these songs in this order:

The Good Life
Let's Don't Call It A Night
She's Money

Thanks to @mattiesgirl08 for all the beautiful photos in this post!

I wanna say, "She's Money" had a little different groove, as it was slowed down as he came into the beginning of the song!  After he played the intro, he said, "That was pretty"....... I love it.... :)   And "Drive" was also given a new, and very cool intro before pounding the strings of the guitar into submission!!  If that guitar could talk.....oh my..... I can hear it now....."ok....OK.....enough already!!"  lol......And having Blaine on drums made this original really come alive!!  And, did I mention that it had just a slight slower tempo??  Not a lot.....but enough to notice!  check out all of the videos below.....
"The Good Life"

Thanks to @mattiesgirl08 for her wonderful video!

"Let's Don't Call It A Night"

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"She's Money"

Thanks to @Mattiesgirl08 for this awesome video!


Thanks to CD7010 again for this video!

Earlier this weekend we got the exciting news we had all been waiting for.....that Casey's album was due to be released on March 20th!!  Sony's official press release about Casey's new album was posted on Monday....see it below.....


NASHVILLE, TN – 19 Recordings / BNA Records’ Casey James will release his self-titled debut album March 20. “I’m excited to be releasing my debut album,” shares Casey. “I’m thankful that I had the freedom to make the record that represents me as a musician and singer-songwriter.”
Casey continues, “I played eleven years of hard gigs in every bar and restaurant in North Texas and not many people even knew my name. That being said, I’m very thankful to American Idol for the opportunities the show gave me. I could’ve released a record right when the season was over, but I wanted to make an album deserving of all the fans that put me in this position. I feel like I’ve done that. And it feels good.”
To say that Casey had a hand in creating his debut album would be an understatement. The Cool, TX native co-wrote nine of the eleven songs on the album, played both the electric and acoustic guitar throughout, and co-produced the entire album with Chris Lindsey. The last track on the CD, “Miss Your Fire,” was written and co-produced by Casey, Chris and Aimee Mayo.
1. The Good Life (Casey James/Scooter Carusoe)
2. Crying On A Suitcase (Lee Thomas Miller/Tom Shapiro/Neil Thrasher)
3. Let’s Don’t Call It A Night (Casey James/Brice Long/Terry McBride)
4. Drive (Casey James/Brad Warren/Brett Warren)
5. Love The Way You Miss Me (Casey James/Brice Long/Terry McBride)
6. Undone (Casey James/Scooter Carusoe)
7. So Sweet (Casey James/Dallas Davidson/Patrick Davis)
8. She’s Money (Casey James/Jaren Johnston)
9. Tough Love (Casey James/Brett James/David Lee Murphy)
10. Workin’ On It (Bob DiPiero/Brandon Kinney/Daniel Tashian)
11. Miss Your Fire (Casey James/Chris Lindsey/Aimee Mayo)
“Let’s Don’t Call It A Night,” Casey’s debut single from Casey James is currently climbing the country airplay charts. Fans can purchase “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night” on iTunes at The video for the song can be seen on
For more information on Casey James visit

Well....if thats not enough good news, Casey has 2 more new shows lined up!  We had gotten unofficial word the other day about Billy Bob's Texas and now their website has Casey's show on their calendar of March shows!!  He will be appearing there on March 23rd, hopefully to a full house of family,friends, and fans....  :)   This show comes only 3 days after the release of his album, so he should have copies of it there at his merchandise table, along with T-shirts and pictures for fans!  And.....another thing I was thinking about.....I wonder if this could be the CD release party?!?!  I don't know, but I certainly hope so!!  Tickets go on sale January 30th at 10:00am to the general public, and they are $16 for reserved and $12 for General Admission.  You can buy them in person at BB's boxoffice, online at BB's website, or ticketmaster or other places that sell tickets online.  And, you can order by phone @ 817-624-7117.  I hope to see a lot of you out there!!  :)

Another show was added, this one in Des Moines Iowa, on February 4th.   Casey is doing a concert following the Iowa Energy's Basketball game. 
All this takes place at the Wells Fargo Arena
You can purchase tickets to the game, which is also the concert ticket by going HERE..... or you can call the box office at (515) 564-8550.  The tickets are priced from $8 to $20. 
Hope a lot of Iowa fans get to go out and see Casey!!

Ok everybody....I gotta scoot on out of here.  On Thursday I will be driving to Nashville with my friend Laura, to witness the debut of Casey James on the Opry Stage!!  I couldn't be more excited!  And so are about 50 or more other fans who are making the trip to see this historical event!!  You only debut one many fans, like myself, believe it is worth the drive or plane ticket to see it live!!  I have a pretty good seat, to the left of the stage so I hope I can bring back tons of nice photos....(I still have my boy's Canon camera....shhhhhh)  lol.....and THIS time the camera will be charged!!  lol!!
I will be back with a full recap of the whole experience, so yall come on back in a few days!  I'll be back in Texas next Monday, and I will start on it asap!  Also....I'm almost a non-smoker!!  I've been on the Chantix medication now for 5 days, and I have to say....I think it's working!  Not quite as fast as I wish it would, but only 3 cigarettes a phenominal for me!!  I appreciate everybody's love and support during this is difficult....I can't is ..... but I want it to work...... so very soon.....I'm laying them down....for good...... :) after being bound by them for 39 years!  

Until next time......


  1. Don't quit quitting Glenda, you can do it! Can't wait to see what you and others have to share from The Opry!

  2. Thanks I appreciate it!! Yes, that Opry is going to be so awesome!! I cannot wait!!