Thursday, January 19, 2012

Casey James double debut's coming up soon, plus more......

Hey everybody!!  Hope everyone is having a safe and happy beginning to the new year!!  Casey is definitely having some very happy beginnings, with 2 debuts on the horizon for him!!  First, most of us already know by now, that Casey is making his debut at the Grand 'Ole Opry in Nashville, Tn.!  That is coming up in 8 days, on January 27th.  I am going to this monumental event doing the happy dance all the way!!  I knew this day was coming when I found out he signed with Sony Nashville Records back in August of 2010.  I couldn't be happier that so many fans are getting to be a part of something that will mean so much to Casey and his family!!  More later about this......
Moving on, the other debut is one that we have awaited since Casey signed his record deal!  And yes, it has taken quite some time, and a lot of us were impatient at times.....but patience is a virtue.....and now the wait is almost over!!  Casey's most anticipated album, which is self titled, is due to drop on March 20th!!!!  It has been a long time coming, and to quote Casey, this album is "from my heart and soul".  I cannot wait to hear his 'heart and soul'..... I just know it's going to be a fantastic album!!  And it only took a year and 7 months!!  LoL!!  To be honest with you, even if it took 3 years, as long as it's exactly as Casey wanted it, then I'm all in!!   I will keep yall updated as the date nears, if any new developments come up.  One thing has been mentioned.....some of the fans, who live in other parts of the world, were curious to know if they were going to be able to buy the album, since they live out of the country.  I don't know the answer to that at this time, but I am working on it!  Stay tuned worldly Casey fans!!  :)  I will find out as soon as I can, and let you know! :)

And now, back to the other debut.....the good folks at The Casey James Blog just never cease to amaze me.....they have compiled a list of every fan who is going to Nashville to see Casey debut at the Opry, so we can all get together before the show, to meet, eat and visit!  This meeting is scheduled to take place at 4:00pm on Fri. 1-27-12 at Margaritaville's located very near the Opry at 322 Broadway Street in downtown Nashville. 
Listed below is a list of all the fans who will be attending.  If you are planning to go and you are not on the list, please go HERE, to the Facebook Event Page, so you can be added.

Cindy Hodges & Pati Lackey
Darla Straube
Gail Vaughn
Nancy Atwood
Cyndee Hoialmen
Sara McCandless
Deb Adams
Shelia Chenevert
Yvonne Liest-Crestwell & 1
Lisa Perkins & 2
Rhonda Nelson
Robyn Lankford & her Mom
Tracy Scott & her daughter
Mindy Dotson & friend
Kath Williams & husband
Wanda & Taylor Moore
ValJean & Kevin Nixa
Amber Caro
Glenda Jordon
Laura Hoover
Carol Mathews
Anthea & John brownrigg
Jeanette Wiggins
Carman Wesson & husband
DeeDee Wilson
Diana Embry
Debra Nilsen
Ines Alexander
Cecil Anison
Sharron Grissett & 1
Artist_at _Heart
Susan Derksen
Regina Roberts
Cindy Clark +3
Chrissa Danielle
Bybee D James (invited, not confirmed)

If you haven't purchased your Tickets yet, click HERE to get yours.  If you cannot attend, but would like to be able to hear the whole show that night, you can Live Stream the show from radio station 650 am WSM.....  Click HERE.    And....if you have a Smartphone, you can grab an App  HERE to listen live!
So hopefully this will help all those who want to be a part of this, but cannot make it to Nashville.

On Tuesday, Gino, Casey's sweet little hairdresser,  posted us this gorgeous picture of he and Casey and said it was taken earlier.  Looks like he's rocking that full beard again!  He looks like a mountain man with all that hair on him!  LoL!!  What a transformation from the way he looks here, to his stage look!  Well, one things for sure.....he can certainly come and go as he pleases with that look, and go unnoticed by the public. 
And it looks like Gino is really slimming down!  He's been telling us on Facebook about losing weight, and now I can really see it!  Congrats to you Gino!!  He told us Casey had his CD with him and had shared one song with him.  Gino had a capital lettered, one word description....."INCREDIBLE"!!!   Oooooohhhhhh....... now I am even more antsy to hear that album!!!!!! 
Geeeeeeezzzzz isn't it March 20th yet??

Thanks again to Gino for this awesome picture!

I had more to talk about, but my computer is having some issues right now..... so I have to have a little chat with it.....I'll be back tomorrow with more..... :)

Until then......  :)

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